Cyber Week 2015

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Update! – December 14th, 2015

Wow! Listia Cyber Week is officially over! And what a contest it was! We had thousands of players but there could only be a few top winners. There were 50 Listia sticker winners and 93 people completed the puzzle so they’ll be sharing the 5 Million Listia Credit prize and be receiving 53,764 credits each! Without further delay, the winners are below!

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card – Angela M
  • 40″ LED TV – Brenda L
  • Apple iPad Mini 2 – Wendy W
  • Listia Swag Pack – 10 Members
  • Listia Sticker – 50 Members
  • 3 Million Listia Credits – Jennifer T

Congratulations to all the winners! The credits will be issued in the next 72 hours and the stickers will go out in the next 2-3 business days. Stay tuned for our next contest!


It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and we all know what that means, Cyber Week!!! A week of shopping for deals and spending hours in front of your computer and Listia is going to give you one more thing to do this week!

This year we’ve crafted a Listia Cyber Week Crossword Puzzle along with daily Listia sponsored auctions and raffles. Get started on the crossword here:

Crossword puzzle details

  • Unlock the crossword puzzle by sharing on Facebook or Twitter
  • Once shared, one clue in the crossword puzzle should be unlocked
  • Special Cyber Week goals will be released every day until Monday, 12/7/15. Each of these goals will unlock a certain number of crossword puzzle clues and may even reward you with credits.
  • Once the clues are unlocked you may enter the answers in the crossword puzzle
  • Each time you successfully answer sets of crossword puzzle clues you will be automatically eligible to win 6 different tiered prizes
    • 5 Answers – 50 random people that answer 5 clues will win the highly coveted Listia sticker
    • 10 Answers – 1 random person that answers 10 clues will win a Listia swag pack consisting of: mug, shirt, beer stein, limited edition 2014 coin, and 5 stickers
    • 16 Answers – 1 random person that answers 16 clues will win a $100 Amazon gift card
    • 22 Answers – 1 random person that answers 22 clues will win a 40″ LED TV
    • 30 Answers – 1 random person that answers 30 clues will win an Apple iPad Mini 2 (White, Wifi, 16GB)
    • 35 Answers
      • 1 random person that answers all 35 clues will win 3,000,000 credits
      • 5,000,000 credits will be distributed evenly amongst everyone that answers all 35 clues (eg if 100 people fully complete the crossword puzzle, each person will get 50,000 credits)
  • There are 35 total clues, but there will be enough goals to unlock ~50 clues (you don’t have to do EVERY Cyber Week goal to complete the puzzle)
  • The last Cyber Week goals will be live on 12/7/15. Once these goals end, the contest is over and you will no longer be able to unlock clues or enter answers.
  • Winners will be chosen a few days after Cyber Week ends and will be contacted via Zendesk ticket or Listia private message

A don’t forget the awesome raffles we have!

Let Cyber Week… BEGIN!!!


  1. Me… Too bad those of us who refuse to participate in the so-called “social” media experiment aren’t welcome to play. Oh well…

    • not sure what you’re talking about , just have fun

      • Derek Tombrello says:

        You have to share the board on facebook or twitter to unlock it. That means that those of us without facebook or twitter accounts can’t play.

    • I too do not participate in the “Stalker and Predator Play house” that we call Social Media. So I do understand what you mean. When you live your life for everyone to see you have FREELY given up your civil liberties. I do understand there are so many things we are not allowed to be a part of because we refuse to give up our Civil Liberties and the safety of our Children, I feel your pain.

      • Well Said Char ! I wish more People would speak out about this..

      • Char, I’m sorry but I feel like it’s a little bigotry when you say you don’t participate, but here you are, subscribed to an App AND their Blog, especially participating in the ” Stalker and Predator play House”.

        Perhaps you mean you participate in very limited Apps/online activity. Research and make informative decisions and whether the risk is worth the product, etc.

      • Um, you do realize this site requires you to TELL PEOPLE WHERE YOU LIVE?!

      • Jamie899,
        Prior to joining you are given their TOS (Terms of Service) or other standard information you are supposed to read and are REQUIRED TO CHECK THE BOX saying you did (meaning you knew you might/ mostly likely ) have to give out your address or personal information.
        You chose to accept that. You didn’t have to join.

      • MamaHonza says:

        Did you know you can limit what you put on there? You can even make posts that only you can see. Yes, it’s still “out there” for hackers and such, but if you’re on the internet at all, it’s already out there.

      • Jenna,
        That was not my point. I was talking to the people complaining about social media.

      • You can participate without sharing on FB or whatever. Plus you DON’T have to share where you live. You can write anything in the box that says location. Even make something up. I know this isn’t a reply to just your post, its to all of this. But to all of you, if someone wants to find out who you are or where you live, they don’t have to got to facebook. As soon as you have done ANYTHING electronically, your information can be found by a hacker. Have a cell phone? They can find you. Have an electric bill in your name? someone can find you. Bank account? Credit card? The only way to 100% never be located is to live OFF THE GRID. It can happen to anyone. Just because you are on FB or Twitter doesn’t mean someone is going to attack your children. Don’t share personal information. But social media is not the reason that there are pedophiles and crazy people. Those people are already out there. Stupid kids who put personal info on the internet makes them easier to be found. But those pedophiles, serial killers, rapists, they are still out there, social media or not. No reason to blame social media for the crazy people out there.

    • We can help! Send us a ticket here:

      • This is suppose to be a fun thing and some people either take things to the extreme, make it very ridiculous or political. If the person that made this comment, ” I too do not participate in the “Stalker and Predator Play house” that we call Social Media.” was so afraid of bringing attention to themselves, Then why are they blogging? Good-Grief!

      • It says you can buy up to 10 puzzle pieces, but I can’t find them anywhere to buy? Help please??

      • any ideal of 6 down? ____ butterfly

      • We need hints for the clue # 6 down

      • Selena AKA LVPaganArt says:

        Sent a help ticket, I can’t get the share to work, but got no help. Not really fair to those who can’t share in order to be able to play.

    • I too am bummed out. Just bid on 15 auctions thinking I could get a clue but NOOOO have to share on Scary Book (FB).

      • what is 13?

      • for those who have facebook but don’t want to share change the setting on the facebook post to only me before sharing it , myself i want to share so my facebook family can participate on this site i love ,there is a way around things above listia offers help if the tip i just gave doesnt suit your needs ,, good luck,,

    • I did the Glade survey from start to finish. Answering a gazzillion questions. No credits received. 😦

      • Same here!

