Update on the Way Sellers Leave Feedback


072_081_positive_feedbackSellers: Have you noticed a change in leaving feedback to your winners?

Let us explain: Feedback was originally put in place for users to leave comments once an auction has been completed. From now on, the ability to leave a feedback for winners will only take place when the winner receives the item or the transaction is complete. We strongly encourage everyone to leave feedback after the auction is complete, and not before, as you are unable to change your feedback once you have left it for the winner.

We hope this change makes the entire community of Listia a better marketplace by offering more accurate feedback for all Listians.


  1. good idea, I have been doing this myself on most auctions anyways. And if someone forgets then I remind them to record their feed-back so I can leave mine.

  2. Just thought about this, if we could only now have a way to close out an auction that people choose to not complete ex: pay for shipping charge, change mind etc)

    • thezeph says:


      • I agree with you Karen
        I have a ton of great buyers but you do have a few who don’t want to leave feedback or don’t want receive you items when they get them. It make you look bad one plus you are worried it has not arrived. I can’t afford to put tracking on all of my shipping. Some seeds I ship two or three times but I have learned by the second time now I do tracking. But I still don’t always get it received are any feedback??? It drives me crazy when buyers do that.

      • Karen Hamm says:

        Thank you Joy. I haven’t listed an auction yet, but I can see by all the posts, that there are quite a few not so great buyers out there, so I’ll be doing a lot of cya when I do.

  3. Thanks for cleaning this up! I was wondering this myself! 🙂

  4. I don’t like this! As a seller I ship the item and leave feedback, then archive the listing. Now it takes extra time to keep going over and over the same finished listings. It just waste my time.

    • What do you do if the transaction goes bad, don’t you wish you had not left positive feedback so quickly then?

    • You can always just archive it without leaving feedback.

    • Andrea K. says:

      I feel the same way….When I’m finished a listing I leave feedback so that I know which one’s I’ve sent. Now that I can’t do that I have to go over a bunch of listings to make sure that I’ve sent it. It’s a headache and making me not wanna sell on Listia anymore!!!

    • It’s also unfair. If the buyer has paid, they HAVE done their part. The seller then needs to do their part in shipping the item safely and what-not, but Listia has so many idiotic rules I can’t even figure out where to begin! Like when a dispute is settled by Listia, you are unable to leave negative feedback…..WHAT????? I won a dispute because a person was doing badly and I CAN’T leave them negative feedback to warn others. Even Ebay with it’s crappiness cannot compare to how crappy Listia is. Also, their digital trading rule is stupid……anything including physical items can be duplicated over and over, BUT if a person has won something and they now own that thing (ie: a skin on CS:GO) they should be able to trade it! Sell it on Listia, but noooooo. We can’t have that. That’s too intelligent of a reason to change our rules and we just want to keep being idiots. The team that runs Listia is absolutely horrible!!!!

  5. Definitely a step in the right direction. Had a situation myself where I recently left a positive feedback for someone who had a 300+ (100%) rating. I shipped it out before they paid the very small shipping fee. Well, guess what? They never paid it, and in checking their feedback they had tons of neutrals from not paying the shipping fees on auctions they won. I would have not left a positive in the long run, but the issue was resolved satisfactorily with Listia.

    What I also learned from this recent experience is that there were LOTS of sellers who had left these neutral feedbacks because they were afraid to leave a negative fearing a retaliatory one from the buyer who refused to pay. My buyer tried to extort extra items out of me even after getting the item and not paying the shipping fee with the threats of leaving me a negative if I didn’t comply. There needs to be a way for a seller to leave a negative without the fear of ruining their own reputation. If we all just keep leaving neutrals for these people who fail to complete their purchases or attempt to defraud sellers, then their actions go unnoticed, as was in the situation I encountered. I put trust in the buyers high rating, but it was lots of complaints in neutral format when a closer look was taken.

