Welcome to Listia Mabel!


We’re happy to announce the newest member of the Listia family, Mabel! She’ll be spearheading marketing and PR functions for our evolving company.

We’d like to get to know her a little bit better so here are 5 random facts about Mabel:

  1. She grew up in South America and the San Francisco East Bay area
  2. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Pig Latin
  3. She enjoys hiking, cooking, baking, eating, and potty training her new puppy
  4. She is a reformed “Words with Friends” addict
  5. She has 33 first cousins (wow!)

Check out Mabel’s cool Listia auctions here: http://www.listia.com/profile/361875

If you’re interested in job opportunities with us, visit more details here: www.listia.com/jobs

Leave a comment for Mabel and welcome her to the Listia community!

Welcome to Listia CB!


Our Listia team continues to grow and we’re excited to introduce our newest team member, CB! He’s joining our expanding engineering team and will help us bring new features and improvements to our evolving site and mobile apps.

As he begins his second week with us, we asked him to share 5 random facts about him:

  1. He graduated with a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Illinois (Go Illini!)
  2. He likes to go skiing every weekend during the Winter
  3. He’s published a few top 10 iPhone/iPad apps
  4. In 1995, he won a championship in programming
  5. His favorite food is steak

If you’re interested in job opportunities with us, visit more details here: www.listia.com/jobs

Join us in welcoming CB!

Tips to a Greener Holiday Season

The holidays are coming! With Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, we begin to think about all of the things we’ll need to purchase; whether it be food, gifts or decorations. According to the US Environmental Protection Agency and Use Less Stuff, between Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day is when household waste increases by more than 25%. Added food waste, shopping bags, packaging, wrapping paper, bows and ribbons – it all adds up to an additional 1 million tons a week to our landfills.

This year, start thinking ahead and consider green and money saving alternatives to reduce, reuse and recycle this holiday:

  • Go trick-or-treating using reusable bags, paper bags, or even a pillowcase!
  • Trade costumes amongst friends
  • Reuse unused clothes to make your own costumes
  • Visit discount or thrift stores for extra necessities (e.g. gravy boat, vases, utensils)
  • Decorate the table with natural materials that can be found in your backyard (e.g. pine cones, dry leaves, flowers from your garden, etc)
  • Illuminate a room with candles instead of turning on all the lights in the house
  • Instead of buying wrapping paper, wrap presents in reusable materials; newspaper, holiday bags, old maps, towels, etc
  • Save holiday cards you receive and use them as gift tags
  • Cut down on holiday cards and use e-greeting cards instead

What green alternatives will you consider this year?

image source: England Afloat

Listia’s Halloween Costume Exchange


Join our online Halloween Costume exchange!  Halloween is coming up soon, and we thought it would be great to do a big Halloween Costume promo here at Listia. 

So, for a limited time you will receive 100 bonus credits just for giving away a Halloween costume you no longer need.  You can then use the credits you earn to find a new Halloween Costume for yourself or your kids! 

Visit the listing page for complete details.

Reusing Halloween Costumes is a great way to save money and be green at the same time. We all have costumes that don’t fit anymore… or you might simply want to change it up this year.  Either way, exchanging costumes can be lots of fun and very rewarding!

Check out all the cool Halloween costumes and supplies available in our holiday & seasonal category right now and remember to a list one of your own.  Enjoy!

You’re Probably Sitting on $3,600 in Unused Goods

Did you know the average American home has over $3,600 in unused stuff? It’s a lot of wasted value considering most households end up with only $4,000 a year in disposable income after covering bills and a standard cost of living.

To put it in perspective, $3,600 is the equivalent of:

  • 456 movie tickets
  • 1,052 gallons of gasoline
  • 2,448 loaves of white bread
  • 970 gallons of milk
  • More than 50 awesome listings on Listia  ;)

Instead of letting your stuff go to waste, consider selling, donating or better yet, trading it for things you want to use.


Better Local Pick Up Support

A little while ago we updated our post auction pages to be more clear about what your next steps should be when you win or sell an item.  Missing from that was support for local pick up exchanges … until today!  Local transactions remove a lot of the friction that’s involved with shipping and we want to help make that exchange even easier.

To help do this we’ve created a separate post auction flow where a seller can save and send their preferred meetup address and phone number.  Saved information can be used over and over if you repeatedly meet up with people near you to exchange items.  The new steps after an auction ends are very similar only now there are a new set of features for local pick up.  Take a look at the screen shots below for more details.  If you want to read more tips, visit our support page.

When an auction ends where the seller has offered both local pick up and shipping options, the buyer’s first step will be to choose which one they would like to use.


The seller will get an email stating the buyer would like to pick up the item locally and when they visit the auction page they’ll be able to send their preferred meetup information.


This information is then sent to the buyer for reference.  All other correspondence can still be done via our messaging system.


To manage your meetup information go to your account settings page.


Post auction flow for shipping items should still remain the same.  If you haven’t tried a local pick up auction now is your chance!  Save on shipping costs and get rid of big heavy items that you could never ship like furniture!

Giving away free stuff should be easy.

Like many great ideas, Listia was built as a solution to a messy and frustrating problem. A few years back one of our cofounders, James, posted old snowboard boots in craigslist’s free category, thinking he could quickly clear them out of his closet while earning himself good snow karma. His inbox immediately filled up with inquiries, and he found himself juggling multiple conversations, questions, schedules and levels of interest. After carefully selecting one person and politely notifying all other parties, James anxiously waited at home with his boots for the pickup. He waited, and waited. And then waited some more. When he realized his chosen recipient had actually flaked, he threw his hands in the air in frustration. Giving away free things should never be this difficult.


image source

Listia was created as an alternative to classifieds, with an emphasis on being easy, free, nationwide and FUN. Our auction-style listings have a leg up on regular classifieds and swap sites because:

  • Sellers can connect with local or national buyers
  • All questions and answers about your item appear publicly in your listing – no managing multiple email threads
  • If someone wants your item, they’ll bid to win. You can also set a “Get It Now” price on your item. No need to haggle
  • Listings can be posted for up to 21 days! More time means more exposure and more potential buyers
  • Safety: sellers are rated and verified, and all listings are backed by Listia Assurance
  • If you like a particular seller, you can easily follow them and bid on their listings
  • Selling your stuff for credits lets you save up to trade up, or spend on a variety of smaller things


What are your favorite things about Listia that other sites just don’t provide?


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