Listia Goals – A Five Million Credit Giveaway

Listia Goals

Nearly a year ago, we released our completely revamped Listia iOS and Android apps to make it as easy as possible for you to simply your life and home while unlocking the value of items you no longer use. In seconds, you can walk around your room, take photos of items and put them up for auction. One of the things missing for our mobile apps has always been Listia Goals. Until today.

To celebrate the addition of Listia Goals to our iOS and Android apps, seven lucky winners will receive a total of five million credits! Rules below:

  • To be entered, you must complete at least one (of four) 5 Million Credit Giveaway Goals during the giveaway in October
  • Completing one goal enters you in our 500,000 Credit giveaways (6 winners)
  • Completing additional goals increases your chances of winning
  • Completing all four goals enters you in the 2 Million Credit giveawayย (1 winner)
  • A new goal will be published each week
  • Users are eligible to win one giveaway
  • Giveaway ends on 10/27/15 or when the last goal expires
  • Winners will be chosen the week after the last goal expires

The first goal is live now, click here or on the links below to get started! Check Listia Goals each week for the new goal –ย

available on iphone goals available on play store goals

Update! – November 5th 2015

Thank you everyone for participating in the Five Million Credit Giveaway! After thousands of entries, we’re excited to announce the winners below!

  • Jean E.
  • Riah D.
  • Rebekah D.
  • Terry S.
  • Misty R.
  • Brody M.
  • Nichole B.

Thanks again! Keep an eye out for the next one!


  1. Do the bids have to have a beginning set at 499, or anything? Or can they just start even at 100,000? Or simply be a GIN OF 100,00 OR GREATER?

    • ericklistia says:

      Hi Valley, each item must end at a total of at least 100K credits. You can use a GIN or a regular auction as long as the item goes for at least 100K. Hope this helps!

    • All I want to know is wtf is really going on where did the old listia go : ( what is up with the large starter bigs and gin? Crazy and most of all why dont ppl answer the questions about their item anymore i went to 5 auctions and no one answered the ? about their ite. I took a break from listia and this is what i come back to. Sad

      • oh man i totally freaking agree i have had that happen to me like the last few days i watch them and bid and then ask some questions and they dont answer them or wait til the last freaking minute to asnwer them makes me so angry so who won ? when will we find out

  2. So cool! Wish it included digital delivery! :”(

  3. must be nice to be able to do this for us but some people dont have a way to list stuff

  4. Laura Shipley La Borde says:

    Hi, does this mean that the auction has to end at someone bidding 100k?

    Thank you,

  5. Sue Tolley says:

    Let me see if I have this right. I list 5 items that must end at 100,000 each before 10/27? If I have GIN and do sell all 5 before that date do I get the credits sooner or after the 27th? Many thanks, your #1 Listian fan

    • ericklistia says:

      You’ll receive the 20K credits for the goal. The winners for the overall giveaway will be chosen at the end of October when the last goal ends. Hope that helps!

      • So if I think 4 items will sell for 25,000 credits each, totaling 100,000 Total, and I give free shipping, I automatically get 10,000, and a Chance to win 1,000,000? Is this how it works?

      • @David, you need to read it AGAIN. No, it is 5 items….EACH must SELL for 100,000 credits by the given date with free shipping. then you will get 20,000 credits…..I am not sure where you see 10,000 credits at

      • ericklistia says:

        David, each item must sell for over 100,000 credits not in total. So five items must go for 100,000 each. Each goal you complete that’s labeled 5M Giveaway, will give you a chance at winning. Hope that helps!

  6. I love lists getting stufe and its a good sight

  7. I love lists

  8. stephanie says:

    What if I am sending the actual gift card?

    • stephanie says:

      I have a couple gift cards and I plan to sendbthe physical card (but still give the code in case there is something wrong or the card doesn’t arrive, that way they still have it)

  9. Just a quick questions. Will I still get the goal credits if my items don’t sell?

  10. stephanie says:

    Will there still be other goals this month? Like listening stuff for bonus credits?

