Pinpoint the Exact Ending Price of Any Auction Before it Ends

We have some exciting news to share about a new breakthrough technology we have developed!

Check out our latest press release and discuss below:

Listia Develops Technology to Predict the Ending Price of Auctions 


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA /PRNewswire/ — Listia Inc., the world’s largest online trading marketplace, today announced that it has developed a new algorithm that accurately predicts the future ending price of any online auction.

As the fastest-growing trading marketplace on mobile and web, Listia has become the go-to resource for users who want to trade-in unwanted items for spendable credits. Credits can then be applied to any item posted on Listia, allowing users to acquire items they actually need and want, from the latest gadgets to jewelry, gaming systems to baby clothes.

“Our users were tired of trying to win Listia auctions without knowing what the ending price would be, so we worked hard over the last year to develop the world’s first future-price-prediction engine,” said Gee Chuang, CEO of Listia. “The average home in America is riddled with over $7,000 in unused stuff, so we’re thrilled to help people leverage that value to get things they actually want. Now, instead of ‘sniping’ at the last second, our new feature will allow people to simply ‘know’ how much to bid without having to compete with anyone.”

The feature will be rolled out slowly to a group of beta users as a Listia Perk over the next 48 months and is expected to be fully available on April 1, 2034. Users can activate the feature for a small fee.

About Listia

Listia is a trading marketplace that helps anyone turn their unwanted clutter into things they want and need, all for free. Founded in 2009, Listia is headquartered in the heart of Mountain View, CA and is backed by General Catalyst, Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, Y Combinator and others. For more information, visit Download Listia’s mobile app for both iPhone and Android devices.


Edit (4/2/14): Hope everyone enjoyed our April Fool’s joke :) Thanks from all of us at Listia!


Decluttering Project: Cleaning the Closet

The Listia decluttering series, inspired by ListiaLeslie’s 40 day decluttering project. This week, Leslie worked on the closet.

Cleaning out the closet can be a daunting experience, but with a few easy steps, good music, and a few rules assigned to the clutter, it becomes an easy, rewarding experience.

1. Great Music
Pick some music with a great beat which inspires you, and turn it on, or wait a few days to clean and find music on Listia. Turn off the TV and you may find yourself doing your very best decluttering dance moves!

2. Make Rules, Prepare To Divide Items into Categories
I chose to divide items into 4 categories:

a) Keep: For items I absolutely need to keep because they serve a need or have essential sentimental value
b) Recycle: Items for the recycling bin, recycle-friendly trash
c) List on Listia: Listia is the perfect place to give away the great things I no longer need. In turn, I get credits that I use for gift shopping, without any out of pocket spending
d) Trash: Items that cannot be recycled, donated or listed on Listia

3.  Staging Area
Here comes the hard part, but it’s worth it. I created an area which I call the Staging Area. First, I took absolutely everything out of the closet and put it all in the staging area. From here, I organized the items and  sorted everything, applying all the above rules. The only items to go back in my closet were the items which were not deemed as trash, recycled goods or for listing on Listia.

4. Create Areas In The Closet
Before I put back the items I knew I was going to keep, I divided the closet into 3 areas: Jackets, folded items, hanging clothes, bins & boxes. Then, when it was time to put everything back in, I knew where the essentials were going. The miscellaneous items were then organized into bins which fit on the closet shelves. Since my vacuum cleaner doesn’t fall into any of those categories, it did not go back into that closet.

5. Labels
For items that went into bins, I pulled out a label maker (which I got on Listia!) and made sure to mark each bin with the appropriate label. For example, one bin has sandals and flip-flops so I marked it “Sandals & Flip-Flops”.

Now my closet is free of clutter, and I have room for more T-shirts! :)  What are your tips for cleaning out the closet?


My Newly Decluttered Closet

40 Days of Decluttering

Leslie works at Listia and recently embarked upon a 40 day Decluttering Project. She will be sharing  her experiences with all of us over the next few weeks. This is the first installment of Leslie’s Decluttering Project. 

Small space living makes the quest for a clutter free life a huge challenge. Sometimes I win, sometimes the clutter wins. This year for Lent, I chose to give up clutter and send it packing! For the next 40 days I’m working through clutter to create a clear, peaceful, and harmonious living space.

Room by room, I am dividing items into three categories:

1. Keep
2. Recycle
3. List on Listia

Listia is the perfect place to give away the things I no longer need. In turn, I get credits that I use for gift shopping, without any out of pocket spending!

Decluttering Project #1: The Bathroom

Before I started this project, it looked like a beauty supply store threw-up in my bathroom.

before clutter


Do I really need 5 different shades of red nail polish? No. Do I need 3 different kinds of anti-wrinkle cream? Maybe. What I DON’T need is every product I own spread all over the counter, taking up valuable real estate and creating stress. I want my bathroom to be clean and relaxing.

after clutter


After decluttering the bathroom, I have exactly what I want! A lovely bathroom that invites a sigh of relaxation and not a sigh of exasperation.

My next challenge is the kitchen. Who knew such a tiny kitchen could get so cluttered?

– Leslie

And The Winner Is . . .

Thank you to everyone who entered a video into the I Love Listia Video Contest. We are honored that you took the time to make so many great videos, and appreciate them all. You can view many of them on our Listia Channel. The challenge was to create a video describing why you love Listia in 90 seconds or less. Entrants had the entire month of February to submit as many videos as they wanted, and the entire Listia staff voted anonymously on their top 5 picks. It was really hard to pick only five! The results are in, and the winners are. . .

