A New Browse and Search Filter is Coming

Hi everyone,

We’ve had a blog topic before on Finding the Best Stuff on Listia Faster, and many of you have told us how helpful those tips were.  We’re building a new, exciting feature that’ll let you filter your search and browse results even further.  Currently, you can filter the auctions you see for ones that have Get It Now or Free Shipping.  A new one will be added so that you can exclude auctions that are for items that’ll be delivered digitally, such as ebooks, gift card codes, recipes, DIYs, etc.  We’ve heard your requests, so we’re building it.  It may become a new check box near the current filters.  Yay, it’s coming, it’s coming, and as usual, thanks for all of your suggestions!

Note: Auctions for these types of digital items are not likely to get free credits like Free Shipping provides currently, because there’s no real “shipping” involved by the seller.  We think that’s fair…do you agree?

Leave us a comment with your thoughts and have fun listing, bidding, and winning!  Thanks!



  1. Sherry Brandenburg says:

    Waiting to see how it works out 🙂 I already love this site , just have to realize that some people are not very nice. Not all as it appears , But most of the time it is ! I’m thankful for all the great people on here , I have won many items ! Love it , have only had a few bad experiences all but 1 have been resolved without conflict 🙂 Waiting on Listia to resolve that one ! LOL … So love this site , I spend much time browsing on here & saved much on Christmas also , ❤ Gotta' love that ! Free stuff in the mail , just have to pay attention to what you are doing & have some fun !

    • I like the site also, but one of the problems I have had is I will place a bid and then someone will outbid me, but that’s not the problem I have. The problem is the bid I placed was the higher bid and it would be the last bid., then it would say I have been outbid so therefore I’ve wound up outbidding my own bid because no one else has raised it. This has happened to me several times and I’ve found it to be upsetting. I can’t figure out if they are just trying to get a higher bid out or me or what. Isn’t that sort of like cheating the customer. For instance the last item I just bid on my bid was higher and when I tried to submit it, the site woudn’t let me. Starting to think there’s a gimmick here somewhere. I’m upset because I lost, but the main thing I’m upset about is it wouldn’t let me accept the higher bid. This has happened to me a couple of times. I was just wondering if this has happened to anyone else.

  2. Ihave eGift Cards in my auctions… I hope this doesnt mean that less people will view them.

  3. wish some people would quit harassing us sellers who auction Ebooks and recipes. they keep telling my that listia isn’t going to let us list them any longer. Is this true?

    • My daughter has bid on many of them , she was only upset when they did not list the amount of what items to use. I told her to tell them , just did just put in there feed back , what kind of recipe book has only ingredients with no amount of how much to use of each item ! That stopped her !! Them scare me .. PDF files can be found anywhere , I know if you read the rules carefully if it can be found publicly free , You are not -to list it. Some people will flag them.

      • i agree about recipe ebooks should say how much of this and that to use. I also list lots of wicca ebooks and my personal books of shadows and spells. I don’t think its right for others to condone me for listing my own personal wicca items. I am not going against the rules in anyway. I love my Fans and love Listia! I hope eventually soon Listia will make a section for emailed auctions and ebooks and spells for us wiccan’s.

      • I’m a hands on person myself , But I have nothing against anyone that likes to store things up om their pc that is op to them and From what I have seen takes up so much less space 🙂 around the house , but hey the kids have moved out and I have a 3 bedroom place , I can hoard things Now , LOL ! You have a great time and enjoy , I love it on listia , also & still not letting the bad apples , spoil the pie !

  4. Fantastic!! Hopefully this will keep the griping down a but, although there will always be at least one that isn’t happy regardless what you do.

  5. What if we could post a little bit more about things we like on our own profile pages of LISTIA* so our fans can see what appeals to us & we can see what appeals to them, it might make for easier , browsing faster & known places to look , I’m still very new & I realize that, But so many people fan each other so fast & then I go looking & nothing is going on or has w/ many of them , I’m very amazed By all of it still .. But I’m sure if ya’ get the wrong auction enough it can be rather frustrating , and your credits stay all tied up ! You do not have them , But the other person don’t either , I guess ??? Wish I knew ! I want to keep giving new people like me all the help they can get !!

  6. Love the idea! but would also like the option to only search for digital as I love both digital and tangible goods and sell both.
    On another topic, would also like to have an interact comment section on teh profile page to interact with clients or fans.
    Maybe even the op to post updates and status or whats new!
    kim aka imagesbykim

    • That’s what i was thinking also…some type of news feed publically or on your own page site..like for instance I’ve been looking for a scrapbook..if I could post this maybe someone would put one up for auction. I am on the listia site more than any other website. I just love listia… Its the greatest web invention since eBay!!!! Just better!!!!

