Top 10 Easy Tips to Earn More Credits Faster

There are many ways to earn credits on Listia, but here are some of the best, fastest, and easiest ways that we’ve seen:

10) Get your account Verified.  Listia offers several different types of verification, and the more you have the more comfortable buyers will be bidding on your auctions.

9) Refer your friend to Listia, your friend’s Mom, her brothers and sisters, their milkman, and the pet sitter.  Don’t forget the garbage man…they like it when we “recycle.”  And all those people will thank you later.

8) When you just got to have that item that’s ending soon or you’re just a little short in credits, you can always buy some credits.  Sometimes spending money can end up saving you money because the overall amount paid will be less than what that item would cost elsewhere.

7) Complete special offers or save money with daily deals while earning credits.

6) Keep logging in to the site daily for some nice, random credit surprises.

5) Connect your account with Facebook and Twitter.  It helps others see what cool things you’re giving away.

4) Share Listia auctions on Facebook for a small credit bonus, this can be done a couple of times each and every day.

3) Fill out trusted surveys to earn credits.

2) Help spread the word about Listia in your blog, web site, and forums.

1) The fastest, best way to earn a chunk of credits at once is of course to list more sought-after items and be very active on the site!

You’ve earned all these credits and have nothing to spend it on?  Check out the Rewards Store for some great deals on some popular items.  Inside tip: there are going to be some extra awesome things put into the Rewards Store over the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.  So when you aren’t eating turkey check back hourly during the Holiday weekend for some fantastic deals!

What’s your favorite way to earn more credits?


  1. I like to take surveys, and lots if them. I think their fun (until they say sorry no survey today LOL0) I used to do EBAY but LISTIA is my all time best !!!!! I don’t even do EBAY anymore because this site is so much fun. Keep up the good work…I am so glad I found you! I visit every day for several hours…my house work is falling behind but oh well. I’ve got my grandchilds Christmas on here and lots too only had to pay shipping on a few items so Christmas is almost free! LOVE LISTIA, LOVE LISTIA, LOVE LISTIA !!!!!!!!! You beat out EBAY anyday…and that says a lot! I tell everyone about you and how much fun it is.
    Vicky Vavaroutsos

    • I Agree!!

    • Vicky, Can I ask what your secret is? I just started on here and I have paid out more money than getting anything. I feel like I am paying someone to take this stuff I list.

      • anonimoty says:

        I know, I buy and sell, I don’t wan’t to pay for shipping when I buy, but I try to charge for shipping when I sell, but still noone bids, so I do not relist the item, I just bring it down to the thrift store and give it to them, my rule of free shipping is if it’s less than $3, I will ship it for free, and I don’t list item’s that have a $2.35 shipping that won’t sell for at least/ or more than 2,350, or sell a sports card or pokemon card that goes for less than 460 credits for the 46 cent stamp, I see alot of people trying to sell pokemon cards for 499 credits a peice, but unless they are worth it they never get bids, because pokemon cards are worth about 50-250 depending on rarity, I spent 1010 credit’s on a japanese meowth and it wasn’t the rarest card, but I didn’t have one, it seems like everyone saw that and now people think every card is worth 1,000. but If the shipping is over $3 tell people they have to pay for shipping, useing exact shipping option usually works better because people still don’t understand how high shipping is now days, after people tryed making money off of ebay shipping, the post office has raised their rate’s to make it impossible to make money on the shipping, I kid you NOT to ship a 3-5 ounce box 200 mile’s was going to cost me over $3, and to ship it 1500 miles was going to cost me more than $10, come on unless I am shipping silver or something more valueable than that shipping isn’t even worth it, shipping should come to 10% or less than the value of the item your shipping, but really it’s 100%+ the value of the item, so I just donate the stuff or throw it away, NO WONDER THE POST OFFICE CAN’T GET OUT OF THE RED!

