The Listia Silver Rush Is Coming. . .[UPDATE]


 UPDATE: THE The Listia Silver Rush is here! Click Here to get the updated details and good luck, Miners!


The Listia Silver Rush is coming…

Starting on Tuesday, February 18th, Listia will be bursting with Silver Coins for a very limited time.

Every Listian has the chance to join the Listia Silver Rush! Find your fortune as you become a miner in search of rare 2014 Limited Edition Listia Silver Coins.

Listians will start on an even footing – credit wealth won’t necessarily help. To become a successful miner, you’ll need your wit, endurance, and a little luck a long the way.

The bounty will be plentiful while the path to riches shall be daunting, but those who choose to brave the elements in search of Silver have the potential to strike it RICH!

If you’re up to the challenge and have what it takes to become a Listia Miner, then make sure to Join the Listia Silver Rush and check back on Tuesday the 18th for all the details!

The Silver Rush begins, with or without you, on February 18th.

Good Luck!


  1. WOW my kind of sweepstakes

  2. nice! do we just follow and click join to be counted in?

  3. Hi, I don’t have a Facebook account but I would like to play. Is there another method of entry?

    • Hi Erin, Not a problem. You do not need a Facebook account to participate. Stay tuned to this blog and we will release more details when it’s time for the Silver Rush, which starts on February 18th. The only thing you need is a working Listia account and your Mining hat!

  4. Richard Wittauer says:

    Wow I haven’t been a member very long but it looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun here. THANKS 🙂

  5. Mrs.Hamilton says:

    how exciting! woohoo

  6. Jessica Daniels says:

    Well cool! I’m in! I already spend a WHOLE LOTTA time here!! 😉

  7. I don’t get it… I’m in of course but as usual I’m clueless but i know i will have fun thanks see you feb 18th

  8. susan babcock says:

    i clicked on the join and it says GOING but sorry to be so dumb but how does this SILVER RUSH work?? do you just look around as usual and find the silver?? and is it in credits?? 😉

  9. Ray Johnson says:

    Richard,listia is awesome

  10. I have a brand new luminess air brush with over 200 dollars in stuff for it I have reciept for everything we paid 340 dollars for it all never used it once wanting to sell for 250.00 saving almost 100 dollars on it this is a great investment specially when you can charge for face air brushing paintings this comes with so much stuff but we paid for it all plus the air brush along with it all the stuff email me at

    • I really don’t see how your comment is relevant to this blog about the silver coin promotion, or even on Listia at all, since this is a Free site…maybe you should try Craigslist?

      • Sorry, I hope that didn’t sound rude, I just mean to be helpful.

      • I agree, and you did not sound mean. You were truthful and sadly this is a rarity in this world. I’m just saying…… the truth : )

      • Thanks Tracey, I am a very truthful person, but I usually try and soften my words so the truth is easier to take. When I re-read what I wrote teh first time I didn’t hear it is a nice tone…but that was never my intention. But it is nice to hear others say it didn’t sound like I thought. 🙂

    • ricky nelson says:

      this is not where you list things for sale, it is a comment section.Duh.

      • Ricky that was mean… Not everyone understands the way Listia works… Next time try explaining to them or tell them to read the Listia rules… We all need to try to help each other as fellow Listians… Have a lovely weekend. (o=

    • To Scott Finger,
      Listia is a great site for free items whether you are giving for credits or bidding with credits… there is no money needed here unless a Listian is asking for the shipping cost and that too has to be a reasonable amount… If you are trying to seller your item try eBay or Craigslist… I think that’s more of what you are in need of…This is a forum for comments… Listia is an awesome site you should try it sometime… I hope you are successful in selling your item… Good Luck !

    • Spamming the blog comments. How rude! Violet says it nicely.