  11. I just wanted to say thank you so much for adding goals to the apps!

  12. This Is A Great ASSET To Listia! I am super excited (*.*) Def-Finite-ly A Fan!

  13. i wish it was detailed more clearly.. i just wasted 250 credits, when i did not know that if it ended with out a bid it did not count ๐Ÿ˜ฆ when reading description all we get out of it is list something that is 100000 or more. if i known that i would of not just wasted my credits listing…

  14. Ok, I just want to get this right, if I list 5 auctions right now starting at 100,000 or GIN auctions, do I get the 20,000 credits right away?

    • ericklistia says:

      Each item must sell for at least 100,000 credits. After the last items sells for at least 100,00 credits you’ll receive the bonus.

  15. how come it has to start at 100000 ? why cant u start the bids at what u want and what if some people dont have a way to list anything? or cant make it to the post office to ship it?

    • ericklistia says:

      You can start a regular auction but the auction must end for more than 100,000 credits. You can use our Android, iOS or list via our website. Are any of those available for you?

  16. Do buyers need to leave feedback in order for the item to be eligible if it sells?

  17. Paula Byler says:

    OK I put up five auctions starting at 100,000. it has not given me 20,000 or acknowledged that i did the goal. Is it because it has not ended yet? Also it said when I put it up that it would be free and I would get all my 100,000 credits but it charged me 100 to put up auction with GIN and it was saying it would take out a bunch of points when it ended…So I only get the 20,000 if all FIVE sells or just 1? I must all all 5 and it ahs to be 100,000 or more?

    • ericklistia says:

      To achieve the goal, you must put up five items that sell for at least 100,000 credits each. After all five items have ended for at least 100,000 credits, you’ll receive the reward for that goal. Hope that helps!

  18. i wish it was detailed more clearly.. i just wasted 250 credits, when i did not know that if it ended with out a bid it did not count ๐Ÿ˜ฆ when reading description all we get out of it is list something that is 100000 or more. if i known that i would of not just wasted my credits listingโ€ฆ

  19. This is discouraging to those of us who list smaller stuff — which is what drives traffic to listia. You keep diluting our credits. When you give away 20,000 credits for five listings of 100,000 or more, what you’re doing is saying to smaller listians that they don’t matter. If that’s so, I might as well head over to feebay. Drive away the small sellers and you will become a stamp and gift card site.

    • Angel2121md says:

      Listia also has smaller goals each day too. Like listing 3 toys for 1000 points and 1 Halloween item for 400 points. Sorry you don’t like the big goal. I list all kind of items and have to admit I’m trying to get this goal myself right now. There is also special offers you can do for free credits too one of my favorite which I did over a year ago was swagbucks. Good luck on your auctions and I’m sorry this goal was disappointing to you but I think of it as a challenge!

  20. gosh i just wish one in my life i could win something…. I love Listia that is why i have been on here so long, but yet never win anything. that is why i stop bidding on raffles all new people or people who have not been on here long are the ones who win the awesome stuff. Please Listia pay more attention to your older members and loyal one who been on here for a long time instead of new-be,s please

  21. What if you’re only able to list 1 item for 100000? Would I still get the 20000 credits? Or do I have to list 5 that sell 100000 to get any of it? Thanks!

  22. stephanie says:

    I know I asked, but I got no answer. Does it count if I am mailing the physical giftcard?

    • I have heard that it will count, but I am not Listia or a team member of Listia, so I cannot say 100% that it will count. best thing to do is email support and ask them. But im pretty sure as long as you include free shipping and a tracking # to show it was shipped, it will count.

  23. lorrimcdaniel18 says:

    When I go to list an auction, how do I know that it is for the bonus 20,000 instead of the current auction bonus of listing 3,4 or 5 for the lower amount of credits?

    • IF your item sells for 100,000 credits by the date given, it will count towards the promotion for the 20,000 credits……All the other promos’s being given are BONUS promos and you will receive those also if you go by the rules and what the instructions say to do.

