Top 10 Easy Tips to Earn More Credits Faster

There are many ways to earn credits on Listia, but here are some of the best, fastest, and easiest ways that we’ve seen:

10) Get your account Verified.  Listia offers several different types of verification, and the more you have the more comfortable buyers will be bidding on your auctions.

9) Refer your friend to Listia, your friend’s Mom, her brothers and sisters, their milkman, and the pet sitter.  Don’t forget the garbage man…they like it when we “recycle.”  And all those people will thank you later.

8) When you just got to have that item that’s ending soon or you’re just a little short in credits, you can always buy some credits.  Sometimes spending money can end up saving you money because the overall amount paid will be less than what that item would cost elsewhere.

7) Complete special offers or save money with daily deals while earning credits.

6) Keep logging in to the site daily for some nice, random credit surprises.

5) Connect your account with Facebook and Twitter.  It helps others see what cool things you’re giving away.

4) Share Listia auctions on Facebook for a small credit bonus, this can be done a couple of times each and every day.

3) Fill out trusted surveys to earn credits.

2) Help spread the word about Listia in your blog, web site, and forums.

1) The fastest, best way to earn a chunk of credits at once is of course to list more sought-after items and be very active on the site!

You’ve earned all these credits and have nothing to spend it on?  Check out the Rewards Store for some great deals on some popular items.  Inside tip: there are going to be some extra awesome things put into the Rewards Store over the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday weekend.  So when you aren’t eating turkey check back hourly during the Holiday weekend for some fantastic deals!

What’s your favorite way to earn more credits?

Find the Best Stuff on Listia, FASTER!

Hi everyone,

Today’s Listia Tip is about how to find the best stuff on Listia, faster!

You probably already know how to do a search on the site, but did you know that you can also use the Categories to “filter” the search results so that you find what you’re looking for, faster?  Let’s say you’re looking for clothes for your baby, so you did a search using the words “baby clothes” and the site found 235 auctions containing those two words.  But you’re specifically looking for clothes only and not things like luggage that can hold baby clothes or dolls/toys with clothes on them.  You can click on the Baby category (see screen shot below, left side) and the search results number goes down because it’s now showing you only the auctions that are listed in that specific category.  If you want, you can refine it further by clicking on the subcategory called Clothes, and now you’ll only see the auctions that were listed in that specific subcategory.  This is called “filtering” down your search results, and it’ll help you find, bid, and win the stuff that you’re most interested in, faster.

And do you want the item right now, without waiting for the auction to end?  You can just see the auctions with a GIN (Get It Now) option, by putting a check mark in that box (also on the left side of the screen).  Same thing with Free Shipping…only see the auctions where the seller will ship it for free!

There are lots of other things you can do with the Search feature to make it easy to find the best stuff for free, including having your search results emailed to you regularly.  That way, you don’t have to keep searching manually.  Sorting the auctions so that you can see which ends first is also possible.  And setting the “Results per page” setting to something higher than the default is also a nice way to see things just the way you want.  See the red boxes in the screen shot below for details.

How do you use the Search feature?  Have any other search tips to share?