  11. Nice, I’m in… 🙂

  12. I’m excited!!!

  13. Hope I Can Join! I Don’t Have A Home PC So It Might Be A Little Difficult :/ I’ll Try~!

  14. Amazing……I will definitely be in it to win it……lol

  15. anthony schneider says:

    yep i am in

  16. how can I join with out a fb account?

  17. Don’t understand it either but on here 24/7 Im in too n:)

  18. PINKY PINK says:

    im not sure how to sign up but i’m in!!!! I can’t wait!!

  19. Looking forward to Tuesday 2/1814 for the Silver Rush. Listia is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  20. Noland Oglesby says:

    Looking forward to finding out what Listia Silver Rush will be all about I’m in 🙂

  21. Tammy Manis says:

    I’m so in!!!! Getting the mail now is like Christmas morning everyday. I used to dread the mail, now I dread Sundays because of no mail. Also an awesome way to get rid of stuff you don’t want anymore for stuff you do. Listia is so addictive!!!!

    • Oh my that is too funny Tammy Manis! I was just saying the same thing two days ago to my fiancé. Before I didn’t care about the mail. Now I ask him to walk all the way down to the mail box sometimes twice a day to check it. The post man has even been driving up to my house to deliver for me!!

    • I love lista too and it is addictive!!

  22. Thank’s

  23. I am in it to win it!!

    • Barbara Heffner says:

      Why not give it a try? It cost nothing to join the gold rush does it? We can all leave your favorite reply.
      I love Listia and made many good friends.
      I’d really like to win..

  24. cassie rhodes says:

    wow you can count me in, i love stuff like this, good luck to everyone and God Bless

  25. how do u play

  26. This looks like it’s going to be fun.:)

  27. lets PLAY…

  28. xD its on my BDAY!

  29. i could use some silver big time to help pay college expenses…bring it on

  30. ehh all this stuff is “rigged”

    • You sir are Wrong ~ apparently you know Nothing about the site so why would you come to this blog and leave a comment such as this when your ignorance shines thru to the members of the site that Know what it is ALL about

  31. Nathan Knebek says:

    Love how you keep everybody guessing until Tuesday. This’ll be fun.

  32. I would luv moreia information on how to do Listia and shop! Thank You, Bettie Maxwell

  33. Cant wait!!

  34. looking forward to finding me a listia silver coin !! 😉 cant wait!!

  35. I think I need a List is for dummy, I’m so confused ?

  36. Terri Shirley says:

    I never bid on these Listia Silver Coins because no one explains what they are good for. It is like the stamped coins for arcade places and it is only redeemable at those arcade places? Is it a stamped coin with Listia on it to use on Listia? If so, how do you redeem on Listia? I do not see any auctions saying you can pay with Listia Silver Coins. Is Listia going to explain this before auction starts so we can decide whether to bid with our hard earned credits?

    • Jared Thrasher says:

      Terri silver is in itself a valuable investment – has been money along side of Gold for thousands of years. Its good for many things in the industrial world as well. A great way to protect your wealth from the ravages of inflation.

    • Terri, this is what it says above…dont think these are coins that you bid on……
      Listians will start on an even footing – credit wealth won’t necessarily help. To become a successful miner, you’ll need your wit, endurance, and a little luck a long the way.

  37. Matthew Ramirez says:

    cant wait this is my kind of thing cant wait to find me some Listia Silver Coins 🙂 excited

  38. I’m ready for it let’s go.

  39. Heather Pina says:

    Once again.. You keep the excitement up.. Thanks ❤

  40. Jess Heiderich says:

    This will be interesting! Let the games…Well mining begin!! 😀

  41. How do you get your mining hat?

  42. I have been on listia since May. It is sad that I never knew there was a blog before now. Maybe you could a link on the site so more people would be aware? This sounds like a lot of fun. So I am off to find out how to sign up for this!! As usual you never know what you are going to find when you log on to Listia!! Happy mining everyone! 🙂

  43. Is listia going to be ready this time for all the traffic because cyber Monday was a nightmare!!! I’m sure just as many people will be on the site that day. I hope you will be ready for all of them. When the site is down it affects all of our auctions.gre

  44. I;m in, I love Contest… Let’s go!!

  45. I didn’t play this before, is it like a game where you find stuff/answer riddles, etc, sounds fun? I only have a question about this site being free. If you don’t sell on here, just buy, don’t you have to pay for credits because you use up the small amount given to you fast, hence it is not free.