  24. lorrimcdaniel18 says:

    Besides what Angie Baez & Jules stated, I believe Listia should take more interest in loyal Listians who have been honest and giving.

    Many of my lower credit valued auctions have been selected as Featured Auctions.

    Many of us cannot list auctions that go over 100,000 credits. I’ve been on Listia for over 2 1/2 years and I just had my 4th auction to go over 100,000 credits.

    We all cannot afford the shipping cost of larger auctions. I am only able to pay for the shipping cost for a large auction maybe every 2/3 months.

    I think it should be tougher for newbies to get credits for auctions, because so many just come and go. Many post bogus auctions, win small auctions – claim they didn’t get the item & get the credits back because it is not worth the cost to the seller to put tracking on small auctions.

    Also, Listian needs to keep a better eye on buyers/sellers that go below a certain percentage. Example – win low credit auction, get item, wait 21 days then claim they did not receive.

    Finally, I have paid for premium auctions close to 50 times and pay for the privilege to list longer than 10 days on a regular basis for almost two years. Those credits add up!

    Sorry I’m a bit long winded today but I love some of the items I received from Listia but I’m getting tired of thieves on the site.

    • Sorry, but if it is not worth the cost to the seller to put tracking on the item, no matter how small, that is the sellers fault. EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING I sell goes out with a tracking #. I do all my packages thru paypal and i get free tracking, so it is not an excuse for someone to say they cannot afford tracking.

      Also, with the credit value being so high now, it is easier to get 100,000 credits for an item, easier than it was say, a year ago. and the item does not have to be large. I have seen books of stamps selling for over 100,000 credits, Jewelry items do well, many other items will sell for that too… does not cost much to mail them. Many other lighter weight items also can sell now for over 100,000 credits.

      • lorrimcdaniel18 says:

        You are now on my block party – Everybody should block this person – no activity – only login was once – no auctions – what a fake – LISTIA PLEASE REMOVE!!!

        Keech is another example to add to my concerns!

        Check him out yourself.

      • It cost at least 2.00 to get the free tracking. I’ve been mailing mine for .49 and it’s getting too expensive for me.

  25. Soo not a fan of the 100K club idea. Seems like a way to continue to over-escalate pricing on Listia…..

    • Angel2121md says:

      Yes the prices are going up and this summer they went up rapidly even without the 100k goal. In April Listia sold about 4000 credits for $5 and now I saw it at 20,000 for $5. I wish the credits would stop inflating!

  26. I need someone from Listia to get ahold of me at my phone # or email, its got something to do with the goal for 20000 credits, I did that tonight and they put me down that I completed the wrong goal. They need to correct it.

  27. Hope everyone signshould up lots of fun

  28. I just had to come back and read this thread again… it’s got lots of chuckles… lol

  29. Thanks for this challenge!I really enjoy Listia anyway and this makes it even more fun! I had a question about the newly released challege (s) can we do both and get bonus points for both? Like buying 25K and doing 25K of offers and then getting 20K bonus… or is t one or the other?

  30. lorrimcdaniel18 says:

    Do the five auctions that must end @ 100,000 credits or more Have to be listed during the first week or can they be listed after the first week but end by 10/27/2015?

  31. Charlotte collins says:

    I Love Listia’s, you can give away just about anything, it’s a lot of fun. I get to know most of the people that’s out there and talk to them. I enjoy listing stuff on Listia, building my credits up so I can go to other auctions. And everything unless you this free. This is an awesome site. Debchar8.

  32. I love it you can find any thing you need

  33. Keep

  34. Okay, so on week 3, after we purchase 25K, do we get another 25K or 10K? Wording is very confusing.

  35. I have had 2 listings end over 100k within the time frame mentioned but it says I haven’t had any under that category. What’s going on with that?

