A Couple Announcements

Hi everyone,

We are currently in the process of improving our categories on Listia to be more comprehensive and thorough. In order to do this we have had to disable the ability to create a custom subcategory when you list your item(s). Β Don’t worry though! Once we’re finished with revamping our categories it should be easier to both list and browse! We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause you for the time being.

Also, on November 19th we will be switching everyone over to the newly designed auction page. A few of you have tried it out and then opted to go back to the old design, but on November 19th the old auction design will no longer be available. Thank you for all your feedback so far!

Stay tuned for more updates!


  1. Loving it! I Tired the new auction pages and really liked itl. Took me a bit to get used to it, but afterwards much easier!

  2. It would be most helpful to be able to see the time left on an auction while bidding.
    As of now, the time is hidden when the small bid window is up.

    • Hi Rosie, we can probably add this to the pop-up, but in the meantime you should be able to scroll the background when your mouse is not over the pop-up to see the time left.

    • Thank you Rosie! This drives me crazy. The time I bid is really dependent on that clock. I have lost some auctions due to that bid window. It’s a real interference! You just can’t cover the clock up when you submit your bid pppplllleeeeaaaasssseeee!!!!!

      • Hello Judith…You are able to scroll down or up with your computer and uncover the
        clock while bidding…just use your cursor arrow and move the screen…I just won 2 auctions this weekend…don’t you love to swoop in at the last minute and win!…of course, I hate when someone does that to me! good luck!!

  3. Can you male a category for all the ones that post DIY stuff. I wish those were in a category of their own.

  4. I spend a lot of time in the Health & Beauty category; it is pretty popular so there are a lot of auctions there. I think that while there used to be too many categories, the new number/types of categories are too limited.

    You may want to consider putting in a type of FAQ for categories: examples of items for each category, so people know where the best place for their items is.

  5. under collectibles rocks lots more putting up but hard to find right now

  6. SparkleDee says:

    I love your new format though I wish I could screen out or have the recipes and e-mailed items in their own category. Also, the Silly bands in toys as these items take a long time to scan through in my search for higher credit listed items I’m searching for. Thanks!

  7. I love Listia! I love designing and making jewelry and put it up for auction, then turnaround and use my earned credits to bid on supplies for my passion. I can clean house and the items I normally throw out (I don’t like having my own yard sales, etc) or hang on to for too long, or just plain clutter can be auctioned off for credits! My favorite part is the feedback I receive from a happy, satisfied winner. This is an old fashioned bartering system and we need more of these! I am a big fan of Listia!

    Question – can you elaborate on what you mean as DIY stuff?

  8. Kathy Lewis says:

    I love Listia. I have auctioned off so many of my things I would ordinarilyput in yardsale. This is much more fun and the vairation of things is wonderful. I have been able to do a lot of my Christmas shopping here. That has really helped my budget. I tell everyone about Listia. My office is now full of goodies to place on Listia. I love the new format. Thanks for providing this service. I am a great beleiver in recycling and this is the perfect way to do it. I just cant bear to throw my good things away. Thanks Listia
    Question- How can I get a T shirt? I would love to do a little advertising.

  9. their might already be…If their is I don’t know where to look and I am not computer savy at all but could you please put up at tutorial for dummies like me on how to down load pictures? I mean a real tutorial for dummies. I am on listia everyday and got some great stuff thats incredible !!!!! But I want to list things also but like I said I am not at all computer savy. I am hooked!!!! I LOVE LISTIA!!!!!! I refer it to everyone I know and everyone on facebook…..Like 150 people! THATS HOW MUCH I LOVE LISTIA!!!!!! Also crafts needs more catagories too.

  10. The new format leaves a few things to be desired…

    1. As a SELLER, I used to COPY the BUYER’S Lisita Screenname and use it to search my email to see if they won more than one item… Now their screenname is no longer presented along with their address. And all the examples of their screenname on the closed auction page are CLICKABLE which makes it harder to copy that text. I miss having the text of the BUYER’S screenname listed at the top.

    2. The color scheme is harder to read, at least for me. I am unable to view an auction on the old format to compare and specify what is different, but for me, it’s harder to read.

    Hope that you will address these concerns, especially #1…

  11. I list recipes, there is a recipe section. I also ship things. how much of an effort does it take to not click on something that says DIY or RECIPE??
    As well as the recipe and diy auctions got my jewelry business going. that helped me out quite a bit. Thank You Listia for the chance at making life better β™₯

  12. I list recipes, there is a recipe section. I also ship things. how much of an effort does it take to not click on something that says DIY or RECIPE??
    As well as the recipe and diy auctions got my jewelry business going. that helped me out quite a bit. Thank You Listia for the chance at making life better
    I think Listia needs to take care of people like these, that are telling others to block certain other people for no reason in particular, just because they want don’t like the person or what they have to offer http://www.facebook.com/groups/427173467349099/ I don’t care if I get blocked but this is just beyond bullying new people and the like. They spread hate by making nasty comments on Listia sellers as if they have say in how a person spends their credits. If I want to bid on a recipe or a spell, thats my business not theirs. Thank you
    P.S. They also are not smart enough to know when they’ve been blocked on FaceBook and take it that the person they are posting about has been booted off of FaceBook. please stop the stupid

    • I am part of THAT group. I’m really not going to get into it with this “person” above me here, but I will say in defense of this group, we do not block anyone unless we find reason to, no one is told to block anyone, it’s there so that we can block listians listing DIY, recipes, spells, or any other item that can be easily found on the internet, or people with very bad feedback, the group is open and we all have different opinions on who to block and who not to, but to block or not to block is each individual’s choice. it’s just a way to share information so we don’t have to wade through page after page of email only auctions. It has helped me greatly with being able to browse listia for real tangible items I might be interested in.