    So maybe a system to curb that could also be figured out in the future. But this current change is definitely a positive step. Thank you Listia. 🙂

    • Matt Yeackle says:

      Jimmy I am with you 99% I have noticed a huge number of members with these neutral feedbacks as a result of Listia mediating a result in a dispute between two members and as a result it is hard to spot these scammers. I also want to agree with you on how a seller should be able to leave feedback without the fear of the scammer ruining his or hers reputation or feedback rating, however I have found myself on the other side of this fence on multiple occasions with untruthful members not shipping my items and therefore if this was to be implemented they would have been able to scam me as well as ruin my feedback rating. This leaves us with a catch 22. There is one thing though that all of us should be able to agree on and that is the members that do not mark their items as received and fail to respond to your emails when you question if they got them or not and you have to wait nearly a month for it to close out for your piece of mind, these irresponsible buyers should be open to receiving negative feedback from the seller due to the unneeded stress they cause us and that will start a quick end to them drawing out your auctions or at least bring attention to the fact that they have a history of doing so. The last thing I would like to recommend is the opportunity for us sellers to have the option of either allowing or not allowing members with little the no feedback or subpar feedback from bidding on our auctions. I feel this in itself will tend to keep members more honest than anything else when they are threatened with not being able to participate in auctions when they fail to be a honest and friendly Listia members. Please anyone let me know your thoughts on what I said and let’s see if we can better this already fantastic website! Thank you Listia for offering a great alternative to those OTHER AUCTION SITES!

      • I do agree the biggest problem I am having is that when I say that I say I have shipped there is no date stating that fact. That cause a huge problem with me. I’m not real sure I like this yet.

      • When I ship I put this in the tracking window:
        Then choose the carrier.

        If I ship envelope I use the same window and write:
        SENT 0732014 FirstClNonMach
        So both of us know the date sent. Using the postal machine or clerks I get receipts. Some things are ridiculous pay tracking for a small envelope,flat,besides you cannot, and there are those buyers trying to take advantage off the methods used,claim out never arrived,when it most certainly did!
        I also cruise my items and block the 0 feedbacks and low feedback bidders. Lots of kids get on this site and they are a problem most of the time. Some adults are too. Most buyers and sellers are great which helps. I also try to put a tiny gift in my packages.

      • Thank you. I will do that for my date. On my seeds I already send extra seeds.

  6. Melissa Klopp says:

    I think this a very good idea. I have waited till the buyer has received the product or until I received it. Wonderful rule!!! Listia rules!!!!

    • shelandry says:

      I just archive them and check my need to leave feedback section once in a while and when the auction closes I then leave my neutral saying in the comments winner never marked as recieved &/or never left their feedback. I agree that we should be able to leave negatives if they never marked it as recieved and their option to leave a negative blocked. If a winner fails to mark as recieved in the time they take to close an auction they deserve a negative.

      But I dont block all low feedback or non ratings as people had to start somewhere. We all were one of them once. Those bad ones I block after the bad expierence and move on.

  7. Although I never leave feedback till after the winner receives their items . I have 3 winners who left feedback right after the auction ended – they did not hit “got it” because it still shows I am not allowed to leave feedback .So what happens then? If they never come back and click “got it” the auction can’t be completed ?

  8. C'mone Jones says:

    Can you set up the android app to look at our own past feedback and other listian’s feedback. I hate having to get on a desktop just to see who left me feedback and if a seller has bad feed back I would like to see why without having to leave the app!

  9. Joybarbour18 says:

    I think the seller should leave feedback when they sell it and the bidder when they receive it. If you do not leave feedback when you should then it should count against you.
    You can tell that sometime people don’t like it when you have a perfect record why I don’t know but it will show up down the line on them.
    I had on the received her item in three days and left Nutural Why?? It would be nice to know. I think if Nutural or Negative is used they should have to say why, in less than twenty words.

    • I got a neutral because the buyer THOUGHT they were getting a name brand 60 year old antique and over bid and I wouldn’t refund part of the credits when she discovered it was exactly what and how I had described it.
      Someone had asked me that same question and I had answered it honestly (and had pictures) but they thought they were getting a steal from me. 😦

  10. Any one else getting virus when try to get creidts from REVUNIVERSE I have twice!!!!!

  11. has any one else got virus while doing offers from REVUNIVERSE I treid to down load angry birds and they tried to up load a virus, will not do any more offers from them

  12. Discoduck says:

    I liked the way it was before the feedback change. I would ship the item to the winner and then leave a positive feedback (I always ship free of charge). Then I did not have to go back and check to see when the item was received. I ship all packages with USPS delivery tracking so I know when they receive the item. Now I have to wait until the buyer reports they got it before I can leave a feedback. Not an improvement for me.

    • I agree with you 100%. This has become a wast of my time as a seller.

    • It helped to be able to see what I shipped already by seeing I left feedback!