      • Me too…and it even said Thank you at the end then I,m getting things on my email from them, but no credits! Also I know that as of last nite I had bid on 8 different items and the goal is 15 well I bid on the other 7 today and even won one! But no open spot on the puzzle like there’s supposed to be!

      • same here and the same with the lays vs. ruffles, when i contacted they didn’t do anything about and neither did listia. so i missed the clue with the 25K Credits from offers

    • Do you all also understand that THIS is a form of “social media”?!?

  2. I found the cyber week banner , although nothing happened . It still shows that I need to complete the goal/mission. Please someone help my account out. THanks

  3. david Morrison says:

    Where can I find hints for the crossword?

  4. I completed the mobile phone app login and check in. Nothing happened. Please advise

  5. I found it too, I got to the crossword puzzle, but nothing else happened after I shared it. NO HINT.

  6. Nice idea, but those of us who don’t use smart phones (from my experiences, most of us over 50) are out of luck. Likewise with the social media. It makes me not want to bother with the rest. Tell the 20-something who came up with this to research the audience FIRST and provide alternatives to those of us who aren’t stupid enough to put our whole lives out on social media.

  7. I need the 11 letter word online trading

  8. If you do not have Facebook, Twitter, or a smart phone, please send us a ticket and we’ll help you out!

  9. I put in a answer in crossword puzzle but it doesn’t stay, what am I doing wrong?

    • Most likely the answer is not correct which is why it’s not saving. The letters will turn green if you have the right answer.

      • I know I have the right answer, but it’s not turning green. For example iOS will not stay in my puzzle. I’ve tried closing the page and going back in again several times. What am I doing wrong?

      • Colleene Krause says:

        What is IOS?

      • Bonnie, what application are you trying to use? iOS, Android, mobile web, web? Send us a ticket if you can with some info and we’ll try to help:

      • This is not true. I’ve put in the correct answers several times & yet it NEVER turns green & is ALWAYS blank when I come back to the puzzle. There must be something wrong if multiple people are having this same problem. It’s getting harder to keep remembering the answers!

      • I have the correct answer & it has never turned green. I’m playing on my android. Do I have to do it through my laptop for it to work? I very rarely ever use my laptop bc my phone is just so much easier. I think it should work no matter how you’re accessing the puzzle.

  10. The black letters is not the banner lol

  11. My puzzle is not showin up on my screen, The times are there but the puzzle is not. I shared on facebook from my moble now im on my computer and it wont show it??????? somebody please help.

  12. i tried classifieds, but since it stayed black i am guessing it is wrong since ios stayed green and is right?

  13. thousands of listings and we gotta find 1 that has a banner?? smh damn near impossible

  14. Wanda Kendall says:

    I hit the Facebook link, then share but I got a blank page. Nothing happens. What gives?

    • kayceeaskew7 says:

      The banner is always at the bottom with the sponsored ads. It is a crossword puzzle, says listia, and says click here. I have found it everyday just by looking through my watchlist auctions.

      • darlenewaters754 says:

        I have checked the bottom of every auction on my watchlist and do not find any crossword puzzle of any kind or banner of any kind.

  15. What is 11??!! Lol

  16. Click on your credits and the page that says how many credits u used has the ad

  17. good grief, get a phone & get with the times . now we’ve got to accommodate for people who don’t want to “conform”, guess what? it’s not going anywhere. #2015not1915

  18. my first Cyber week on LISTIA!!!!!–fun so far!!!! lol

  19. Leeanna Jean says:

    What does the banner look like?!
    I’ve looked everywhere & have found nothing!
    Someone please help!!

  20. Any one have the answer to 31 across?

  21. PLEASE HELP Do i have to unlock another crossword in order to answer #7 because no matter what i type in its wrong and the only other app for istia is the Apple or Iphone app! I tried app or PPL sine theres a space before and after that is black, I dont understand how to answer # 7 on the crossword.

  22. i cant think of 31 across

  23. If I don’t have three electronics listings, buy 20K of credits or have one listing for sells for 200k credits, then I don’t get anymore clues for the puzzle. I’ve completed three puzzle parts and now realize I have wasted my time. Is there any other way to get clues?

    • The details page says, “There are 35 total clues, but there will be enough goals to unlock ~50 clues (you don’t have to do EVERY Cyber Week goal to complete the puzzle)” Hope that means you still have a shot at it as it implies.

    • There will be a week of new goals posted every day!

      • I love this having so much fun with it I’d be happy to win I’m new here loving this app woohoo thanks so much listia and bravo on the new orange mugs most awesome

    • Yes be patient every day they change and weekly..look under details and it will tell you when they end.When they do end they put up another one

  24. What is number 31? Please help!

  25. I’m typing the answer in the puzzle but it’s not doing anything. How do you submit answers?

  26. What is 31?????

  27. kayceeaskew7 says:

    I don’t think this is completely fair. Some of us don’t have the money to be buying credits. That’s why we came to this site. An some o fthe stuff people offer is digital delivery because it is cheaper no shipping fees. How are we suppose to complete the entire puzzle if we aren’t even capable of unlocking it? We have no chance and that’s not fair.

    • Good grief ..I suppose you think everyone should get a trophy just because they participate.., where does it say you have to complete the entire puzzle to win anything…if you only get 5 answers you still have a chance to win some stickers….the more you answer the more you MIGHT win…it plainly states they pick random winners so even if you complete it you may not be the winner of the 3,000,000 credits. 1 random person that answers all 35 clues will win 3,000,000 credits
      5,000,000 credits will be distributed evenly amongst everyone that answers all 35 clues (eg if 100 people fully complete the crossword puzzle, each person will get 50,000 credits)

      • Yes I don’t mind buying credits being one or even 2 goals but I’m tired of seeing this as the same goal every other day. Please make different goals from just buying. Thanks

  28. Does anyone know #6 down?

  29. I can not figure out 6 or 16 for the life of me…

  30. its a shame the whole crossword isn’t open , some people may not be able to complete the goals , to unlock ,

  31. invited more than 5 friends but clues did not unlock???

  32. How to I get the next clue I got the first one right but the second will not show up how do I get it to show up someone please help me

    • Simple thing but I can’t seem to find the Cyber Week banner… any help?

