Gotta Collect ’Em All Contest!

This is an Easter Egg Hunt where the Eggs are Seller Cards!

Run time Thursday April 6th through Thursday April 20th!

Collect as many Seller Cards as you can!

After 11:59pm PT April 20th Listia will see which Users have collected the most Seller Cards from other Users and prizes will be given out!

*Multiples of the same Seller Card will only count as one, each Seller card collected must be unique.
*Seller Cards collected to-date will count!
(If you already have 20 unique Seller cards in your Digital Collectibles Wallet you will start this contest off with a score of 20!)


First Place: $50 Amazon Gift Card

Second Place: $25 Amazon Gift Card

Third Place: $10 Amazon Gift Card

4th-50th Place: Entered into a drawing where 10 Winners will be selected for 2500 PTS each. Drawing will be done and placed on Facebook if anyone wants to watch. PTS will be automatically added into User’s accounts shortly after.

Link to Facebook

See Previous Blog Post for more information on how to Create Seller Cards and what they are.

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