    • I really DISLIKE the having to wait to leave the feedback. I also ALWAYS do FREE shipping on all of my auctions. It’s very difficult to try and keep track of 15-30 auctions in one week. I only send envelopes, and mine do not fit the requirement for tracking. (I use stamps.com and they have to weigh a certin ammount or be a certin size.)
      There’s way too many buyers that DO NOT acknowledge that they received the item. Now I have to keep sending emails to them to make sure that they got it.
      It was so much easier to stay on top of what was sent before this mess was started. It needs to go back to the way it was.

  13. I won an auction. The seller refused to send what I won. I submitted a refund request and received the refund. Then he left me very negative feedback – only under the “neutral” rating. Why is this allowed?

    • They should only allow a positive comment to be left by sellers when a refund is given to the buyer. Obviously, if a refund was given, the buyer was not at fault. Also, a buyer should not have to fear getting a retaliatory negative feedback for posting one for a seller who didn’t send the item. So many comments on people’s feedback as neutral that should have clearly been negative, but people were afraid to do so.

      • Not true. I will refund if the buyer backs out and I haven’t shipped or paid points to list the item. In This case, the buyer was at fault. Not me. But I wouldn’t leave a negative as it was my choice to allow them to back out of the auction

    • Ask the mods to remove it. I don’t think it is allowed to do this

  14. Sue grimes says:

    I do not like the change because it it causing me a lot of extra time that I don’t have. As a seller when I leave feedback it lets me know that I have received the address and I have shipped it. Now I have to keep going back over 30+ listings to make sure I have completed my part. This makes me not want to be a seller.

  15. Yea, what she said!!!
    This change makes a lot more work for me.
    I do not like the change because it it causing me a lot of extra time that I don’t have. As a seller when I leave feedback it lets me know that I have received the address and I have shipped it. Now I have to keep going back over 30+ listings to make sure I have completed my part. This makes me not want to be a seller.

  16. I have done feedback this way anyways. What really gets me is that I auctioned an item, sent with tracking. Bidder recieved the item on 7/10. Bidder waited until 7/18 to leave feedback, there was no comunication from bidder despite my attempts. Now negative feedback option has been removed and can only use positive or neutral feedback.
    Why can’t I leave negative feedback?

  17. zephyr33542 says:

    Couple of things-
    (1) Not liking waiting 20 days to see if someone GOT IT or left FB and my sold list increases by the day. Would like an ARCHIVE button so we can archive people who refuse to leave FB or say GOT IT.
    (2) Have purchased from the Rewards Store and cannot note GOT IT nor feedback on items when they are received. Have written several times and it appears to be a code issue after this last FB change.

  18. It takes up enough time as it is when you as a bidder now receive your items and the seller didn’t leave feed back. If for some reason it took the seller a long time to ship and I give her a positive rating but make a commit about it then she goes in and gives me a natural that’s not fair to me.
    I think you should make the seller leave feedback first then the bidder if the seller leaves last they should not be able to give you one any worse than you did them!!!!!

  19. J. Masolini says:

    I notice today someone wants to show you how to succeed on Listia. do like the did. I f an Item you won doesn’t come with a Tracking number just claim you didn’t get it and you will have to give back the point and they get to keep the item. It is not right but that is the chances you take and people will take advantage of this. good luck bidding and getting your item. For the most part the people I have dealt with have been great. Thank You that are honest and trying to have fun.

    • You have dishonest people everywhere you go and in this case they may even left negative feedback too which is not right. I think if both sides got to explain their side in a short commit then you would see some changes because other people would see quickly who was really on the up and up and who was a lie and a cheat.

  20. Why doesn’t Listia run some sort of batch script in the early morning hours when traffic is slow that accesses the tracking info, and then automatically flags all delivered items so they buyer no longer has the task of clicking the “I Got It” button. Just leave it there for those packages that don’t have tracking info added. This would not be hard to implement.

  21. thezeph says:

    I’ve gone round and round with Listia and the new FB system. They didn’t notify they were doing it, so we were all left in the air. Seems, yes, sellers can’t leave FB until it is received and noted as received. I’ve asked buyers to say GOT IT and leave FB so I can for them, but some do not, some forget, some are away, sick, multiple reasons. Then as I told this to Listia, they said, the item will remain in my FB area until the buyer leaves FB/GOT IT “OR” until 20 days have passed, then the transaction is considered closed and the seller can leave FB at that time, if desired.. The buyer cannot claim they didn’t get it too! It’s closed. So in a way it saves the seller but it’s a PITA staying in the FB area so long. So…20 days from auction close -it IS closed.