      (Listia member:cricket3445)

  7. Laura Jean (@ladyyuna27) says:

    I think that Listia needs to also require that people who post tangible goods need to put if they are from a smoke free/pet free home for people with allergies, and make that available in search as well, that way it will be easier for people to find. There have been several times when I asked if the item was from a smoke free home and was told yes, only to receive the item smelling nothing but smoke.

    Also, Listia should make a section on each person’s page to where we can list our selling rules so we don’t run out of room trying to describe our auction. It would be easier for people to read the seller rules on the seller’s page and it would be easier on the seller to just list the rules one time rather than listing the rules by copying and pasting every time they sell something. Just a thought.

    • I have no pets but , I allow smoking in my home , But I keep my things for listia ,put up in an unused bed room closet & use fresh scent Lysol when it can be applied on used items , or long term storage , things I buy for auctions stay in there original packaging 🙂 , I have nothing to hold back personally !

      • OK…I honestly think when you buy an item used from someone else’s home, chances are its going to smell. Just about everything can be washed or scrubbed down. I bet everyone on this site goes to yardsales…I do….but I wonder, when does a person go to buy an item from someone else’s home from their yard sale, do they stop and smell it and ask…do you smoke? Or have pets? No..I bet they dont. Besides, when they get home w/ whatever they bought..its goin in the wash!! ESP. Clothes. Besides if something on an auction site is new, most of the time its in the new wrapper. I just wish people would stop nit pick about the little things and enjoy what their doing…and if u want to make sure it doesn’t ‘smell’ go buy it brand new from a store…and sometimes it even ‘smells” funny from a store brand new!!! I never ask petty questions like that. Besides I am on an auction site where things are used…I don’t gripe about it…I just wash it! I love Listia…I get new and used items..and i won’t let peoples complaining get me to the point of not using this site. I save sooo much money b/c I use listia…I get gifts for everyone I know…if anybody ask me if I smoke or have pets, I will not answer that question….if they don’t like it, they dont have to bid on my auctions…there’s plenty of people that will!!!! I LOVE LISTIA!!!!!(AND MY FANS!)

        (LISTIA MEMBER:CRICKET3445) 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  8. Laura Jean (@ladyyuna27) says:

    Oh and I also agree that digital and emailing auctions should not be allowed to earn credits for free shipping…it should be only for auctions who are actually going to ship an item out

    • Its a measly 15 credits each.. it doesn’t cost anything and it’s a total of 30 credits a day. Please… it sounds sad to even discuss.
      But dont mix anything with the DIY auctions with a heck mark… that makes no sense… some people like some of the other stuff.


  9. isnipe5000 says:

    What is currently wrong with your support system? I need to ask a question, and I can’t seem to get in. Here’s what happens. Please help.

  10. Danielle Bupp says:

    can’t wait to see these improvements!

  11. cupcake50303 says:

    Sounds great i personally do not list or bid on DIY or recipes but dont have a problem with them being on the site. I think it will cut down on the conflict once they can no longer click free shipping and get extra credits when nothing is actually being shipped. Thanks for listening to both sides listia and coming up with a solution 🙂

    • Really they are taking their time to do something , but it really is not the same as getting out and shipping a product ! There should be a different credit allotment at least , most of us the post office is not just a few steps away , It is a Drive , miles !! 🙂

  12. I like both the digital and non-digital items. I hate when you see a person taking info off a website though without any regard, although you learn quick who those sellers are and avoid them. I would like an option to create a want list of what you are looking for and people could leave you a message about it. The message could disappear when the auction ends. I love Listia and have met some really good and nice people I would not have met otherwise. It is the stinkhole ones that I try to avoid. Learning about blocking was a big plus for me. I have fun everyday when I go on Listia. I just wish people would realize it is not a scam. And I wish I was a Listian millionaire. Thats my goal if I can quit buying stuff 😛

    • That is what I’m talking about , somethings about yourself and what your looking for and have coming up & Like I keep searching for tiny empty bottles like from make up , eye shadows , or used ones ,, I want to use them for seed beads .. But never see them EVER

  13. If I see a recipe or idea I want to try, I just use GOOGLE, LOL! It is just not worth it to me to “offer” up what is TOO easy to do on my own, PLUS they don’t bring in but 50/100 credits maybe….Not worth it.
    THANK YOU LISTIA FOR LISTENING!! I will gladly dismiss email/recipes/crafts if there is a button for that.

  14. cupcake50303 says:

    how long before these new categories is active?