1st Place: $500 & 50,000 Credits

2nd Place: 40,000 Credits

3rd Place: 30,000 Credits

4th Place: 20,000 Credits

5th Place: 10,000 Credits

Congratulations to all, and thank you so much for all your creativity. Winners: Your credits will appear in your account today, and you will receive an email from Listia in your Listia account to confirm. Check back soon for more fun video contests.

New Raffles & New Updates

Raffle News & Updates

This week we have all new raffles, and as always, everyone who chooses to acquire a raffle ticket has a chance to win. One ticket is always selected at random to choose a winner.

We decided to review and update how raffles work going forward. As you know, all raffle winners are selected at random, any user, new or old, that acquires just one ticket still has a small chance to win. After careful review, we think we found some ways to improve Listia raffles, while still allowing everyone to participate.

Your feedback helped tremendously – thank you! We traced the entire history of raffles on Listia to determine just how many raffles were won by both new and longtime Listia Members.  All Listia Members have a maximum number of raffle tickets they can acquire each day, so the more you use Listia, the more tickets you are allowed to acquire. We do so that you don’t spend too many credits on any one raffle, and to encourage everyone to use credits on auctions. When examining the use of credits from all Listia Members, we realized that some newer members may have become so excited about  amazing raffles, that they were not participating in listed auctions.

In order to encourage active participation in the marketplace, we have decided to lower the maximum number of credits new users may use toward the purchase of raffle tickets. Once new users begin to bid, win and list auctions, they’ll be able to acquire more raffle tickets for each raffle.

Beginning today and going forward, raffle tickets for new Listia Members will require more participation before the daily limit is increased. However, new members will still have a chance to win, as all raffle winners are selected at random.

We hope these changes will encourage you to participate, but also thank those loyal Listians that have been discouraged or frustrated by the raffle process in the past. Going forward, we’ll continue to improve all aspects of Listia while making it a fun and rewarding place to get free stuff!

Journal Entry 002 From A Listia Miner


Silver Rush Day 2

~Day 2 of the Listia Silver Rush~

Finally, “EUREKA!” The Listia mines exploded with Silver all across the auction valley as Eureka was echoed through the hollow mines. The long hours, the frustrating night and cold morning brought both silver and a sense of accomplishment to the dwindling, yet unstoppable miners of Listia.

I take this moment to reflect back on all the fallen miners, those who gave up, quit or otherwise lost all hope in the pursuit of the one thing they loved the most, Silver. As Thomas Edison once said, “many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” While the journey seemed impossible at times and unfair to some, it proved gratifying knowing that Silver didn’t get the best of me, “not this time, not today, not ever!” When I shout out, “Eureka,” I do so with a heavy heart; knowing not all were as fortunate as I.

But I cannot dwell on my accomplishments nor claim victorious, as striking Silver was only half the battle. The war for Silver wages on in the minds of many, in the hearts of few and in the greedy hands of all those who wish to sneak in and steal MY silver! The fight is on, I scoured these auctions in search of Silver, now I must fight to possess it once and for all.

With only three days remaining, and a small fortune of credits to fend off these greedy blood-suckers who prey on MY silver, I am left with very little recourse at my disposal. Yet, there is always something that can be done… something must be done! In order to build up my war chest quickly, and defend my silver, I shall list some of my mining equipment from around the camp, while placing a low Get It Now price that someone will win for sure. At the same time, I will remain vigilant for more, well hidden Silver that may be lurking in yet unknown locations, where competition is lacking.

It would be easy to give up now, it would be simple to walk away, but my spirit remains unbroken. For I am a Silver Juggernaut, an unstoppable mining machine that will stop at nothing to claim what is rightfully mine!

Journal Entry 001 from a Listia Miner


~Day 1 of the Listia Silver Rush~

Tens of thousands of miners set out to dig for Silver this morning, but few were able to withstand the grueling hours and constant reminder of the long road ahead. Tempers flared and frustration grew as the mining seemed endless while the Silver seemed unobtainable. I for one, will not listen to these naysayers, nor be beaten by down by the unrelenting auction listings that cause me great grief yet so much pleasure.

As the miners give up and go home, as they leave the digging behind, I am reminded that someone will find this Silver, and why not me? It gives me a great sense of pride and a renewed sense of enthusiasm as the field of miners dwindles and yet I remain!

During the first day of digging, I realized that there was no way I could dig through every single auction and hope to find silver, so I needed to narrow my search. Using the advice from my fellow Listian miner Jasonhcad I began to focus on auctions that will be ending within the next 4 days. To accomplish this, I first browsed “All Categories” in Listia, then sorted by “newly listed,” knowing that the silver auctions just went live today. Once I did this, I was able to see when auctions were ending, and speed up my digging. It also made sense to just look for the Verify badge first, instead of dig through all the images. The key is to narrow the search, think smart, and be efficient. While I was unable to locate any Silver today, I shall repeat this process tomorrow, as new auctions listings are sure to bring new luck!

I know the days are long, and the odds are longer still, but Silver Fever has taken hold. I know in my heart of hearts, that my will is stronger than most and my persistence will be paid in Silver. It is for this reason I remain a miner ….‘til the end.


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