    Yes, I’ve seen buyers say it’s not received. I never let them get their way, I always dispute. I can produce USPS receipts for everything. And if the USPS hasn’t returned it, it got there or was stolen(not likely) or mis-delivered (their end!).

    I also quickly block youngsters and 0 FB people. I cannot trust them if they do not have a track record or look like kids in their FB or Twitter account. Of course blocking if there is no visible verification too! My block party is huge! But I want serious bidders and those I can do good with and to. I give small free gifts in my wins and pack everything as I want to get it.

    I wish there were an easier way for LISTIA to get rid of kids and shysters, it’d be so much nicer!

    • I only like serious bidders too. Most of the ones now won’t even reply to you anymore and when the reply pops up letting you know someone replied it doesn’t say from what auction. Listia should have a reply button on it. I run 70 to 80 auction at a time and I have to check each one most of the time because most of my auctions are seeds. Listia could help with that too

  22. thezeph says:

    And yes, I’ve gotten would – be viruses from ads and just popups even though i forbid pop ups. I even got one that wanted me to update my system, WIN7, dumb me, i said ok, must be time. Darn bunch of viri! Lucky me, my programmer son restored from a month prior and all gone, but NEVER again will i click on an ad link. So listia gets paid for sponsoring ads that are full of viruses! Would be nice if they screened them first! I know i’m not the only one with this happening too. I wish i could remove all ads form my pages anyway. The bobbing finger lady and all those others are VERY annoying and NOT making it more FUN! ha!

  23. karen mitchell says:

    I am fairly new to Listia and Iove it! However, I need to leave feedback and cannot find out WHERE to input it at. I feel a little dumb, but really need an answer. Can somebody please help me? Thank you, Crabbyartist

    • Click on your upper right name, go to MY LISTIA and then on the left is all the links you need for places to go. Customer support is at the bottom rt of all pages.

    • Yes on the item the you won click on it. Then click got it. Then click across the top
      Possitive, natural, or negitave
      I hope you can select Possitive
      Then type in the box how your experience was with that auction. For example:
      Superb!!! Sue was very helpful and I love the shoes I won thank you Karen
      Then hit send. I hope this help you.

  24. This is NOT fair at all!! Looks to me like Listia is Protecting the Backed out Buyer!! Usually because they don want to pay the shipping! I agree that a seller should not be able to leave feedback withing the 7 days!! But by Listia s own rules,,if a buyer does not communicate ,backs out of shipping,,does not give an address ,I can keep credit and relist! & the I should be able to Leave my feedback & archive the listing Done Deal!!
    Listia is now protecting the buyer! SO who is there for us! I think it is time to leave,,!
    They are basically saying a buyer an screw you around with NO consequence!

  25. Karen Hamm says:

    I wasn’t sure exactly where to post this, but I am hoping this is a good spot, as it concerns some sellers. I am relatively new to listia, but have won a few auctions. The first few that I won, I had great sellers who were communicative and posted that the item had been sent. Lately though, the sellers that I’ve won from don’t respond to e-mails or post that the items been sent and it’s frustrating. I always thank the seller when I win an auction; immediately send my verified address; hit the “got it” button and give fb as soon as I receive the item. To me it’s simple courtesy to let the seller know you’ve received their item and that it’s okay, but I feel that the buyer deserves the same courtesy in having the seller acknowledge that win and when the item will be sent out. I realize that we’re all busy and don’t expect an immediate reply. Most sellers are great on here, it’s the others that I’m hoping to raise some awareness with.

    • Karen Mitchell says:

      I recently purchased an item from a member. I sent her 3 emails, through listia, to try and pay her and she never replied. She received my points, I received nothing. No reply, no item. Listia gave her my points, which I really didn’t mind as they weren’t that much. But what do you do when a seller doesn’t reply? I really wanted the item, but all I got was cheated. I don’t know how to leave feedback for her. Does she need to leave feedback first as she was the seller? I’m fairly new to Listia and actions like this just confuse me, lol! Especially since Listia keeps telling me I need to leave feedback! I would just leave a neutral feedback as I don’t know the reason she, the seller, ignored my 3 emails. Maybe somebody can help me. Otherwise as a buyer now I am not having any problems as the ‘blog community’ helped me…not Listia who I emailed twice and they ‘ruled’ in her favor!