      Also, I invited 5 friends but didn’t receive anything. My only thought is that they must have to respond somehow but the goal definitely does not state that.

      • Nevermind, I found the banner. =P

      • Yeah I’m wondering that too. Do they have to accept?

      • maybe it’s like the other thing they have to complete their first auction , i have people accept my invites and join up b ut i get nothing for it untill they complete an auction,, doesnt seem quite fair because their members i invited AND I Know a number of members who bid only and never do auctions so joining up ,getting their own account should be enough to complete the goal ESPECIALLY WHEN ITS A GOAL ON SITE THAT IS WEEKLY , How can they open new account and complete an auction all in less than a week., chances are very slim and have be very short auction can new members do short auctions .

  33. 4myonlyson says:

    I sent invites to 5 friends and nothing happens?
    Do I wait for a while til it registers?

  34. kara spilker says:

    do the 5 friends have to become listia members for the goal to be complete

  35. anyone know 21 across?

  36. 21 across is price but wat is 31 across i thought it be reward but didnt work

  37. Anyone know where the Listia banner for December 1st is?

  38. anyone figure out 28 across?

  39. I can’t find the Listia Cyber Week banner. I keep looking without any luck. I figured that would have been the easiest one to get

  40. How do I keep my main cyber crossword puzzle from erasing all my answers that I type in the squares. I go back to my home page and come back to the puzzle and have to retype them all back in. Any thoughts, Thanks.

    • If the answer is incorrect it will not remain in the boxes. You’ll know it’s correct when the letters turn green once you’ve entered the answer.

  41. John Krusinski says:

    I’ve invited like 15 people so far in the last 10 minutes. Why won’t it unlock? It doesn’t say refer 5 friends, it just says invite.

  42. Nolasaints83 says:

    Anyone know 16 down

  43. Please change the wording — I invited friend after friend, but did not get the credits. Now on this page it says “refer”. BAIT AND SWITCH? Or someone is just incredibly incompetent?

    • that one guy says:

      they changed it it says they have “must sign up” for it to count towards the goal …so all of us that did all the invites dont get anything from it now

  44. what is 9 across it is killing me

  45. Don’t forget! Every Cyber Week puzzle answer you share reduces your own chance of winning the tiered prizes! AND you may end up splitting the grand prize w/ more people!

  46. Leeanna Jean says:

    Can someone please help me find the Listia banner. I have looked every where & no luck. Please help!!

    • Protraders says:

      Just keep looking at all the ads on the top and bottom of the page if you dont see it keep refreshing and looking I think its just random it comes up and can take awhile but i dont think its a a specific spot hope that helps good luck.

  47. I can not fin banner either and I have share and can not open the crossword help somebody 🙂

  48. Not to be a party pooper or anything but if everyone keeps sharing answers to the puzzle,then all winnings will be split amongst a few! The answers can be found around the website.

  49. You have to type one letter at a time and make such it stays in place every time. If your answer is correct you will get green letters.

  50. diana scott says:

    I came across ad for puzzle in scrapbooking. press either facebook or twitter to get in.

  51. it’s my second cyber week and i’m loving it 😀

  52. how long did u guys have to look to find the banner?

  53. Are any of the offers legit? I tried the Redbox one — it’s not for Redbox. Another firm collects your information, and then you have to complete another PAID thing to qualify. Bogus, and false advertising. Which one do you recommend as legit?

    • Order the free ring with Holstead Jewelers and pay the $1.95 shipping and then you have the option to cancel when the ring comes in.and not receive any more offers..or if you like the jewelery they send you can by it.You get 34000 + credits.

    • I did the Redbox one too. Same issue. They took my money on the second screen, sent me the code (like I wanted it) and then did not give me the credits. I contacted their support folks and now it is missing from their list. very frustrated!

  54. cassandra jones says:

    I have completed the buy credits goal for cyber week but it doesnt show it complete. Also I cannot fill in the crossword. Everything i type disappears. I am on an LG.

  55. where is the cyber banner?

  56. Technically the clue on #16 is “your face or a drinking vessel” to which THAT answer would be MUG – singular, – not MUGS – plural – which is the answer on the crossword – so way to go Listia – your own crossword is incorrect

  57. 1. In order to find the listia banner I had to pause my ad blocker, allowing 8 things into my comp (from which banners they came i do not know but this is a very bad idea),
    2. Invite friends with facebook does not work – says error
    Thank you for trying Listis, but this is too much of a pain, not fun at all

  58. Nolasaints83 says:

    Anyone know 1m and 5m ???? Badge

  59. #13&@20 any help

  60. Anyone know the #6 ________butterfly?

  61. I Cannot Find Any Puzzle Piece’s For The Life Of Me. Are There Any Tips Or Tricks To Easily Find Some? Please Someone Help! I’ve Searched High And Low But Found Nothing.
    I’d Really Appreciate So Assistance!!! Please!!!

  62. I’ve typed in social 6 times mugs and none turn green 😦

  63. I never got my credits for a TrialPay .. they took the money out of my bank account but no credits 😦

  64. vegatrone says:

    It is funny how i found 5 answers just by reading stuff on blog

  65. Well, Trial Pay is 3 for 3 in not paying my credits. I will not be doing any more of these ever…..

    • That’s because you either did them incorrectly did not finish it or did not wait 24 hours as needed by some of them..if you did it correctly and did not get credits ..hit the support button and they will help you..I have never not got my credits from trial pay

      • I did finally get paid by Trialpay. I had to contact support for all 3 of them but they did pay the credits. All is well that ends well 🙂

  66. I thought 25 down would be “more” but that doesn’t work for me. I have no clue what 25 is

  67. Sherry Keiper says:

    Hi Listia! One of my 5 referred friends joined Listia but they didn’t show up on my page. Her user name is bethann1967. Can you check into it for me please 🙂 I was also told yesterday to send a “ticket”? so I can get help since I don’t have a smart phone. Thank you for your time.

    • Sherry Keiper says:

      Ok now I should have 3 friends that registered and only one shows up. Is it just taking Listia extra time? I figured it would be automatic. I have only so many friends that I could get to do this! 😦 HELP ME LISTIA 😦 I worked very hard and spent a lot of time sending personal invites and I’m not getting them. They say they got confirmation emails and they signed up under my private invite.