      • Devona Fryer says:

        The secret is if you ask them to pay for shipping you will get less credits, but over time the credits add up and you’re getting rid of things around the house you don’t need anyway. Also, if you pay for your own shipping, then make sure to start the auction off at a higher starting price, if you cannot accept less for it and you know shipping is going to be expensive. Recently I have been buying gift cards with my credits. I look around at yard sales, thrift stores and anywhere for great deals and then I list them on Listia to make a profit. It takes some practice but if you follow these guidelines you will come out ahead. Also, if you are going to start your auction off with a higher starting bid, then make sure it’s not too high. That will just make people turn a blind eye to your auction. It’s happened to me. I do really well at selling books. I find them super cheap and then sell them here on Listia and charge $4 for shipping. It’s what people would pay on Amazon for shipping a book. Lots of times I make a profit with the 499 credits I charge and a little bit of overage. The profits add up over time :))

      • Check free shipping every time you search for an item… that is one way and completely verify yourself. Take surveys watch vidoes. There are lots of ways to earn credits

    • Do not ever pay for shipping, if the listing is good enough they will bid. I know I do.

    • I love listia except that the Please try another or OoooPs an error really get me down. I can’t get points that way and Ive done most of the bigger point options for games, credit checks etc. and can’t find more to do… what now?????

    • i agree why dont you ddo surveys for me!!lol

    • I need help will you help me vicky…
      the problum is surveys…

  2. jeanette childress says:

    Please have someone check your surveys. Many are dead, i wasted several hours trying to get credit from them to only find at the end they were dead or no longer taking new surveyors. Also why not add the option to give us the equivalent in cash for selling items. Is their restrictions on your company? Thank you for listing.

    • You are right…I’m sorry I posted the comment about surveys. I tried all day yesterday and today and I was not allowed to finish any! Whats going on? This is how I get my credits because I don’t know a single thing about taking pictures or downloading them to my computer and then to listia, I’m not very good at computers. When I was in school they were never even heard of. I just got my first one 4 yrs. ago. Listia needs to check into these surveys, most of us use listia because we don’t have the money to but things so the surveys were my only way of getting things. I am very disappointed!

      • Listia sells credits for cash. Why can’t I as a Listia member do the same? Allow Listia members to sell their credits to Listia for cash.

      • Keyth Sullivan says:

        Agree they need to update there surveys to where they are an be finished daily. Ive completed a total of about four and havn’t been able to finish let alone start any since. Please Fix

      • I noticed if I did surveys I got unwanted calls all day long!if you want to get great creds just put a few stamps!or leftover $on giftcards.and it only cost one stamp to send stamps and free to do giftcards or 1 stamp.its 2015 now and everything has changed!eberything has doubled or trpled in price!and then theres the people who love to take advantage of having 2 accts and not sending out items so when they get kicked off ah=fter ripping off dozens of people they justy get another acct and do same thing.listia isn’t what it used to be.a book of stamps used to go for 20 k now they are 40 +k!good luck to all.i get free condoms at health dept and they sell like hotcakes!!!and it only cost me $1 -or $2.32 to send.and yes I agree with the lady that said shes spending more than getting.its true esp now since everything has gone up so much.i’m addicted to it.i been slowly spending less time on it.esp after being told they didn’t get their stuff when I know I sent it.i have great feedbacks but that don’t really matter anymore either.people w/ great feedbacks can be rip offs too.make sure you do the tracking no thing that way they cant say they didn’t get your auction.youll be proteectede and automatically win if theres a dispute against you.fight all disputes also.if u know ur right.i made that mistake.the lady said it came broken if she would of just told me I could of sent her another one,so she got my creds and my auction!theres some deals to be found if you have literally 12 hours a day to browse and then cross ur fingers cause theres a lot more peeps looking at same thing.wait till the very last minute to bid.dont bid if its 12 days to go u might find sumhing else u may like ,but ur creds will be tied up till that auction is over.good luck to all:)

      • Stella, those condoms are not free — they are taxpayer funded.