  46. I’m exited for this game. Wohooo.

  47. sandipecchio says:

    I can’t wait..sound so fun and exciting!! 🙂

  48. hope i get to play

  49. is it like geochaching?

  50. I’m not sure what’s up but I want in .lets go mining.

  51. Can people who don’t use Facebook participate?

    Yes, there are still a few of us who cherish our privacy.

  52. I have absolutely no idea of how to play this game, but it sounds like fun, so I’ll be getting out my metal detector, shovel and mining hat for the big day! I suppose that we’ll be given “clues” on where to dig….

  53. debra worth says:

    i like to have that and i love it

  54. shawn beauman says:

    I’m very interested in WINNING! some silver if this is a contest

  55. I’m guessing you have to invite a million friends in order to win any silver. That’s how they get you. They turn your friends against you. If that is the case, I would rather not participate.

    • “They turn your friends against you” !? Sounds like the tagline for a scary film! Makes me even more excited to see what the Silver Rush is all about!

    • Hi, You do not need a facebook account to participate. Check back on February 18 for complete details. Good Luck!

      • listiacorey,
        Are you going to be able to get a miner’s hat for this game? Would be a great and fun idea….like maybe GIN miner’s hats for 500 credits each….are you game? Im thinking maybe you could find some tiny hats that you use a hair clip to hold it on…or maybe ones that looking like the sorting hat from Harry Potter? Just an idea as Im completely a lista sista!! 🙂

  56. WOOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 yeehaw! (translation: super excited! lol)

  57. I want some silver.
    yall can send me some coins

  58. Jeanie McGwier says:

    Love Lista and anything that they are auctioning off…this sounds like a blast!! Im in! Thanks lista for finding fun things to do on here.

  59. john lamont says:

    I love listia theres some great stuff to be found on here and ive only begun so hope I win some riches

  60. So, what TIME on the 18th does this start?
    What time on the 18th can we get the details?

  61. Sharee Thibodeaux says:

    Please Explain how The Lista Silver Rush Works…Thanks

  62. Sharee Thibodeaux says:

    How Do You GEt Your Miners Hat?

  63. WOO HOO..Sounds Great To Me..Love Silver..Silver Jewelry..But Silver Coins Sounds Great Also….Love Give Aways…

  64. I can’t figure out how to join the rush

  65. Karen Neal says:

    several has asked how to get the miners hat.. I would like to know also. Please answer.

    • I’m thinking it’s an expression not that we actually get a miner’s hat lol. If the event is called mining for silver it only makes sense for them to say get your miner’s hat on lol.

  66. How do I add something to my watchlist?

    • Elizabeth ~ click on the item > next to the item picture you will see the details with a link “add to watch list” just click on that. Hope this helps 🙂

  67. adrian case says:

    I love listia because of the cool stuff it has it hasmany assortments of body jewelry I need the most lip rings I can get I got to be able to change my lip ring everyday and with listia I made it possible plus I got cool tongue rings its so reliable I always get it on time plus it so easy to check up on it to thats why I love listia

  68. Allison Kreuser says:


  69. The gold rush was in the 60s

  70. Logan Wostyn says:

    Hope to win!!!! Love 🙂 silver!!!!

  71. Richard Garrison says:

    How do I get help dealing with a rude seller , it hasn’t been the seven days I’m allowed to take care of my end and he’s being rude and pushy ! Thank you !

  72. Someone answer please what time on tuesday does this start?? 12am??? Also is the “miner’s hat” just a joke by the admin or is it something we truly need like some sort of badge or something and if so how do we get it???

