User Submitted Banner Ads – Thanks Craig!

Finally got around to posting a snazzy new banner submitted by one of our users.  Thanks Craig!  We’ll be continuously adding more of these as we get around to publishing them.  We’ll have them all listed here:

Keep them coming!

New Post Auction Changes

Today we pushed some changes to the way credit transactions work after an auction has completed.  A lot of the old methodology is the same in terms of pending credits and users with the Seller Wings badge, but there are some changes that we hope are improvements regarding credit reversals.  You can read the full details here: (pending credits) and (credit refunds)

In short …

– Buyers and sellers can request credit refunds 5 days after an auction has closed
– When a dispute is opened against you, you have 5 days to respond before the opposing party receives an automatic reversal
– Auctions are completely closed 20 days after an auction has closed (no credit reversal request may be filed after this time)

Let us know if you see any problems!  Thanks!

Banner Ads

We’ve had numerous requests for banner ads to help promote Listia on your favorite web sites, blogs & forums so here you go!  There are two sizes right now, 468×60 and 120×240.  We’ll be making a few more in the near future and might even take some user submissions =)  Feel free to email us if you’ve made something cool.

To find all of these visit (be sure to be logged in):

Listia Is Hiring!

Over the past few months we’ve seen good growth on Listia and now we could use some help! We’ve posted a couple job openings here:

Currently we are looking for a Software Engineer (Ruby Rails/MySQL) and we are also starting to build up a team of Site Moderators. To apply please visit the link above for details. If you know anyone that might fit the bill let them know about our openings! We look forward to hearing from you.