    • Hi,
      Sorry to hear that about some of the surveys not working for you. Can you please give us more details so that we can look into it? Which survey did work and when? What exactly happened when you tried? Was there an error message of any type? IMPORTANT: please give us this info via a support ticket, instead of leaving it here. It’ll be faster that way. Thanks! A support ticket can be opened up here:

      • Toluna survey I got off the site: from listia app garfield diner game you download play it ; Sesame credit you get your credit result for free & they give you credits these 3 I’ve done still no credits from them

      • I also forgot target get to know I’ve done these all in october this one was from my app

      • hi, my username is hyda4, and I was wondering, how you try to control the value of credits on listia, it seems that it is what ever people feel like, because credits are not worth anything but what people will give you for them, I like the concept, however I spoke to someone who said 10 credits was worth $1 now it take’s 1000 for $1, and it has slowly been working it’s way down to 1200 credits to $1 yet it cost $5 for a dollar fifty worth of credits, and I have been a member for only 30 days or less, yet the value of credits has went down since I started, pokemon cards for example started at 100 when I started, after 1.5-2 weeks they were up to 200-250, now they are at 499, and I only guess they haven’t went higher because 499 is the highest free auction you can do. I also think it would be a good Idea to offer a listia store, where you can list your item’s with NO minimum buy it now, because listing 20 auctions for the same Item, bacause you have that many, is really unproductive, and I think that seperating the store’s from the auction’s would help seperate physicial item’s from digital delivery item’s such as recipe’s and pictures. please send me a message on listia if you responed, because I don’t use the e-mail adress that I gave this site, because it gets to much spam, thanks.

  3. Our site had a temporary issue over the weekend but it was resolved, so please try the surveys again and let us know via a support ticket if you still see any issues. Specific details are VERY helpful, thanks!

  4. LOVE Listia too !! I am an ebay refugee, but what ticks me off is that I bust my butt selling stuff and offering free shipping to get my credits. Then I bid on auctions, mostly gift card auctions and I would say 8 out of 10 auctions I have won have been BUSTS. Never got anything !! And the bad part is, having to wait 5 days to get my credits back even though it appears some of the sellers are no longer active !! Why do we have to wait so long ?? I could be bidding on other stuff !! I have over 100,000 credits tied up in auctions/items right now that I don’t think I will ever get 😦
    Posted so many items just to get points to get some gift cards for Black Friday shopping, guess not.

    • Marcia Estep says:

      The way to remedy this is watch an item you are interested in and don’t bid until the auction is almost over.. that way you don’t have to wait so long to get your credits back.

  5. why cant i log out , i want to cancel my account and i cant

  6. the most ridiculous thing i see on this list is the whole ” you can always buy some credits. Sometimes spending money can end up saving you money because the overall amount paid will be less than what that item would cost elsewhere.”
    everyone but the newbies knows this is complete bs, NEVER BUY CREDITS you end up spending way more to get way less. the example i always give to my buyers is: 1,000 credits is = $1 listia has their gift cards listed in the rewards store for this price and this is what almost all other sellers go by. to buy enough credits for a $50/50,000 gift card you would need to spend a minimum of $125!!! BUYING CREDITS IS NEVER THE WAY TO GO. i always recommend selling your own gift cards to make quick cash. newbies always argue with my 1000/$1 ratio, but when i show them the facts they always go silent. don’t get gimmicked into wasting your money.

  7. Great place to get rid of things u dont need & get things u do need, just started on it….love it

  8. Just learning my way around on this site apparently, I’ve won two bids over the last couple of days, I’ve sent my address on the little form that they offer, but I really don’t think that it was received by the person that needed to get it. Oh, well maybe I’ll get lucky and actually receive the stuff anyway.

    • You can email them and ask them if they got your address. If you don’t hear from them and you don’t get your item.. you can ask for your credits back. There is a place to do that.

  9. What my password and use name for win today in 2012?

  10. I rave about this site to every1 i know i have got my husband and mother-in-law and even her boyfriend to join. I find the most amazing things on here somethings I’ve never even seen before and am able to get rid of things I no longer need to get things I want. This is the greatest thing I think I have ever stumbled across and couldn’t be happier that I did. I just cant wait until I get into other peoples head how great this site is. Thank You Lisitia and all its bidders and fans who have made this such a wonderful place for me to check out EVERYDAY!!