  73. I cannot wait to get started!!!!

  74. This sounds great and fun also , Can’t wait .. Thank you for the invite :~)

  75. I love Listia.

  76. Thelma Porras says:

    im a winner i hope luck too me

  77. Sweet deal

  78. sonya case says:

    Im having a great time doing Listia!

  79. Kerrie Barbee says:

    Ive got my shovel and pick ready, bring on the silver!!

    • Like your name. I’m also a die hard Listian. My initials are KB for Kerrie Bascom. By any chance is your middle initial J.? Let’s combine our resources. I got a mule and some beef jerkey.

  80. I am excited to enter! Not really sure how but looking for more info. Yippee!

  81. this is very confusing, but I know Listia is creating suspense. I don’t know what they mean by getting your minors hat, or silver…. no idea, but we all have to wait for Listia to post the rules and details on Tuesday. 🙂

  82. What is this all about? Do we earn credits for mining or something?

  83. John Alsup says:


  84. Jasen Kelly says:

    Nice, hope to be luck, thanks for entering me.

  85. I’m not so sure about signing up for anything that won’t tell me the rules beforehand. I’m afraid of losing points I’ve gained. Does anyone know if that can happen? I might sign up if I know for certain my points will not be taken away or be in jeopardy.

  86. I would use it to help my child. I’m a single parent and could use all the help I can get.

  87. Love love love


  89. I’m in can’t wait to see how to play!! Love Listia..

  90. Wow

  91. I’m the right momen to do this I live in the SILVER state!

  92. Another devoted Listian looking forward to the rush!

  93. I like real silver and would like to join,but not on facebook.

  94. I’m in

  95. I just got my 3 year badge yesterday. I have got a lot of things I wanted from here, and I have had many of my own auctions on here !

  96. Tristan Mims says:

    This is the best of any site out there

  97. Love Listia! Be sure to join me for great stuff.

  98. Tanya Gurchiek says:

    I’m in this sounds like so much fun I’m new on here and I love it I can’t seam to stay off here but can someone please tell me how I get a mining hat thank you and have a grate Sunday.

  99. Catherine Parker says:

    Giving it a shot if my internet works with me.

  100. Been me up Listia! ; ). $

  101. Nancy E. Mann says:


  102. I joined listia about 3 weeks ago and wanted to say THANKS LISTIA for making it so fun!

  103. ellen ochsenbein says:

    so did we hunt or what

  104. This sounds amazing

  105. Um idk what this whole silver rush thing is. Could someone who has done one explain to me please?

    • shellu leftwich says:

      I think tbis is the first one ! We are all waiting on further instructions an rules .. Good Luck ! I cant wait

  106. Beverly Evans says:

    Count me in! I really like silver, Good luck everyone.

  107. francine lewis says:

    I am game!

    • Shelly Leftwich says:

      I am.wondering if they will be listed / posted throughout all the listing ??? And if so do we bid on them ? I sure wish they would giv us more info , its getting close.!’

  108. I have had a lot of fun on Listia and I am a member for 16 days! I’ve sold one item, bought one item, (soon to be 2 items, I hope) and have 2 items up for bid now. I own 10 badges and have over 5000 credits!! All in 16 days! I love to browse! I am ALWAYS HERE! I bet the Silver is going to be hidden somewhere on site and I love Hidden Object games, so here I come ’round the mountain, with my mules, Listia!

  109. Let’ have some fun

  110. can’t wait glad it’s Tuesday. is it one day only.

  111. Tanya Gurchiek says:

    Hey I went on Facebook to join and I couldn’t fine it

  112. Brian gallik says:

    Cool cant wait

  113. McKenzie Monceaux says:

    I love my listia it is great i cant wait

  114. I’m I the only one that has his Miner’s hat so far, cool i’m half way to the silver, bring it on. two thumbs up

  115. Will this lessen bids and distract people from bidding? Is this the type of clue search find win game other sites have done? Where people camp out on suspect auctions, fastest internet refresh wins, site bogs down, chat rooms and random time info drops? Apps work with this? Or browser only?