  68. Web Savvy says:

    If you’re trying to earn points, DON’T click on Capital Brands: Nutribullet Holiday. Norton blocked it as web attack: fake scan web 16. Does nobody check these things first?

  69. Win or lose, I’m having fun on Listia! Hoping to win the swag. That would be great.

  70. To those of you complaining about social media websites,
    You do realize you’re participating in a site that pretty much requires you to tell people where you live, right? Sure, I may have no idea what you look like, but I will figure it out when I get there. Just sayin….

  71. Hi, I went through your offer link to Groupon and made a purchase. It is supposed to update instantly, but it’s been almost 3 hours and hasn’t worked. How do I get my credits AND make sure that they count toward the goal?

  72. This year is way better than last year’s event but too many people are sharing answers. That’s not helping those of us doing the search for answers or the chance to win without sharing.That being said,I’m still having a blast.

  73. one of today’s goals for this cyber game is to purchase 3k raffle tickets, but my daily limit is 2160… why can’t i buy 3000??

  74. Where Can I Find The Banner?
    I’ve Looked High And Low But Found Nothing.
    Please Listia Help Me!

  75. Hi:)
    Just wondering…. Does it take time to acknowledge referrals? I did refer 5 people but not even one appeared as referred on my goals list…

  76. I am stuck looking for number 28 across. Anyone know it

  77. I signed up for lots of things to get the 25 k credits and only 4,000 plus came thru but surprise I got the insurance quote n I had many things downloaded on my laptop it didn’t show up n I just don’t think that’s fair n I don’t have anymore time to write listia as what is that gonna do I take care of my mom 24/7 n don’t have anymore time to waste am so dissappointed

  78. sheenalefew says:

    Listia Banner Add is not popping up for me today

  79. Kristina Burks says:

    How do I get to the raffles?

  80. LISTIA: Do you get additional clues for every 3 k of raffle tickets purchased? It says mulitple purchases are allowed but shows that the goal has been completed?

  81. Kristina Burks says:

    Where are the raffles please?

  82. Kristina Burks says:

    Hello Pari! Can you tell me how to get to the raffles?

  83. Kristina Burks says:

    Never mind, I found them.

  84. anyone GET THE ANSWER FOR 28 ACCROSS…ME stuck!! Please HELP! 🙂

  85. whats the clue?

  86. do you know 6 down by chance?

  87. Thanks you!!!

  88. How do you get the raffles?? I’ve looked but I guess not hard enough..

  89. ok so i’ve completed the first 3 answers but it wont give me the next ones
    what am i doing wrong?

  90. 17 anyone? Scheduler & time is money.

  91. Nolasaints83 says:

    Steady light ????

  92. I won an auction for over 100,000 yesterday, why can’t that count ?

  93. i cant believe i have only had help to 2 clues and i found the rest of what i have

  94. Nolasaints83 says:

    Anyone know steady light ? 4 letters

  95. I’m just starting this today. Really bummed I missed last weeks, I didn’t see that this was going on! Is there any way for me to unlock clues other ways? Don’t think I’ll have an auction end for 200k in 5 days haha.

  96. I got 4 out of my 5 referrals with absolutely no problem, but when I try to get the 5th referral, my friends tell me they made an account but it doesn’t count my 5th referral. I had 4 different friends tell me they used my signup link and I didn’t get their referrals. This is complete garbage considering that this goal is going to end in about 3 and a half hours. Thanks for the ripped off hints…

  97. I just payed to spotify and I didn’t receive credits or clues help please

    • Was it TrialPay? They didn’t pay me, either, and so far just generic response from Listia. Waiting for someone to actually help me.
      (WTH is a dream of electric sheep? No word fits; must be more than one word.)

  98. Does anyone know what 22 down is? I can’t even sleep, this word is driving me crazy!!!!

  99. So we can’t do old goals right? Once the day is over if we do a goal from yesterday it doesn’t count?

  100. Regarding clue 3 Down – “it’s” = it is. The genitive case of its has no apostrophe: his, hers, its.

  101. Woo Hoo! Puzzle done!

    • good job!!

      • how is that possible? we don’t have all the clues yet… what am I missing?

      • SUSAN MEDINA says:

        I think she meant for the day because your right goals are given everyday to do to get the clues On Dec 5, 2015 12:14 AM, “The Listia Blog” wrote:

        > Diana commented: “how is that possible? we don’t have all the clues yet… > what am I missing?”

      • I just completed every single goal to get done early. When I posted the comment here yesterday is when I completed the puzzle.

    • If you finished, that means that you did the offers. Can you tell me which one actually worked? It is so frustrating to go through 20 pages of offers for supposed points and then they never show. Knowing which actually pays would be helpful.

      • I did the jewelry store and got a great deal and points showed up about 2 hours later after my payment was verified

      • I did the Spotify for .99 cent for 3 months and I did finish yesterday morning. I just completed every single goal to get don early. When I posted the comment here yesterday is when I completed the puzzle.

    • wheres the banner plz help/.

      • Dear People Who Ask About the Banner: It says look high look low….it’s an advertisement you have to look for while browsing the site. Look at the bottom of every page and eventually you will see the listia crossword advertisement.

    • Great job 🙂 and yes you can be done with the puzzle because you will have to get 35 clues and the goals will add up to 50 in all which means you don’t have to do every goal. I missed a few banners, the referrals one, and all but one buying credits one. I only need two more clues so if you don’t meet every goal you still have a chance! (Note: this doesn’t mean 50 goals though since some goals give you more than one clue)

    • Congrats! 🙂

  102. Nolasaints83 says:

    Does anyone know what 12 down is

  103. i need 27 down anybody???

  104. I am using a Samsung galaxy 4 and I go back to crossword and my anwer are gone

  105. What is 11 across? I am stumped!

  106. both 22 down and 22 across has me pulling my hair out, can anyone help me?

  107. Nolasaints83 says:

    Anyone have 12 down?

    • re: 12 down. If you put the clue into a search engine like, it will show a website that will make the clue make sense. It doesn’t have anything to do (as far as I can tell) with Listia, but is pretty cool. Hint: Scott Draves

  108. #30 across is driving me crazy, anyone with a hint??

  109. I know I have entered 10 correct answers and does not turn green. And puzzle clears every time I look at an auction or whatever . Why ?

  110. I keep reaching goals answering clues correctly and it will not turn green or stay. I have more than 12 correct answers and if it’s not going to work why bother ? Listia you need to do something I’m not the only one having this issue.

