Seller Feedback Rating On Auction Page


We decided to make a change that we thought we would point out so it doesn’t confuse anyone.  On the auction page near the seller’s username we now print the seller feedback rating instead of that user’s overall feedback rating.  This rating excludes any feedback ratings from winning auctions.  Makes a lot more sense when you want to see which seller is reputable eh?  Hopefully this doesn’t alarm anyone if you see this and think that your feedback rating has dropped.


  1. confuso

  2. I had an auction. the guy put on the auction that he in fact received the product but refused to close auction, feedback or release my credits, he even sent an email saying as such. I don’t think this is right. I am going to block this person I want no further dealings with him after this is done. I do not understand why listia can read the emails and still hasn’t released the credits. I feel bad for ppl like him to be so mean. He is breaking the honor system of being good to one another and honest! this was his email:


    (10) 100%

    Listing Ended: ENGLISH DAISIES (listing)

    it is okay I was just getting worried so I wanted to make sure you got your stuff. thank you I hope you liked your extra seeds too. blessings to you!!! 🙂

    3/29/2015 5:26 PM (about 22 hours ago), ParsonsBigMac1 wrote to you :

    Listing Ended: ENGLISH DAISIES (listing)

    i got them yesterday sorry just got on today

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