      • Hi Karen you that is where you leave the feedback and the seller may or may not leave any feedback. If you leave bad feedback she may try to cover herself with a reply of I was sick and unavailable. But unless you are in a coma everyone still carries their phones. But on your feedback just say what you said here. That you got your points back but the points is not what you are on listia or the item is what you wanted and that is what you did not get. And you are sorry that she back out of her deal!!!!

      • Karen Hamm says:

        I’m having the same sort of issues right now as well. Lately, I’ve had several sellers who just aren’t communicating at all. As a newbie, your excited when you win and can’t wait to get your item. It’s frustrating when seller’s don’t respond at all. As a newbie, I’m not sure how long I should wait before I do something. I know they have 7 days to get an item out, but how long do you wait after that, with no response, before you file a dispute? I want to be fair to the seller and try to give the benefit of the doubt. In reading all these posts about crappy buyers, I’m afraid to file a dispute. I don’t want to flagged as a bad buyer, especially when I’ve done everything I was supposed to do.

      • I think what we are all going to start seeing is a lot of natural and negative feedbacks because of the way things are set up. We are just going to have to look at the person our selfs and deside.

      • Karen Mitchell says:

        Filing a dispute is a hard decision. I’m in a quandary about this. I also have a buyer who kept saying he would pay me, but after 19 days, he still hasn’t. I checked his profile and saw that he does not have a verified address. In the future when I list an item, I am going to put a disclaimer something like – if you do not have a verified address, do not bid on this item as I only ship to verified addresses. I’m wondering if that is o.k. by Listia rules? Any advice?

    • I always leave an email telling them that I am packaging that night, shipping it in the morning, adding delivery confirmation as soon as I have it ready to go out, etc. And 90% of the time, I still have to email after it is delivered and tell them I see that they received their item and would appreciate positive feedback and thank you again. About 1/2 will do it right away, about 1/4 never will or will wait a week or two to do it. I have even had people who bought multiple items do ONE FEEDBACK a day. Do they get different credit for doing it this way?

  26. I like the new method a lot more. I recently asked a buyer about picking up their item at the post office (it’s just sitting there for about 10 days now) and they told me I was nagging them and I had “gotten” my points. I explained that I was concerned that the item might be sent back AND that I don’t “get” the points until they leave feedback and click on received. Then I blocked them. I do not want to deal with a buyer who is rude, who won’t pick up their items I mailed from the post office, or who will call communication a nagging. 😦 I love Listia and have had few problems. One person left me a neutral because she didn’t like the item that I shipped to her. I think she was expecting to receive a really expensive item for almost nothing and overbid on it. She asked for part of her credits back because it wasn’t “worth” what she bid. When you explain an item in detail, answer all questions on it, and take good pictures, is it the seller’s fault if someone expects it to be something else? She didn’t find her tens of thousand dollar item for “free” or minimal points. I don’t pull an auction that ends for less points than it is worth. I ship it. This person was also blocked. I won’t deal with buyers who are not upfront and honest. How do you deal with this?

    • I have now asked a moderator to step in as they are getting madder and madder. UGH. How do you buy things on Listia and not realize that the seller doesn’t get your credits until feedback is left or the days (I guess 20 now) are up afterward???? The little notice in the top right AFTER you win the auction ONLY means that the points are on HOLD…. And really, how can you get mad? It was free shipping, mailed within hours of the auction ending, and I was only asking if the item is okay and could you please leave feedback and thank you again! WOW. Some people need to chill…

    • I have a huge block party going!

  27. If a buyer is not verified and not paid postage you can relist in 7days. At 20 days you can leave negative feedback.
    I always block problem buyers from bidding again. I see way too many kids on Listia and those who do not pay postage.
    You can’t file a dispute but at 7days you are entitled to keep the credits without worry according to listia rules.

    • im kinda new at this and am having this problem for the first time. i have a buyer who has not responded within the 7 days with a shipping address. i have sent an email informing them that they won and asking for their listia verified shipping address and i got nothing.

      so what do i do know? do i just hit relist and then automatically get my credits or do i have to file a “dispute” or something like that?