  111. what’s 27 down help

  112. Ok only 2 more to go to completing and yes I got all the answers without taking them from this blog so not giving any away. Just wondering how many people got it or are close 🙂

  113. Kelli Mealor says:

    The word before the butterfly was easy but it’s 11 across I can’t figure out. Any suggestions

  114. RiahWillow Daniels says:

    Yay!!! Got em all 🙂 thanks for the fun week of games Listia.

    Anyone else complete the puzzle without cheating?
    I got every word myself and it was so fun trying to figure it out

    • Yeah doing pretty good until I got to 23 accross, this one has me stumped! Any clues?

    • Great job! So did it give you fireworks on the screen I was hoping for something like that when I finish lol! 2 more to go and other than my husband looking at the crossword with me since he doesn’t do Listia but likes challenges no other help!

      • RiahWillow says:

        No fire works but the feeling of accomplishment was pretty good 🙂 have you gotten the last few done yet?

      • Yes got the last two this morning but they weren’t much of a challenge since each one I only needed one letter! I guessed them right last night (puzzle wasn’t unlocked). So now just to see how many credits everyone gets but I’m not usually lucky so not counting on winning raffles. And I do agree it feels like an accomplishment which I just want everyone to feel accomplished in the end and not like every answer was just given to them:)

    • I got every answer by myself, finished early yesterday. Had a super fun time!

  115. Hi:)

    is it 31 or 35 puzzles in the crossword? On the blog is written 35 but I`m seeing just 31 LOL was it really 50 clues given? as I`m trying to complete all goals though still missing quite a lot… ;(

  116. 2 across??

  117. #2 pls….1M&5M____badge

  118. Fan me,i will fan u back too 🙂

  119. OMG it’s just a game!! Why have a problem helping others with the answers? What a bunch of whiners! You can’t share a prize? JEEZ

    • Its the ones asking for answers who are whining..count how many are asking compared to the ones who say don’t ask..also only one of the goals is shared between everyone who completes the puzzle .So your chances of getting the other gifts are really lowered when you give the answers away..but it seems to be the norm with this country lately everyone wants everything for nothing..really sad.Nobody wants to work for anything.

    • Because it is suppose to make people think and use their brain. Also doing the crossword is suppose to be part of the fun. And if all the answers are given away less credits and chances to win in the end. Plus I’m not whining but even Listia has said not to give out answers because they want people to be playing a game and having fun.

  120. I am upset because i know i got 19 down and 21 across correct and its not showing up

  121. I wanted to know if anyone has found the list the banner today I have looked everywhere and I have not been able to find it.

  122. can’t find #2 across and #28 across.

  123. lorrimcdaniel18 says:

    For those complaining about sharing – you must be from the “ME” generation. Why are you on Lisita anyways? Sharing with others is one of the main reasons Listia was created.

    • I totally AGREE!!!

    • Here is the reason exp..lets say 30 people are competing for a job..they are told they have to go out and collect certain things and bring them back and then they will be considered for the job….you go out and work hard and collect them all. a few people find a few and then start sharing where to get them soon everyone shares where they got them ,and now everyone has everything. You put all those names in a hat and some one else gets picked for the worked so hard to get….if nobody shared in finding the items maybe only 3-4 peoples names would have been put in the hat and your chances would have been better…and by the way the “Me” generation is what built this great country so you “Giveme” generation would be able to survive.Enjoy your contest I am!!

    • It’s not selfish to not want to share answers this is a competition and even Listia has nicely asked people not to share the answers on this blog. Also just because I’m not a socialist doesn’t mean I’m selfish. Having fun with the puzzle and just want others to have fun being able to think about it. If I would have saw an answer on this blog before getting it then that would have been like someone telling me what happen at the end of a book or movie before I got there!

  124. Was anyone out there able to figure out 23 accross? Is it me?

  125. Please HELP I’m STUCK on 23 😦

  126. Protraders says:

    5 more to go to complete!

  127. I just posted a $50 Target gift card for 400,000 gin if anyone is interested! Happy Holidays!

  128. Auctionmuse says:

    Good luck! It’s been fun! Need to fulfill the 200 k goal! Msg me if you are looking for anything particularly! I will add a bonus for bids or gin 200k or over! It will be worth it!! Check out user auctionmuse at listia. Thanks

  129. I have been away for awhile,so what happened with the old rewards store? I liked getting things for Christmas off there. And Listia can you add emoticons so we can add them to our emails,so people don’t miss understand the way we are saying things. some people sound rude when they are not trying to be. It would help me alot.

  130. 21 down?

  131. I have a bidder who would like me to lower my GIN (and I am amenable to that). There are bids (lower than 20% of current GIN). The update doesn’t show that. Can someone help me, please?

  132. anyone? 21 down?

  133. loving cyber week if you need anything in paticular hit me up have ALOT of DVDs up for sale right now over 200 1500 per ! 🙂 PM ME! Fan me and ill Fan you Back

  134. So, this morning I logged into Lista using the mobile app and found the banner. Got the clue for the banner but I didn’t get the goal for logging in on the mobile app.. Can Listia fix that for me?

  135. Solved all the clues now. I have completed the crossword puzzle. Woo-Hoo!!!

  136. lorrimcdaniel18 says:

    FYI….most of the people asking for help will never reach goal of finishing the puzzle; so do not worry about “sharing” the prize credits. Also, most people are not good at solving crossword puzzles. Another thing – many people who are on Listia do not have items to list under certain categories or the extra money to pay for free shipping.

    I live in the remote area where cell phones do not work. Besides that, I am an unpaid caregiver for my elderly parents. I also take care of my closest elderly neighbors because their children are too busy.

    As for the description of finding stuff to get a job – that is a poor example. Employers are looking for skilled workers not treasure seekers.

    Christmas is the time to give rather than receive. I live in an area where people help out their neighbors especially the poor. It is sad there are so many people who don’t care about others.

    I really enjoy being on Listia because I can get items for my folks and meeting real people who appreciate the auctions I list and acknowledge the bonus items I send to them (when I can).

    Good luck to everyone and I hope even the scrooges out there have a Merry Christmas.