      • Blocking I have absolutely no problem with. Publicly demeaning people and labeling them as scammers and fake auctions I have an issue with. Yes YOU are part of that group and one of the main ones that does this.

      • By the way, the leader of the group posted deleted that group… However, I met a really nice lady through all this stuff that started her own group for DIY/Recipe/Magik listers. Her link is http://www.facebook.com/groups/letsworktogethertostopthebullyingonlistia/ I love Listia and want everybody to enjoy it

      • I as well have a problem with people listing ‘stuff” that you could easily pull up on the internet. Some may say they are “family” recipes yet, I have found quite a few online. Not to mention those who list beauty tips and recipes and spells as well…yep..found them online.
        I understand members are trying to earn credits but, when it is at the point of really taking advantage of those ….less savvy about Listia, then it becomes absurd!
        May I also point out A LOT of members GIN’s? While one can choose NOT to take the GIN on someone’s auction, there are those as I mentioned above, who may think it’s reasonable. For example; I ran across a $5 GC auction and the GIN was 30,000 credits!
        The auction was for 20 days. They even stated they Won the Walmart Gift card and they choose never to shop at Walmart, so they were auctioning it off.
        I truly believe by holding the auction for 20 days, that some not so bright member would would do the GIN..especially this time of the year, there are a lot of members who are desperate to win Gift cards and may have been saving their credits for months, in the hope of winning a fair amount of GC to buy gifts for family members. And therefore, seeing only high GIN amounts and even starting bids that are high..they have no choice, but use up their credits.
        That needs to change…while I list my $5.00 GC for 4444 credits…that’s just me but, there needs to be a cap. Such as..the limit for $5.00 gc should go only up to 6500 if listing a GIN…$10.00 at 12000, $15.00 at 18000..etc…you get my point.
        And Listia, you should not allow a item up for auction that is under $5.00 in monetary value, because back to the gift cards..Amazon ones are a hot commodity and there are sooooo many $1 ans $2 GC that people are asking 2000-6000 credits for those, with no extra included if GIN is used.
        So stop the madness and the obvious attempt at fleecing of members by fellow Listians and start showing some integrity and clean up this website!

  13. Diana Stockdale says:

    I think it would be nice if Listia had an ongoing “Updates” page where we could go to see information about anything new. Today is the first day Listia is charging for auctions beginning at more than 499 points. I am finding it difficult to get the finer details about this, especially the part where you are apparently also charging for updates to our auctions? I understand the listing charge, but it seems more like a penalty if we update our auction, especially if we’re trying to be more thorough & honest with our buyers. Could you at least send us all out an email and tell us the details of this new feature so we aren’t charged (i.e. like those who have marked the automatic relist feature and are going to pay through the nose when they re-cycle)?

    • I

  14. It’s remarkable to visit this web page and reading the views of all mates on the topic of this post, while I am also eager of getting know-how.

  15. Hi Listia Wanted to say I Sooo… LOVE Listia! But like to see a couple of changes though. I like to see that all auctions bidders and listers have to list a verified address in order to do anything on Listia. This is a little frustrating to me. And would like to see a change to the fans we can have at any given time. No limits. And it is frustrating when Listians don’t read the rules for Listia. Or we including myself read the rules incorrectly. Be more plainer in the rules. Other than these Listia is the GREATEST! Thanks for your time and effort πŸ™‚

  16. Also I would like to see a reasonable credit change. Most charge high credits. I mostly buy my credits.I consider the cost of the item new or used then I consider the shipping and if the seller includes a dc number. Then I consider the cost of the credits that I buy. Say item worth is 5 dollars new and I can buy 1500 credits for 5 dollars. The gin should not be over 2000 to 2500 credits and the starting bid should start at 500 this is if the item is free shipping and includes a delivery confirmation number.Then I include Listia credit charge for listing for the seller. Just saying let the auctions be at a reasonble credits and not get wild. I want Listia to be fun and not be shocked out of my chair.
    And weed out the DIY’S and recipes in their catagory’s. And I still havn’t figured out how the raffles go and the extra tickets means or what to do with them. Just some friendly suggestions πŸ™‚ Thanks πŸ˜€

  17. I used to be on Listia everyday, several times a day…loved it. Lately, I find it frustrating to go to search, then to ending soonest and every other auction is recipes. I get tired of having to go through all of them to get to the actual items. I know I can do certain categories, but by the time I do those, the ending soonest auctions have already ended. Same with trying to get through all the recipes. Trust me, I’m not against recipes (I love to cook), but it is so much of a hassel anymore that I rarely go on the site.

  18. Claire Tougas says:

    I posted some old coins.. I had checked them on the auction lists and they seemed to be getting good prices.. Well this is mty first week here.. I am really taking a kicking.. I have an uncirculated quarter that has only one bid.. It will cost me way over that to just mail it out.. A 1900 silver dollar So far is going for only 4 credits.. I am taking a reall licking on this..?

  19. Your diys r epic!

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