I Love Listia Video Contest – Win $500


Movie Time! Get out your smartphones & video cameras, it’s time to show us your video chops. Record a video telling us why you love about Listia and you could win $500. Entering the I Love Listia video contest is easy: Make a 90 second (or less) video describing why you love Listia. That’s it!

You can enter your video in one of two ways:

1) Enter by YouTube: upload your video to YouTube with the title “I Love Listia” put your profile link somewhere in the description & make the video public. If you choose to use an alternate title email a link to your video to ilove@listia.com

2) Email the compressed video file with a link to your Listia Profile to ilove@Listia.com

5 Winners, 5 Prizes

1st Prize:  $500, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel, plus 50,000 Credits
2nd Prize: 40,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel
3rd Prize:  30,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel
4th Prize:  20,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel
5th Prize: 10,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel

Tips, Tricks, & Rules

Get creative and have fun with it!  Show us your best video skills and don’t hesitate to use your favorite video editing tools or applications. If you use YouTube, use their video editor to add effects and annotations as you see fit. Click Here to learn more about the amazing YouTube video editor.

  • Using your smartphone? Search the app store on your smartphone for a  video editing application, you may be surprised at how many there are, for free!

  • If you wish to add music, you may only do so if you upload your video to YouTube and use the YouTube music tool. Videos submitted via email which contain music will not be considered.  Videos uploaded to YouTube which contain music which is not added by the YouTube editor will not be considered.

  • 90 Seconds or Less! Videos over 90 seconds will not be considered

  • Videos must be entered between February 1 1:00 AM – February 28 at 13:00 to be considered for contest

  • Entries accepted by mail on SD Cards or thumb drives, must include your Listia profile information, and must be received by the contest deadline to be considered. Mailing address: Listia Inc. 3964 Rivermark Plaza #108 Santa Clara CA 95054 USA

  • All submissions must comply with Youtube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Videos which do not comply with YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines will not be considered.

Winners* Announced:
Monday March 10 at 13:00

*Winning videos will be selected by an internal staff voting process who will vote with anonymous ballots on their favorite videos.

By submitting a video to the contest you are granting Listia permission to share your video on the Listia channel

Good Luck!

New Badge Display

Happy 2014! One of the first new features of the year is our new badge view that we released this afternoon! Here’s a little summary of the details and reasoning behind it.

  • You can now click on your badges and a popup will open displaying the details of the badge
  • There are badges that have tiers/levels and badges that don’t. If a badge has multiple levels you will see an icon in the actual badge. In the popup you’ll also be able to see what levels you’ve reached and what criteria it took to get there. Click the “See All” link to see more details.
  • One downside is that the count of number of badges you have has probably gone down for most of you. This is a new way that we are counting badges where we no longer are counting each level as an individual badge. The main reason for this is because we’re making room for more badges.
  • Bigger badge images!
  • Oh and did I mention… more badges soon!!!


This is where you may see a slight difference. We no longer include the number of times you have leveled up for each badge.



Click the “See All” link to see how many times you’ve leveled up with a specific badge



If a higher level is available you’ll see what it is and the criteria to get there. Cool huh?


We are still taking a close look at a couple odd things during this change (including a few reports of missing badges). We’re on top of it and any issue with this should be resolved soon!

Your Instagram Thanksgiving Photos & Videos Are Worth 50,000 Credits


Happy thanksgiving from everyone at Listia! We’re grateful you’re here, and hope everyone has a great weekend. From the entire team at Listia HQ, thank you for continuing to use Listia and for all the feedback you provide.

To show our appreciation, we’re giving away 50,000 credits to the winner of our Thanksgiving Instagram Photo / Video contest.  Entering is easy: share a photo or video of your thanksgiving meal on Instagram using the hashtag #Listia.

The most-liked photo (on Instagram) by Sunday December 1st at Midnight pacific time wins 50,000 credits! The winner will be announced on the Listia Facebook Page and on the Listia Instagram Account at 6am (Pacific time) on Monday morning* December 2, 2013.