  137. I don’t mind sharing! The shared credits will be very small anyway. It’s the fun of solving and then sharing that’s good but I’ve noticed that many who ask do not share when they get their answers! also the principle of teaching one how to fish – so I think we can help by giving out additional clues – that way everybody accomplishes something. The puzzles are really quite easy but yes, many on listia may not be able to figure them out but the best thing about listia is the sharedness so let’s keep it that way and atleast try to help by giving clues etc.

    • The additional clues don’t bother me but I was just lucky I didn’t find the blog before I got the answers that were given away because I wanted to get them myself other than my husband wanting to get in with the fun since he doesn’t do Listia. For people who like challenges seeing an answer before having time to figure it out is like someone telling the “who done it” before a movie with a mystery killer is over!

  138. I Found you cyber banner you sneaky bugger when your not looking for it. It’s in front of you but when you see it it’s too late you have all ready hit change page or clicked on an auction and when you go back a page it’s gone Lol

  139. Is today the last day? Or will more chances be given out tomorrow?
    Thank you!

  140. simple fix mobile users get a computer or laptop I don’t have a phone or tablet and I don’t have an android computer simple fix called blue stacks works great for all the mobile needs for free credits and more

  141. WOOHOO”
    RAFFLE #3
    Great job, crossword master! You’ve been entered for a chance to win: $100 Amazon Gift Card…To bad my chances are slim to none I just don’t have luck on my side I won my one any only thing I will ever win and that was in the 80’s Lol and I did not try some one put my name in I won a game boy

    • I used to win stuff all the time. Has been awhile, so I figure I’m due for the iPad! :-). In the past, I have won a Kruggerand (sp?), a picnic lunch for 40, 100,00 TicTacs for visiting a website I don’t remember going to, and many others. It’s the luck of the Irish! I finished the puzzle the hard way – no mobile app to get free, easy credits. I had to buy them to get enough clues. And I will never do the offers again. Put my information, credit card, and more out there and they don’t pay up. At least I bought some interesting stuff!

  142. Still won’t give Me the login on Mobil clue again . Both times this option for a clue was given it has done this .

  143. Someone help with 5 across please!

  144. Someone buy my racing plaque for 200,000 credits, relist it and I will buy it back from you or I can’t complete this game. Did everything I could but I am 1 clue short!! Bummer

    • I am almost positive the game doesn’t end until tomorrow so if your item doesn’t sale you should be able to get the one clue tomorrow 🙂

      • Diana…
        Melissa is correct.
        Under the clue it says this in fine print: “Cyber Week: List 1 listing that sells for at least 200k credits From Nov 30, 7:00am GMT-0700 to Dec 8, 1:00am GMT-0700” so that means Monday evening here in the USA. You should be able to get another clue in the morning.

      • Thank goodness… and thanks for the info. I would hate to think all that work/fun was for nothing!!!

  145. camillewva says:

    I missed the banner 3x because I didnt know what I was looking for! couldnt they be a little clearer??

  146. I wonder if the folks at Listia who created this game had as much fun creating it as I have had playing it. This was a lot of fun!

  147. Any chance there is (or could be) a link to the raffles on the front splash page or our own personal pages? I have such a difficult time finding them. This week was the first time I’ve entered, but I’d like to do it on a more regular basis.

  148. Can someone just post something nice about Listia allowing us the opportunity to win these wonderful gifts? All I see is what is this answer and complaining! Thanks Listia for a fun Christmas competition! Listia ROCKS! ❤

    • I also enjoy this even though I am spending credits and real money that I wouldn’t have before for a CHANCE to win something. I like living life on the edge. 😉 It’s fun and does give me something to do. Some of the words are weird though! Thanks Listia.

  149. Listia Staff, if you are still replying to some comments this is for you.

    I submitted a ticket about 2 days ago. Ticket #1140096: Edit gone wrong

    The issue is that I completed the list 3 collectable goal “Goal Completed: Cyber Week: List 3 listings in Collectables” and went to edit GIN and deleted it on accident or something happened I don’t know. Long story short that took away my Cyber Goal so I lost my words! I need to know if this is fixable so I can have my words back! The goal is ended now so I can’t just redo it. The accidental deleted listing number is #27722384

    The reason for this comment to you because I DID send in a ticket and it is not answered and I would prefer this be resolved BEFORE the cyber thing ends. Ever time I click on the “see ticket status” link it says there is no such ticket. Please solve this. Thanks

  150. ive been stuck on 17 across since yesterday! anyone have a clue what it is??

  151. What is 13?

  152. Is there a place for site suggestions? I’d like to be able to have the option to extend bidding until there are no more bids. IOW, the auction doesn’t close until 30 seconds after the last bid has been placed. I am sick to death of people who haven’t bid at all swooping in at the last second (literally) to win an item that others have been bidding on for a week. It discourages me, and I’m sure others, from bidding. Whoever has the fastest computer [NOT ME] wins. It would be better for the seller to be able to get all bids in, not just those RUDE people who use programs to bid at the last second.

    • Increase your proxy bid and you will do better..don’t sit there and keep bidding one bid at a time that’s how you lose..if you have an item that you want bad enough make you maximum bid as big as you can then listia will bid for you in intervals.And be the first to bid. in-case of a tie.. you will win. exp.if you are the first to bid and you bid 100,000 credits and no one matches that you win and you get the unused credits back ..if someone does match that you win because you bid first…but as in all auctions even live real life auctions someone can sit there and wait everyone out and then bid at the last moment.There is nothing unethical about that.

  153. I put in all my answers yet they disappear on me. How do I stop that from happening?

  154. anyone know what 25 ____ credits via offers please help

  155. 25 down anyone?

  156. This is not nearly as much Fun as I was expecting. Its harder to finish goals then I thought since some of them are only available for one day such as bid on 15 items, that is great if you have the credits to bid on 15 items, and great for those who can afford to buy credits to unlock more of the puzzle, and great for people who can participate in enough surveys and special offers…what about those of us who can’t pay money, and don’t qualify for enough surveys to earn 25,000 credits just to unlock a clue for this puzzle? This is starting to feel like the gold mining thing from a bit back that sounded fun until it actually launched.

  157. It doesn’t take a lot of credits to bid on 15 things. Look up things like Coke reward points. They aren’t so expensive to bid on. You don’t have to win the bid just bid on 15 different things meaning bid on anything!

  158. You can also sort by lowest price and bid on things that are still “0” points. Just bid a point. It took me a few days of not qualifying for surveys to finally get the goal. I am on medical leave right now otherwise I probably would not have been able to spend that much time on this. I earned money in my PayPal from another similar site to this. I used that money to buy credits which I will use later for gifts or things I think I need/want.

