Listia Stories: Friends, Family, Community and Sheet Music

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Friends, Family, Community and Sheet Music



I have enormously been enriched by the friends I’ve made on Listia. I am able to share craft ideas and add to my collection. Over a year ago, I’d lost a lot of weight. I needed to get rid of my fat clothes. I started listing my bigger size clothes on Listia. Customers kept encouraging me to continue losing weight. So, because of their kindness and friendship, I now have lost close to 100 pounds! I also discovered that there were people on Listia who could not get out to go shopping because of disabilities. Some of these individuals were winning some of my auctions. It was these same individuals who kept encouraging me to continue with my weight loss. They may have gained some nice clothes, but I was enriched by their encouragement and friendship! I have also been able to purchase some seeds for our High School garden on Listia. One of the teachers works in the flower garden and vegetable garden. Both she and I have gained a lot of great advice from some of the Listian gardeners. You are never too old to learn! The lady that is using the vegetable seeds I’ve purchased on Listia is giving the food she grows to the local food pantry. Plus, the flower seeds I’ve purchased are enjoyed by thousands as they transverse the High School halls. I’ve been able to purchase some items that remind me of people that I’ve loved who have since passed on. I’ve discovered antiques that remind me of my grandmother, tatting patterns that remind me of my old music teacher, and even sheet music that I can play for people on the piano in nursing homes! Listia has been a blessing to myself, my family, and my community. It has enriched our lives! Thank you, Listia!!! You are more than just an auction site! You add so much enjoyment to our lives!

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I discovered Listia one day through Facebook as I was messaging my dad. I noticed all these wonderful posts about free listings and I just had to find out what it was about! Boy oh boy I thought how amazing is this site?? I started learning how everything worked and I was off lol. My children now tell everyone that there mom is a Listia addict. It is a wonderful place for people to come not only to auction off items and to win items but also to meet great people and to work with charities. I am a disabled women and it is hard for me to get out to go shopping and things so this is wonderful for me, I absolutely love it!! I just got my seller wings on my last auction…hippeeee 😀 It is a very fun and exciting site and I have been on a roll getting my friends and family involved because they are always asking ” what is this Listia you keep talking about and getting all these great things from” and I say well let me show you lol.

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  1. frederick pulliam says:

    the same thing is happen with me, i don’t understand what is going on. It will not let me sign in it said my account is not anymore, I used my girlfriend address to send her the rings i bought and for some reason they kicked me off the site. which i will report if i knew who to report it to.

    • Bambi Ybarra says:

      So true, Listia used to be a fun place to come, but I agree, when there is a problem there is NEVER a way to contact them directly. Opening a ticket is a pain for a small question to be addressed. The site is all messed up, like you said kicks me off, says I dont exist, Cant search, buttons dont work i.e. ending soonest, even the search option does not work properly. I can type in the search bar “Galaxy S5” and it takes me to jewelry or some other unwanted page. The frustration level just over weighs the fun it used to be. Hope they can fix the problems

  2. Sue, you are an amazing lady and i am delighted to call you my friend! you go girl!!

  3. Thank you so very much Barbara! And, Frederick, try going to and see if that will help you.

  4. mrslalopez says:

    I love Listia! I have made some amazing friends here! At certain times of my life, this has been a creative outlet and a venue for change! I have enriched my life using suggestions on people skills and entering new dementions from crafting to household management. Great venue when isolated by circumstances OR locale! Thanks friends!

  5. Very well written friends! Thank you everyone!

  6. Bambi Ybarra says:

    I used to love Listia and couldnt wait to share with all my friends. But lately I have become very dissappointed, I have left comments, (as have others) to NO avail. Are they ever going to fix the issues many of us are dealing with>> Loggin in, searching i.e. ennding soonest, I can go browse in jewelry and click on a specific i.e. rings, earrings etc and it either takes me no where, or to some strange list of items that dont even relate to jewelry. It has just become so frustrating, I have all these credits and am having a hard time finding something “I” would like because I can’t search. I would like to list auctions again, but that too has become a problem. Please LISTIA get fixed so we can get back to normal.

  7. I’m getting countless pop up exploitative threats issued when i open LISTIA pages, have written many times, it isn’t fixed and these are threats to all users which are viruses, malware, etc. I’ve screenshot and jpeg’d these, sent them to & they are moved to their “developers”. I got caught once, got some malware but caught early & restored to a month previous. I don’t even allow pop ups and they still come!
    Please..every tone be CAREFUL of anything that shows up after getting on the LISTIA site! They are not consistent, they steal your ID and your account infor and load your computer with awful threats! These are off ads, and now generally off the page itself when you open to look at an item. BE CAREFUL!

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