Father’s Day

Father and Son

June is a special month with lots to celebrate. There’s graduation for all the kids finishing school (both young and old), it’s the beginning of the summer season and there’s that one Sunday of the month that celebrates Dads… Yes, Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is next Sunday, June 19th, and with that date just around the corner, I realize I haven’t given much thought about what I’m doing or getting my Dad. Luckily, he’s pretty easy to shop for and I know I can always rely on ties, dress shirts, slacks, or anything golf related (like this auction here).

This year I want to do something different, but I’m having a hard time thinking of something creative. What plans do yo have for this upcoming Father’s Day? Whether you’re planning to buy something, make something, or take your Dad somewhere, share with us your current ideas and plans, or something you’ve gotten your Dad in the past. Maybe you can give me some good ideas for this year! 🙂

Father’s Day: T-minus 12 days and counting




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Top 5 Shipping Address FAQs


Last week, we announced the new Shipping Address feature which is in effect today allowing users to store and save their shipping address(es) on their management page here: http://www.listia.com/account/addresses

This new feature was a hot discussion topic and got a lot of feedback and comments. Since this is new to everyone, we’d like to address some frequently asked questions. Below are the top 5 FAQ’s about shipping addresses:

1. My address is not correct! Why is that? What should I do and how do I make sure it’s saved correctly?

Right now we’re using Google Maps to help us clean up the addresses. So far we’ve seen a few instances where we aren’t able to detect our users’ address(es). If this happens to you, make sure you enter your correct shipping address in Step One to verify, then click on the “Need Help? Tips and advanced options” link in Step Two for more options (like PO Boxes etc). Once an address is saved, if it is still not correct (e.g., wrong zip code, city, etc), send us a support ticket at www.listia.com/help and we’ll be able to fix this for you quickly.

2. Can I save more than one address?

Yes. This feature allows users to store (add and/or remove) individual or multiple addresses.

3. Can I still communicate with the buyer/seller once the auction has ended?

Yes. This feature does not eliminate communication between the buyer and seller. It only provides a feature to pre-select a saved address, eliminating typos and saving time!

4. When I “add a field” under the “Tips and advanced options” link, it shows up in front of the street address? Why? (e.g., Apartment 123, 100 Main Street, City, State, ZIP)

When you “Add a Field” such as a P.O. Box or an apartment/lot/trailer, that field will be displayed in front of the street address because it’s a custom field. The formatting may look foreign to some people, but the US Postal Service is still able to ship items using this address format.

5. Is this feature optional? If not, why?

No. It is MANDATORY for all users (international and domestic) starting June 1, 2011. Users must save their address(es) in the new Shipping Address feature here: www.listia.com/account/addresses. The saved shipping address field will become the only means through which a buyer should share his or her address with the seller. In the event of a dispute, if we discover that a buyer or seller has not used the proper method for sharing shipping information, it is unlikely that the dispute will be resolved in their favor.

Saved shipping addresses were designed to achieve a few things: 1) Saving buyers time by storing addresses they reuse over and over, 2) Checking these addresses for spelling mistakes and other errors, and 3) Providing sellers with the comfort in knowing that buyer provided addresses have been approved by Listia.

We built this feature with only our users’ best interests in mind, and we hope this was helpful information and results in a more positive Listia experience for everyone!

photo via dcjohn