  159. only 7 more left to get i hope that i can finish this if not it will drive me insane!!! good luck to everyone! thanks listia for adding this crossword ive had so much fun playing it and figuring out all the words!

  160. LISTIA HELP, I bought the Spotify 3 month for .99 trial, which was supposed to give me 25k in order to complete the corresponding goal of completing credit offers but I haven’t received the clues or credits and I need them since I’m SO close to finishing the puzzle. Thanks!

    • i had this same problem they will tell you to contact the provider like if it was trialpay that offered it or the company itself like vistaprint to contact them to get it fixed. took me 24 hours to get it fixed and i have to redo the offer and repay for it for it to work! hope that helps

  161. Listia I am letting you know of a flaw in your system..the goal of listing 5 items has glitch in it..if you list 4 items and go back and edit one of them as i did it will re credit you with a 5th auction and give you your goal reward of 1000 credits I still listed my 5th auction anyway because that’s the rules. I don’t know if it would have caught it later or not..But i wanted you to be aware.

    • darlenewaters754 says:

      I noticed that also. But it is a good thing that you went ahead and listed all the items. Because yes it does catch up and take it back away, and anything that opened up because of it. But I did get mine finished before the days end.

  162. Two more to finish the puzzle.

  163. this is nuts i need 7 to finish the crossword today and only have a chance to gt 5 clues well this girl isnt finishing it and one of my clues is to buy 3k worth of raffles and there isnt even enough raffles to buy 3k tickets grrrrrr!!! im done trying!!!

    • listia can you please add a few more offers to get more clues!! i need 6 now and only have the option to get 4 more! is there a way to buy clues??

    • Same here, I’m only allowed to buy 310 per raffle and there are only like 5 raffles posted! LISTIA POST MORE RAFFLES!!!

    • Jenniffer says:

      I’m in the same boat. What can we do to get the rest of our raffle tickets?? I wish I had noticed this before I wasted my credits. 😦

  164. 30 acroos and 17 across I have been racking my brains all day

  165. Darn it..I only need one more to complete the puzzle and no more offers!! I Am hoping they release just one more Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeee

  166. LoriAnn70 says:

    Where do you buy the raffle tickets?

  167. Can you please list more raffles there are only 5 and only 2 im interested in.

  168. I need help with 6 Down

  169. hahakenny says:

    Whew got the entire crossword done. Do I still need to complete the new cyberweek goals?

  170. that one guy says:

    anyone know 15 across ” a listia _ D M _ _ helps with all your problems”?

  171. I don’t know if it will help anyone, but I made sure to put all my answers in capital letters, I didn’t read all the comments so I don’t if anyone already said this. I know that some were having problems with the puzzle saving the answers. Thought this could possibly be why. I have one answer I’m pretty sure is right, but it isn’t staying in there either. All the rest stayed though 😦

    • By the way, it is NOT fair that people are giving out the answers. Some of us work hard looking for some of the answers. If you read the blog and look around on the website, the answers are there. It’s part of what makes this a game. If we all had the answers, then where is the competition? I’m sorry if this upsets anyone. but I’m actually trying to be eligible for the prizes fair and square

  172. How or where do you buy 3k worth of raffle tickets, I don’t know where to find it at. Any help please.

  173. I need help with 12 down anyone ?

  174. how can i get a puzzle unlocked if there isnt enough raffles to buy 3k worth of tickets and its only for a day, that makes no sense, and it says you can buy any amount but im not able to. this is my first ever crossword with listia, its alot of fun but im, not able to unlock alot of these things but doing my best that i can with the little i have, it would be nice if listia made it easier to unlock some of these, its near to impossible for some people.

    • i had this same problem today there was only 5 raffles so i have to share each one of the raffles to facebook and get 590 tickets on each one to get it to unlock hope this helps

  175. I finished the crossword and then listia deleted a bunch of my listings and now my crossword has missing words… they weren’t even garbage listings, they were legit. For the video games ones I listed some Playstation 2 games, for the collectables one I listed Wheat Pennies, and for the health and beauty ones I listed some shampoos and body washes. Thanks a lot Listia

  176. Answer or hint to 23 across please, I am so stumped. 4 letter word ending in A, some type of test or something. Anybody please?

    • Nevermind everyone I figured it out. I did an internet search for Test versions, and I found the answer, haha. Thank you!

  177. How can one buy 3k raffle tickets when there is only FIVE raffles running???

  178. You can purchase up to 750 tickets per raffle. if there are 5 raffles currently running, you can purchase up to 3,750 tickets

    • The number of tickets you can buy depends on your experience level. The higher you are, the more you can buy, so not everyone can reach the goal with the available raffles.

  179. 22 down please

  180. I can purchase 1890 tickets per raffle I guess it is different for each user. Not sure how the raffle part works because I haven’t done it much and actually I think this is about the first time I’ve done them.

  181. One of the Goals for today.
    “Win any auction as the high bidder or with GIN for 50k credits or more”
    is difficult when people don’t mark items received and all my credits are “pending” Why do people wait so long to hit that little “Got it” button?

    • You will still complete the goal if you win a 50,000 credit listing. I won a 50,000 credit listing and completed the goal. Or are you saying you can’t complete the goal because all of your credits are pending? If so, and your winner has received there item just report it to Listia so they can release your credits. (:

      • Really? I did not know that Listia could release the credits without the winner saying that they got it. I put tracking on all my items but many, many, many times I check the tracking and it has been delivered but my credits are still pending.. 😦

      • Actually if the buyer doesn’t click received or dispute them Listia transfers the credits automatically to the seller 20 days after auction ends. Also as you get more feedback Listia gets to trust the seller more and will give you a certain amount up front from your sells before buyers click received. For example after I had so much feedback Listia would give me up to 100,000 credits before the items were received but say an item went for 125,000 I would have to wait until the buyer hit received or 20 days after auction end. Hope this helps:)

      • As long as you have a tracking number proving that the item was delivered I think they will. They will see that it was delivered.

    • Key word is WIN an auction all you have to do is were does it say you have to receive your credits .

      • I understand the “Got It” button for winners. We need a “Tracking says Delivered” button for sellers …

        You are right James. But if the credits I have are all pending I cannot bid. I currently have several auctions that have been received (according to the tracking) yet my credits have not been transferred.