  28. Chris Parks says:

    I have a couple of digital delivery auctions that I have not received feedback for despite mentioning it in the email with the pattern to make sure they click got it and please leave feedback. How do you handle that? I am relatively new here but am enjoying myself both bidding and selling but this little thing is bugging me. 99 percent of bidders leave feedback and I just have a couple that refuse even when given gentle reminders. Too bad there isnt a way to verify that a digital delivery has indeed been received.

    • @Chris~ You have to wait 20 days for feedback to appear for you and the transaction to be closed. Yes some refuse. I’d say on digital wins to blind copy yourself and if you do not get a returned email as undeliverable then you know it got there. You have your own self blind copy! I quit asking for feedback I place a short nite in the package asking for it upon delivery. If they do not I wait the 20 days. Pita,YES but the way it is.

    • Chris always send you digital emails through Listia that way You can prove to Listia you sent it and when it was sent then you will get your credits if they leave receive it and leave feedback or they don’t .

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    • I think that pictures say a lot about what you are seliing if you don’t have time to take more photos of the item you are selling then why do you find so much time to reserch the item. They both go hand in hand. Listia has is right when they said you need photos and information.

  35. I want to see a way for you to know who you fanned that has not fanned you back with out have to go through your list one by one help us with this Listia.

  36. I also would like to be able to pull up a Listian by there Listian name so if we know it we can go to there sites and see what they are listing without having to search our fan list or search something they sell.

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  38. Hi my names Rachel and I’m almost positive I’m leaving this question on the wrong page. But I just started listia not to long ago I’m trying to figure everything out my first auction will be in a few days anyways, I won on a auction over a month ago and is that how long it’s supposed to take to receive things because I got nail stickers in one week…my daughter keeps checking the mail for her poster and I leave emails and she won’t answer!! Truly sorry to bother anyone but I love listia it’s so fun and this is the only place I could find to leave a message. Thanks😁

    • Start a dispute. Do it on the item page…says things didn’t go right? Get your credits back.

    • Also bottom right any page is member support. Start a trouble ticke, bottom choice. User it for contacting ADMIN. They are a big help.

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  40. As a buyer, this kind of sucks. I have sold and bought but at the moment it has been 10 days since paying shiping fees through paypal plus my listia credits and if I didnt want this item so badly I would find a way to leave absolutely negative feedback and request a refund from both listia and paypal. Still biding my time but if this bitch doesn’t aknowledge me soon, I dont know what to do. And I cant leave negative feedback as a buyer for fear of of stupidhead retaliating. How fair is that? She has my credits and my money and I cant warn others that she is an unfaithful and unfair theif. And if she eventually sends me the item?, why should I leave positive feedback? I have communicated since the moment I won the auction.

    • Wow I misspelled a shit ton. Sorry bout that.

    • To listia once we have bid on a item we should automatically be watching it. Great job on all of the new changes

    • 2016, and this is STILL happening. If you win in a dispute, the other person shouldn’t be able to leave you anything BUT positive feedback. I bought a card from a guy and I noticed it had been 10+ days so I asked him when it would come in. Mind you, I only have positive feedback at this time on ALL wins and sells because I’m actually an honest seller and buyer….Well he tells me “soon”, that’s it…..so I’m just thinking it was already in the mail and then hours later in the day he tells me that life got in the way and he JUST sent it. Funny how he had enough time to see that I’d messaged him with all of his life getting in his way. So I filed a dispute because a buyer has 7 days to send an item or they forfeit the credits and he DID NOT comply. Now, I’m scared to leave him feedback for multiple reasons….one is that I can’t leave him NEGATIVE feedback that he DESERVES and the other is that he can STILL leave me neutral feedback even though I was in the right and won the dispute….uh, what???? And guess what, that’s exactly what he did, so I had to go explain my part using neutral feedback that should be under negative because of his stupid ability to leave neutral feedback. This is such a stupid rule! I asked Listia to remove it. They say “oh, it’s alright because it doesn’t count towards your feedback”….well why do we have it then???? If it means absolutely NOTHING why is neutral even there? We need to start petitioning Listia on so many of their ludicrous rules and their abhorrent customer service, not to mention all the time you waste doing offers to not receive any credits for it…..and they have offers under free that you have to make purchases to finish. By that time, you’ve filled out or gone through 17+ pages of info and ads. I need to make a blog, I have so many fixes they need strolling around in my head.

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  1. […] Total number of Listia credits in your account Pending: Credits you will receive after the winner receives their item Current Bids: Credits that are temporarily in use as with winning bids. When you bid on an item, if […]

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