  11. Try taking a survey and getting all the way through it and not getting the {5,000} points! Listia won’t help you through that either, I tried and tried and tried and then was told that listia had nothing to do with the surveys that the surveys were through a third party, and the listia team acts like they are so concerned, yeah right! You would think Listia would not want to be affiliated with such a dishonest 3rd party [which is exactly what I asked but got no real reply] it makes Listia look bad, but all those dishonest surveys are still up their arn’t they! I do not waist my time on these anymore, I am loosing faith in Listia. They do not require listers to be completely verefied before listing to protect the buyer which I have asked several times, and I have not recieved so many items that I have won on here because the lister is some facticious seller, Listia is not out for our best interest { or they would require this ] only their own. Have you ever noticed that when you leave a reply or leave feedback a little widge will pop up and say you have earned so many points for doing so? Well a lot of times you don’t get these points, so I inquired why and was told that it is only a bonus that you don’t always get them. Then why in the world does it say that I do get them! AGHHHHH!!!!!!!! I can’t tell when I’m getting the truth or not!!!! What gives LISTIA!!!!

    • Hi Vicky,
      Sorry to hear about this. I looked you up and it appears you’ve been earning all of the credits due for doing things like commenting, bidding, sharing, checking in, etc. And insofar as the surveys, if you’re having a problem, please provide us the specifics of the survey, such as the date/time when completed, the full name of the survey, etc. in a support ticket (not here). Our system has to wait to get confirmation from the survey company that you’ve actually fulfilled ALL of the survey’s requirements…then our system is notified to grant the credits. Until that notification occurs, we don’t know to grant. Any survey that doesn’t meet our and our vendor’s stringent quality standards are removed from the system.

      I’m sure we’ll be able to help you further when you contact us via a support ticket and sorry for the inconveniences you’ve had with this.

  12. My favorite way of earning credits is by listing items I no longer want.
    Its as simple as that and surveys are always good especially if they’re free.:-)I have not been an active user untill now and I have to say I love

  13. The surveys were working for me but I. Don’t think I was credited for kelllogs rewards.I even entered the codes from my cereal boxes:-)but anyway having fun so hmph:-)

  14. listia Tae – ive done a bunch of surveys oh MyView i have about 2,000 credits but there not transfering to listia, im brand new to this so i could really use some help please

    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Mark,

      Sorry this happened to you. Each offer company has a tab in the credit offer module – Trialpay, RadiumOne, and Paymentwall. Go to the tab you used to find the offer you completed. In the top right corner of each offer tab, you will find a link to access your offer history.

      Next to the offer you’re inquiring about, is a “contact support” or “Start an inquiry” link you can use to contact a support agent with that company who can verify that you have in fact completed the offer(s), according to their system. If they can confirm that, then our system is notified to grant the credits to your account.

      So if you haven’t yet, please do the above step. If you have, then please open up a support ticket with a copy/paste of their response, so that we can investigate the rest of it from our end.

      Sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll try to help once we get the above info in a support ticket!

  15. Oh they found a way to make listia credits faster all right. Its called spamming the site with recipe auctions. All it takes is some google work and copy and paste and you have a infinite resource of credits, Listia gets higher auction numbers, their investors are happy and people with tangible stuff or with codes get their stuff sweeped up by those who put nothing into this site.

  16. In reply to umitencho 2/24/13 excellent comment,
    Listia should NIX all recipe auctions..

  17. broke & surveys have helped me get some awesome stuff fir no ca$h! Very cool!

  18. hi, my username is hyda4, and I was wondering, how you try to control the value of credits on listia, it seems that it is what ever people feel like, because credits are not worth anything but what people will give you for them, I like the concept, however I spoke to someone who said 10 credits was worth $1 now it take’s 1000 for $1, and it has slowly been working it’s way down to 1200 credits to $1 yet it cost $5 for a dollar fifty worth of credits, and I have been a member for only 30 days or less, yet the value of credits has went down since I started, pokemon cards for example started at 100 when I started, after 1.5-2 weeks they were up to 200-250, now they are at 499, and I only guess they haven’t went higher because 499 is the highest free auction you can do. I also think it would be a good Idea to offer a listia store, where you can list your item’s with NO minimum buy it now, because listing 20 auctions for the same Item, bacause you have that many, is really unproductive, and I think that seperating the store’s from the auction’s would help seperate physicial item’s from digital delivery item’s such as recipe’s and pictures. please send me a message on listia if you responed, because I don’t use the e-mail adress that I gave this site, because it gets to much spam, thanks.

  19. How do I verify my email? I won a recipe that has to be emailed but the person I won it from said my email wasn’t verified. I’m not sure how to verify it.