    • Because they are just rude, IMO, I now block buyers that don’t leave feedback in a timely manner. If you can take the time to find that item to list, take pictures and ship it with tracking then I think it’s simple courtesy to hit the dang GOT IT button !!!!!

      • Or, they are people like me who do a lot of buying on Listia and don’t always remember. A quick note is a lot better response that blocking. You lose the buyer. I go back to people I’ve bought from before, and I’m sure most buyers do.

  182. robinriot says: 17 across is PERK

  183. puzzle done! Lots of fun this year!! Good luck to all!!

  184. Jessie paola says:

    I did the “in an auction with a high bid” and didn’t receive anything although I won!

  185. Fibon01123 says:

    This is so much fun. Awesome Cyberweek Listia. Thanks Good luck everyone.

  186. Dear Amazing Listia Team,

    I greatly enjoyed the fun and creativity that went into this years Cyber Week challenge. I had a great time exploring and hunting for banners. I loved being able to brighten the holidays for my online family. This site is amazing an a blessing to me, my children, and my students. I love being able to find work clothes for me, toys and gifts for my family, and books that my student love. I am very thankful for all you do and I wanted you to know.

  187. So wondering when the 5 million credits will be split? Will it be done tomorrow or do we have to wait a few days to see the portion the people who complete the puzzle get? Not expecting much but hey any credits are helpful:)

  188. Jenniffer says:

    Anyone want to buy my listing for 200,000 credits? I will return the favor. 🙂 Hos about 50,000 credits. Awesome license plates! Check them out!

  189. Thank you LISTIA.
    I cannot express how happy I am that I come across this site. I know everyone has their problems, and I feel for them! For 20 yrs, (5 yrs short of half my life). I worked hard to raise my daughter and a boy I was given legal guardianship. I volunteered for all overtime, which meant 60-84 hrs. My body held up long enough to raise them to adults. So proud of the both of them. They both grew up and take care of their selves now. But in May, 2 months after I happened upon Listia, my job cold heartedly let me go. Oh how I cried. I went from working and making a great living but having no life, to having no money and no life. Grateful and blessed with great kids and a wonderful boyfriend in my life. Then in June last year, our landlord decided he wanted his house back! After we had paid rent. Mind you, at this point we are surviving on 1,180 a month. $680 went to rent. now we have to find a new home. My boyfriend and I found a more affordable tiny apartment. Still on 1,180 a month -$540 rent and storage, and the kids each found their own place to live. Not the way I wanted to get my “empty nest”. But sorry, long story short, without LISTIA I would have no Christmas to give my kids. Altho they don’t mind, I do. But I just really wanted to let you all know how grateful I am for this site. I’ve even treated myself a couple times.
    Gratefully yours,
    Sherry K

    • I’m so glad to hear others who are thankful for Listia like I am. I get a large percentage of my holiday gifts on Listia, plus have made some amazing friends. I am thankful for this community in more ways that anyone can imagine!

  190. How do you buy raffle tickets & where are the raffles? I’m so confused by this!!!!


    • I did all 50 clues, purchased every credits pack in the goals and even a $40,00 I finished the puzzle days before all of the clues were unlocked. I am truly hoping to win something…lol It was totally fun doing the puzzle! I think Listia hasn’t sent all of the items out yet. It says at the top of the page here…….(eg if 100 people fully complete the crossword puzzle, each person will get 50,000 credits)

    • You can click the puzzle link above on this page to take you to your puzzle.

      I have the following message on my puzzle page………….

      MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA – Listia Cyber Week 2015 has ended!!! We hope you had fun! We will be choosing winners in a few days so please stay tuned and check your Listia messages.

      You correctly answered 35 clues and unlocked 50 during Listia Cyber Week.

      Just for kicks, we’ve unlocked all the clues for you below! The correct answers will turn green, but answers will no longer be saved nor will they count towards your chances at winning prizes. If you refresh the page, the new answers will also be erased.

      Thank you for playing and happy Cyber Week!

    • What do you mean the winners were picked in November? And extended to January? If so, that is FRAUD. Those aren’t the stated terms, and there is money involved, so it becomes a legal matter. Please let me know where you see that. I am quite concerned as I spent quite a bit of money to complete the tasks.

      • No the winners you see that were picked in November was from a different contest. Listia should be picking winners in the next week. But I still want to know how many people completed the puzzle and how many of the 5 million I’ll get:)

  192. i got all BUT Listia member = 5 across

  193. help ASAP Pleaseeeeeee 5 across

  194. WOOHOO! I won the 3,000,000 credits! Thank you, Listia, thank you!

    (Not really, I’m just practicing.)

  195. Dang, Rosemary, you scared me! I think you’re looking at a DIFFERENT contest; the 5 million goals one (yeah, entered that and got nothing). They aren’t supposed to pick this contest’s winners yet.

  196. When will we be notified of who the winners are? And if we didn’t win one of the big prizes and completed the entire puzzle when will we receive our portion of the left over credits?

  197. This week was so boring without the Crossword Contest. I really miss the fun!!

  198. It was a fun week posting on Listia and searching for the banner and all the exciting things we got to do! I just want to know what is going on with the credits being dispersed? I know I had all 35 correct and have heard nothing what gives Listia?

  199. When will the prizes be given out? I spent $66.00 to get the clues. That was buying the credit packs and doing the offer. Completed all 50 goals as well. Hoping to win something?

  200. I also wonder what is going on 🙂 please LET US KNOW SOMETHING LISTIA 🙂 🙂 🙂

  201. Hey Listia-
    The rules said there will be 10 people who win swag packs, you only have one winner (“anonymus”) listed. Are all the 10 winners anonymus or did you only choose one winner? What gives?

  202. It was fun, but I don’t think I’ll do it again.

  203. YAY ME for being the HUGE WINNER !!!! This was the most exhilarating WIN of My life! and, actually, the BEST thing I’ve EVER won in My life !!! 3,000,000 CREDITS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was Worth $500 at the time 🙂 It was Awesome! And I LOVE listia! 🙂
    This is something i will NEVER FORGET !!!
    Thanks SO much LISTIA !!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Check me Out on LISTIA if you like 😉

  204. Stoney Patton says:

    This is awesome

  205. What is the answer to 10 across list the bes

  206. todaynewswallusa todaynewswallusa

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