    • Just to be clear, they’re not new categories, but rather a new way to filter them out from your view if you don’t want to see them while browsing or searching the site. ETA isn’t known yet but hopefully soon.

  15. Unnecessary feature.. .Current system is fine.

    Instead Bring Some Useful Features like:
    1. Pay Shipping via Credits
    2. Reduce listing fee and GIN fee
    3. Better AJAX GUI
    4. Provide shipping Europe, Canada & India.
    5. Hire Me.

  16. TheGenieJin says:


    Hey Listia, Just put an option “Digital Shipping” or “Delivery via EMail”

    Thats the right choice.

  17. Amen. I cannot wait til these changes are implemented.
    Thank you for listening 🙂

  18. I’m Glad for Listia , It gives me pleasure when dealing with people that truly are her for the deals and finds , also realize some people decide not to send items , so depressing 😦 This ties up your credits for many days ! Weeks ! While you hope your items come to you , I like searching around taking time & putting up an auction , I’m slow , I ship as soon as I can with tracking , what is So hard about that >? Start your bids at a place you know will cover that much and go from there ! Makes very happy people !

  19. Many of the digital content are free contents easily found on google/pinterest. That is taking advantage of new net users who are not aware of free recipes and diy. Even the photos are copied. Listia is allowing too much intellectual property to go uncredited. Often folks generously put their free recipes and instructional crafts on their blog, only requesting that if you share it, you give them credit. Listia is condoning ‘counterfeit profiting’ through the exchange of credits.

    • And many people are complaining about these also , they should be very clear as to what they are , And recipes should give exact amounts of how much of each item to use use , not just the ingredients that will be used ! That is what makes people feel used !

  20. Webmistress Ming says:

    I’m an Internet content provider who has found “recipes” and “DIY” email auctions offered here that are copied word-for-word from my Web sites–and often, the posters also publish copyrighted photos.

    I wish LIstia would simply enforce the existing rules that prohibit these auctions, because allowing them invites copyright violation. It takes way too much time to “win” these auctions so I can protect my intellectual property.

    That being said? Being able to filter these posts will let me find copyright violators more quickly, so I suppose that’s a good thing.

    • We take copyright infringement very seriously. So that we know who the rightful owners are, please submit a DMCA copyright infringement form with the details of which ones are yours and they’ll be removed. You can get the form by submitting a support ticket. Thanks.

      • Webmistress Ming says:

        Yes, I understand, and I have done filed a number of these forms–but do you realize how difficult this is for a copyright owner? Because when your members copy material from our site network and offer it for sale, I have to jump in, BID on the auction, WIN the auction and take delivery of the infringing work BEFORE I can file the notice of infringement.

        By asking me to police your site for you, you place an expensive and time-consuming burden on me–and when I don’t “win”, the auction goes on, simply because I’m not able to prove the infringement.

        Listia Rules prohibit these auctions–but Listia doesn’t enforce the rule UNLESS the copyright holder gets involved. That, in my view, is inappropriate, and encourages copyright violations.

        Again, as a copyright owner, all I’m asking you is to ENFORCE your own rules and get all these DIY and Recipe posts off the site. Asking me to set up a sham membership, bid on potentially infringing auctions, and THEN let you know the member is infringing is unreasonable.

  21. Susan Raymond username: fgmn427 says:

    How do I keep getting outbid when I bid over a current bidder? It seems like a loose loose cituation? I wish to get help on this and you have NO CONTACT PHONE NUMBERS??? Very DISSAPOINTED IN IOWA!!!!

    • That has happened to me lots of times. Someone outbids me. Lots of people has more credits and outbids at the last second. don’t give up. You will win items. I have won lots of awesome products from listia. If you want to contact listia put in a support ticket and they will get back to you. here is where you put the ticket in at: http://help.listia.com/requests/new

      • Susan Raymond username: fgmn427 says:

        Thank you, I did find the link for support tickets. I will continue it is just a bit frustrating when you place bid after bid and it keeps outbidding you.

  22. I really wish Listia would make a category for wicca again. I am now putting my auctions as digital item sent. i have noticed lots of people are still putting Free Shipping on digital ebooks, recipes and DIY. Please Listia Make a Category for Wicca items again or make a category for Digital items.
    Thank you

  23. Tiffany Roa says:

    Iv only been a member for a couple days, however….i love it, i won my 1st auction for 1point. Can u beleave it, and i already have bidders on my 1st auction,that i,started… So sign uo and have fun…

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  25. Kathleen Wage says:

    I think this is a great idea. I can’t tell you how many times I get irritated over seeing things like recipes and what not. These are things that if people really want them they can find it themselves by googling it. It just clutters Listia.

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  48. Mindy bowden says:

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