  20. as you all know it is now 2013 june 16th i recently rejoind listia and did surveys to get credits. now i click on a survey it takes me to peanutlabs and says thanks for your time here is 10 credits! im like ” hey i dont want 10 credits i want my 400 or 200″ it doesnt even give me a chance to do the survey , or when it does apparently its a crime to not own a pair of golf clubs or a 3d tv

  21. I thought this would be the greatest thing EVER, but it isn’t. I am spending hours on surveys and either not getting all of the credits promised or no credits at all. Yes, I am completing them. I can’t believe they would go to all this trouble just to scam people.

    • Pollyanna says:

      Wont let me bid… says I’m not verified. I’m connected to my FB and my phone was verifief… what else do I need??

  22. i was receiving credits from Facebook for connecting with them. Last two days nothing. Have made sure I was log out of both Listia and Facebook still nothing. Received credits from Twitter also a neat badge. Should I uninstall Google chrome and reinstall it could this be the problem

  23. there is never enough free videos to watch and the surveys never work half the time or u are automatically disquified for them i think it is a excuse to pay for credits cause they are so impossible to earn and so slow

  24. I know alot of people go by the 100 credits =$1.00, but you cannot always go by that rule….if you over analyze listia, you are missing out….The credits add up…Sell items that are wanted but lighter weight..(Victoria Secret items, Coach, etc) ..You can gain thousands of credits in a day if you have items closing…..I sell items on ebay to afford the shipping for listia……To date: I have received a 46″ Smart TV, A smaller sony tv, 2 gps’s, a kindle fire….All from the listia rewards store….NOW i am buying the gift cards from the rewards store and stock piling them up in Amazon…….I love listia, I never would have been able to afford these items if i had to pay cash for them!

  25. I noticed that some of the advice in this list no longer applies. For example, I used to see “Share on FB for 49 credits” at least a couple times a week. This week, there has not been a single opportunity to share on Facebook for credits. Also, there are a lot fewer raffles than there ever were before. And I, like most of the people above, have had a great deal of trouble with surveys. You go through so far and then they say that you do not fit their profile. If you do that for 10 surveys in a row, it can add up to some serious time wasted (especially if you have a slow computer connection.) I wish Listia would be like it used to be; giving credits for Facebook shares and having more videos for credits (and more raffles.) I think the advice in the original post no longer applies.

    • Oh and I should add that there was NEVER a time when you could share a couple times a day….it was only a couple times a week. Perhaps in the very beginning, before I got here, but I’ve been here quite a while.

  26. EmperorThePro says:

    i cant believe they couldnt identify and remove those fake surveys yet. been such a long time… :/

  27. Kenneth Rolls says:


  28. new year 2014. What my password and username?

  29. What is wrong with the surveys, “Greatest Surveys” For many months it wont load and I put in a request several times and reported it, but it is still not working and i get no reply to my request . It is only that type of survey that wont load for me. I love this site.

  30. Collette Paugh says:

    Am enjoying Listia so far!

  31. Katieallard says:

    I agree, I always list free shipping, but I o list it a little more due to it, not much…but I also only bid on FREE auctions! I think it’s the best way to go, and to earn credits!

  32. Katieallard says:

    P.S OFF TOPIC, BUT…Does anyone know any good blogs for listia? I keep getting crap sites!

  33. Diamond says:

    I’ve been on listia for a day now. I’ve tried to bid on things but it keeps telling me these auctions are for “level 1 verified members or wings”. I have verified with twitter and Facebook. Why can’t I bid?!!

  34. Honestly I think listia’s “free credits” are a farce. They only allow you to take one or so surveys, watch a couple of vids a day and that is it on “Free”. What they want you to do is BUY credits because that is where they make their money and making money is what Listia is all about. There is no such thing as “Free” and I can’t believe people really buy that line still.

  35. i look for mcdonalds rewards card with stickers on them and fill the card and sell it plus i sell bottle caps all from digging in trash and spend the credits on a walmart gift card that how i get paid

  36. Heya! I’m at work surfing around your blog from my new iphone!

    Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your
    posts! Keep up the fantastic work!