  36. I love Listia but the special offers part is annoying because it doesn’t give you your credits half of the time. Also when you click to get apps it takes you to a different app sometimes or just will not pull up at all. Please help it give the credits after doing the offers. Thanks

    • Melissa, I JUST posted a similar comment below! I am more then angry at the number of offers I spent over 30 minutes on only to be left on a page with no where to go until finally I have to go back to listia and discover there were no credits rewarded. If it happened once, maybe twice I would let it go, but this happens constantly! And I feel cheated and scammed, like the sites get all this personal information to abuse and in return I don’t even get credits!

      • I agree I tried the life insurance one for 20,000 credits and did everything I was supposed to. I never got the credits and it said it was supposed to be an instantaneous one. I did finally get the 25k goal but after that I am not planing on dealing much with that part of the site(other than the free 200 credits just to quickly look through offers of course)

      • same i gave up on those and even had my email flooded with those same companies asking me to do more but never received anything and asked them to stop if they werent going to follow thru on what they promised on the listia site and they continued and kept ignoring my requests to stop

      • those things for credits are not listia thou right their other compainies advertising on the site ? thats all i was told anyway when i contacted listia ,that they couldn’t do anything and i had to take care of it myself =(( other than that part i love the site itself ,think it’s a treasure to have , yeah except the escalating credit values

  37. Hi there. I am tying to complete the Earn 25k credits goal. The first few things I did worked and I soon earn 10k. However, there are a few sponsors that say what to do to earn the credits, I do everything that I need to (i.e. fill out my zip code and get a quote or fill out a survey) and yet I have not received the credits I earned. This has happened in the past which led me to leave listia for a while out of frustration. Since I’ve returned listia has been wonderful, but again I’m angry at feeling scammed into giving information without receiving the credits I earned. I feel as though some of the companies are deliberately making the rules difficult confusing or are intentionally omitting certain requirements so as to get my info without having to give me credits. I’ve done enough tonite to have earned over 50k credits and typed my info for hours to a variety of websites that will now spam me, and yet my total is only slightly above 10k. I’m so frustrated and angry.

  38. This is highly unlikely unless you’re listing something really expensive!

  39. I already sold 3 items that went for 100,000 or more and they were not gift cards. Its not as difficult as it used to be. But yes if you want alot of credits giftcards Is the way to go

  40. What’s the deal with the 25,000 goals? I sold two things just today, each for over 25,000, but it says I’ve completed nothing. Who words these things, anyway? Look how confusing it is to everyone… =(

  41. NVM… My friend explained to me, I think. LOL!

  42. I just read that each listing has to have a label of which goal it’s for. I have no idea how to do that. I listed 3 jeweley items yesterday? They are not labeled will they still count for the goal?

  43. I listed 5 items over 100.000 & didn’t receive any credits.

  44. iwannaminicooper says:

    I’m all for accomplishing goals but darn when I do I would like to see that Listia recognized them. I have sold item’s that went for the 25,000 or higher and still nothing from Listia. Would someone please let me know what I need to do. Listia personnel please look at my acct and let me know why. Thank you have a great day

  45. Is the last goal rolling out tomorrow? Does anyone know when we will see the last one for the sweepstakes entry?

  46. Your description is very misleading. You state that a listing must end NOT that it has to end with a buyer! I spent an hour last night listing 5 items, only to find that they had to end before 10-28 3am. So, I update them all to end within that time frame. I still didn’t get the bonus so I deleted them all this morning and re-listed them…another 40 minutes! Now people tell me that the items actually have to sell…that’s NOT what your instructions say. It just says that they have to end therefore I assume that when they all end on the whether or not they end with a winner that I will get my points at that time! You need to be more specific. I followed all of your instructions to the letter as far as I’m concerned. No where did I see that they have to end with a winner!!!!!

    • The first point under the goal says SELL for at least 100,000. So I am not understanding why so many people are having an issue unless it’s with the website one but on the phone app it’s clear to me. But apparently a lot of people are misunderstanding.