And then, at 7am Listia Cyber Monday begins!


  • Post your photo to Instagram right away, so you have time to share it with your friends
  • Entrants outside of the US: If you do not celebrate Thanksgiving, feel free to share a picture of your meal and list 3 things you are thankful for; be sure to use the #Listia Hashtag
  • Check our Facebook Page at 6am to see if you win.
  • Follow Listia on Instagram for more information on giveaways and contests in the future

*The Rules

  • Photos without the #Listia hashtag will not be considered
  • Photos & Videos must be posted to Instagram
  • All times listed are USA Pacific Standard Time
  • One prize of 50,000 credits will be awarded to one winner
  • In the event of a tie, the entrant with the most fans on Listia will be declared winner

Gmail Users: Stay Connected with the Listia Newsletter

Listia just celebrated its 4th birthday last week with BIG giveaways, raffles and badges. Thanks to all the Listian fanatics that participated and made this the biggest one day giveaway and auction listing day ever on Listia!
Listia is planning even bigger events in the near future and we want to keep everyone well informed of these important events. Listia sends out a newsletter every two weeks that informs Listians of our upcoming giveaways and we want to make sure you’re still getting those emails if you use Gmail.
Gmail recently introduced new tabs that sort your email. Here’s a quick fix to make sure your Listia emails appear in your Primary tab.
You can also follow Listia on Facebook to stay well informed of all upcoming events.
Our next email goes out later this week with some HUGE Raffles, so keep checking your inbox!

Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day!

Listia is all about helping people be more green by letting them trade things that might otherwise turn into waste.

We should all take a few moments today (and everyday!) to give mother nature a big hug. Go ahead and recycle that empty soda can, turn off lights that aren’t in use and list all your old stuff that’s collecting dust.

You can also check out this great article (with a Listia mention!) that provides more tips on how to smartly donate, dispose of, and recycle your unwanted things:

Photo Reordering is Here!

We’re continuing to spruce up the listing form, and today we’re unveiling a very cool feature that lets you easily reorder your item photos!

Once you’ve uploaded two or more photos, you’ll be able to change their order by simply dragging and dropping them within the ‘Add Photo’ section of the listing form. This makes it particularly convenient for you to pick a main photo after you’ve uploaded all your pictures. The first image spot holds the main photo that appears in search results, and is denoted with a white star. Just drag the picture you want as your main photo all the way to the upper leftmost spot!


Keep in mind that reordering is disabled for old photos once someone bids on your auction, but you’ll know which photos cannot be reordered because a small lock icon will appear on them. However, you’ll still be able to to reorder any new images when you update your listings:

We hope this feature makes your listing life much easier. Let us know what you think in the comments!

Let’s Get Digital

Today, we’re announcing a new way to list and find digital items on Listia! In the past, items such as e-books, codes, electronic gift cards, and other digital items that can be delivered electronically (via email) have been mixed in with the physical goods that make up the majority of listings on Listia. This made digital items difficult to find and also made it hard to just browse physical items in certain categories.

To solve these problems, we’re introducing a new delivery method called “digital delivery.” All digital goods from now on should be listed with this delivery method checked to ensure that other users will be able to find your items quickly and easily. Digital goods should no longer be listed with any physical delivery options such as “free shipping” or “local pickup” etc.  This listing feature was just released, and the second part of this feature (described below) will be released next week.

On the browsing side, you will be able to filter your results and include or exclude digital goods depending on what you are looking for. So, for example if you are looking for books but don’t want to include e-books, you can simply uncheck the “digital delivery” checkbox and continue browsing.  On the other hand, if you are only looking for electronically delivered gift cards, you can check the “digital delivery” checkbox and uncheck the other shipping and local pickup checkboxes.  This part is greyed-out currently but will be released next week.

As digital goods become a larger part of our marketplace and online commerce in general, we are committed to providing easy ways to find and discover these types of items when browsing the site. Let us know what you think of the new features and whether you find them helpful in the comments below. Thanks!


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