  37. angeleyes2012 says:

    i love it cant really say i dont like it and cant really remember how i come across it but its awesome fantastic and addicting VERY !!!!! i try to tell everyone i know but still waiting on my credits from some 😦

  38. I have watched about 10 videos this morning and didn’t receive credits for them. This is the first time that has happened to me since I started. I wasted a lot of my time. Otherwise, I love the site so far.

  39. i have won nearly 200 auctions.i live in Denmark and have never paid shipping.

  40. Eddie Dantin says:

    I love Listia but i feel that most and (the keyword here is most) is a scam almost everyone tells me i dont qualfy after getting my email .
    But overall it’s a great site.

  41. Delilah Blair says:

    Yeah this is a big scam! you don’t get any free credits even though you waste all your time trying to get them. all they are interested is in you buying the credits. I should have know it was to good to be true. So people don’t waste your time and give out our info on trying to earn free credits because you will not get any. unless you want to buy the credits to pay for the stuff thats up to you. But I am just letting everyone know what I found out the hard way.

  42. Delilah Blair says:

    This whole website is a scam!! get off of it hope you did’nt waste too much time on it. everything is a lie. If you don’t beleive me just keep on it and see how many extra credits you earn. See how many credits you can buy. And see if you get any thing in return. I am just warning you because I hate sumbags like this that take advantage of people and get away with it.

    • Yeah and the stuff you buy, if you have to buy credits, things seem more expensive. I think I’ll stick to eBay lol at least you know what your buying and no hidden anything and if something is wrong with it, full refund given. Don’t maybe it’s just me. Been trying to figure out the whole buying credit, but don’t add up……

  43. What my password and user name? I win soon.

  44. How are points determined for sharing on Twitter and Facebook?

  45. I blog often and I really thank you for your content.
    Your article has truly peaked my interest. I will book mark your blog and
    keep checking for new information about once a week.

    I opted in for your RSS feed as well.

  46. What my password? I want yu gi oh cards eye play them and away.

  47. Most surveys do NOT WORK, Esp the like, sign up and just confirm email, do NOT do those they don’t work, I try soooooooo many surveys to only receive 1200 credits, when I complete maybe 5000 credit surveys everyday, it’s aggravating, and no I don’t receive them later, watch the surveys you do, gogo mix, and only the 900 and under surveys work, just a tip

  48. Hello there, You have done an incredible job. I will definitely digg it and personally suggest to my friends.

    I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this website.

  49. Remarkable issues here. I’m very glad to look your post.

    Thank you a lot and I’m looking ahead to contact you. Will you kindly drop me a mail?

  50. Want credits? Sell yugioh cards those things sell like hotcakes lol i pretty much built my own store around them like a year ago my biggest auction was for some xyz monster for get this 100,000 credits! come to find out that card I sold was worth $100 bucks! It’s fast easy credits, easy to ship and no hassle it works for me!

    • How does credit work, what does it equal to dollars. …like is something is listed for 200,000 how much is that. And how much are you getting for credits you buy? I’m new to this and trying to understand it, but don’t get it. Things seem more expensive threw here buying and loosing if selling? Please anyone 🙂 and thank you

  51. For ME,earning credits is damn near impossible. I start surveys & answer PAGES & PAGES of questions,but can never fully complete one,cause it stops me every single time. PeanutLabs….every single survey I try to do lets me get about 3/4 of the way done or more,then it pops up saying “sorry,you don’t qualify for this survey”,therefore screwing me out of my credits. I install & open apps (like Perks Scratch & Win),& you guessed it…no credits paid to me. I’m sick & tired of even trying anymore. I LOVE Listia,but can’t afford to buy credits,& I can’t earn anymore.

  52. I cannot lost an auction past 5000 points, why ????? I cannot post a valuable item for 50,000 or more points, how do I get past this ??

  53. Videos are s quick way of making credits

  54. Carol Stewart says:

    I like to list auctions on the days Listia gives us 2500 credits for listing 5 auctions. Usually, there’s no problem. But today is the second time I put up 5 auctions (and they ARE showing- I checked) but listia is acting like I only put up 4. I tried to get on the help site but for some reason, I’m not being allowed to put the reason I am trying to contact them so it won’t let me submit. Can you help me?

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