      • Dawn Patterson says:

        I am very confused by this whole thing. We had different challenges and one of them was to sell items for at least 25,000 points which I have done and still Listia has yet to recognize that I have done that. Were these all on different weeks what am I missing here. Please Listia we all enjoy selling things on here and have fun bidding on things but make things a little more clear to us. I DON”T UNDERSTAND!!! I feel like I’m in the twilight zone every one keeps talking about 100,000 am I just behind here or what. Please can someone from Listia contact me and let me know where and what I have missed. Thank you for your help with this.ย 

      • I never saw a goal for selling things for 25,000 just 100,000 or more.

      • ericklistia says:

        Hi Dawn, there is a new goal in the giveaway each week for a total of four goals in October. When you complete a goal, you receive a reward but you are also entered into the 5 Million Credit Giveaway. Completing additional goals increases your chances of winning one of the prizes.

        The first goal was list 5 listings that sell for at least 100,000 credits each. The third most recent goal was buy OR earn 25K credits. There will be a new goal tomorrow which will be the last goal in the Giveaway.

        If you have any problems with your reward not appearing, please submit a support ticket here so we can look into it for you –

        Hope this helps!

      • ericklistia says:

        Hi Melissa, you can view all your goals here –

  47. Wish it was like 500,000 total. Instead of 100,000 points each for 5 auctions to qualify. It’s not worth the $30 to be mailing out boxes. I don’t even have money to be buying gift cards or anything extra to just mail out.

  48. Will I still win this last goal if I bid on the lists before this goal started?

  49. If for some reason on the last goal of winning 3 auctions you have to get a refund (for example if you never receive the item) do you still get to keep the the bonus?

  50. I did week one and week 3 but they have not been marked completed. Why is that? I did week 4 and it says completed.

  51. Steve Curtis says:

    Hello, Had to get in my words. I have been with Listia for 5 years on Halloween, every year more and more cool things happen. I am so addicted to my home site. Thank you all so much for all the hard work you all do!! If you need my help in any way, please feel free to call.

  52. Lisa Spellacy says:

    Question. The win 3 listings goal, does that include if you GIN an auction?

  53. you know the 100K price point is not real good for sales… seriously,
    I could sell the same item a lot easier for only 99,999… I’m just sayin…

  54. Thank you Listia for coming up with the 5 Million Credit Offers! I can now officially say I’ve concurred each and every last one of them. Enjoyed punching through them ๐Ÿ™‚ Goodluck to everyone ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. merci

  56. I won four listings(3 required) in the last week,and didn’t get the 1,000 bonus for it.

    • iwannaminicooper says:

      Did you accomplish them with in the week? I know they put these goals up and want us all to do them but once we have reached the goals we don’t reap the benefits. I had the same thing happen to me on one of the challenges still have not gotten a answer that makes any since to me. I’m sorry nooo hoping that listia resolves the problem for you.

  57. Janice Guinan says:

    Hi I noticed one of the goals was to complete auctions that total 25,000 or more credits. I just completed 9 auctions and won collectively about 100,000 credits however I did not receive the credits for completing this goal mirror is the goal checked off as completed. I believe it was week 2/3 option 1 or 2. Either buy 25,000 or auction and win at least 25,000. Why did I not receive my credits?

  58. iwannaminicooper says:

    there was also another one that was 25,000 and I know I did not receive my credits from that one either. I asked Listia about it and really did not get an answer that made since to me. I’m just glad to know that I’m not in this boat by myself. I will keep watching the blog and hope that Listia will figure it all out and we all get the credits we deserve.

    • Angel2121md says:

      The 25,000 one was NOT for auctions! You had to either buy credits or do special offers such as watch videos, do surveys, download apps, or subscribe to stuff.

  59. No complaint so far I love the traditional way we shop and sell here.
    But there’s an improvement that listia has to do about negative or neutral feedback from certain sellers…
    I do have few of them.
    Also I am wondering how listia rate sellers’ accounts.
    My is 98% about 9 months!

  60. Can’t wait to see who won the 5MIL contest…

  61. when will the winners be chosen?

  62. why cant u start the bids at what u want and what if some people dont have a way to list anything? or cant make it to the post office to ship it?

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