  116. I just discovered this blog page??
    Been on listia 2 1/2 years and never knew about this site:)))))

  117. Christy Miller says:

    I have a mining hat,, really do. 🙂 And we have a very nice 2 way lighting flashlight. Sooo,I am covered and ready to go. Begin the countdown. 🙂 I probably am taking it to literally, but I want to cover my basis. Thank Listia!!!

  118. Alison Massaro says:

    What time does it start on feb 18th?

  119. Do you get credits for earning silver during the rush? How does that work?

  120. Is anyone else having the issue with the facebook link? It is not taking me to the page anymore. When I click it is taking me to my events page on facebook and shows nothing of listia’s event!

  121. So funny, people actually believe you need an actual miners hat lol

  122. i dont understand it but im in

  123. Beatriz Pulido says:

    I love listia web

  124. about 2 hours left… when do we get the details?!!!! So excited!

  125. Count me out, aint got no luck!

    Listia changed the time of the event to be Tuesday, February 18 at 9:00am – Saturday , February 22 at 9:00pm in PST.
    Like · · 53 · 2 hours ago

  127. Nancy E. Mann says:

    Are ya’ll ready???? Is there anyone loc to take my old pressure??? It’s rising Quincy. LOL. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE. HUGS

  128. Nancy E. Mann says:

    Geese…. typos…. good pressure rising.

  129. Nancy E. Mann says:

    I give up. LOL

  130. How do you find the silver? Thanks Jerri

  131. im in but have no idea as to what to do any help out there

  132. Przemyslaw Wawrzynczak says:

    I don’t know what it is about Listia that keeps me coming back, but i think I’m addicted.

  133. Just sign into Listia tomorrow to participate in the silver rush. Anyone with an account can participate. The Miner’s Hat: I think they were referring to a metaphorical miners hat. Because its a silver rush. Like a gold rush.. Like get your mining hat on and get ready to dig!

  134. I won’t be awake at 9am

  135. MasterSeamen says:

    I’m in

  136. I’m here and ready to go!

  137. Raymond Wade says:

    I got my mininggear on and im ready to start the adventure

  138. Gaaaah! I have to leave for work in just a while! Please start soooon!

  139. Can’t wait for it to start! Maybe it’ll cheer me up from all the scammers and people ignoring me for listings I’ve won lately. >_<

  140. I’m here! My mule wouldn’t get up though…..Where should we be to read the rules?

  141. Can’t. wait. got my miners hat n pick ready ready ready .

  142. Jacindajackson3 says:

    It is past 9:00 am and the instructions still aren’t up. What are we supposed to do when they are up ?

  143. maryann fish says:

    How do I get the miner’s hat? Where do we find the silver?

  144. I tried to click on the silver rush it just says page not found. I have really fast internet to 😦

  145. when does this start

  146. Yeah “Rush” is on hold… lol Not loading for me either.

  147. Whats the deal? No silver rush? How do we play? …Waitin for instructions..

  148. Shelly Leftwich says:

    Anyone find details yet ?

  149. shastar571 says:

    How can we turn off having each post come to our email in box? My mailbox has been flooded with 220 comments.

  150. Love shiny stuff 🙂

  151. I am ready!!!

  152. I must really be bad at this. I have not found anything

  153. This is stupid! I havent found anything waste of time!!!

  154. Barbara Heffner says:

    what will I be able to do with th silver pieces when I find them?

  155. I have been digging for 7 hours! I quit! … This will be strictly a “LUCK OF THE DRAW DEAL HERE” No clues or nothing. The combing every listing and member deal just Good luck everyone!!

  156. brenda dufour says:

    way too much credits required – found most if not all too

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  162. Marshal Wilkie says:

    Hell yea

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