Listia Stories: Parenting, Friends, Holidays

Each week we bring you stories from Listia members about all of your experiences and the friendships you’ve made. Members whose stories are published here on the blog receive a unique Listia All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account. Email your entries to

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Visit TreasuresinTexas on Listia

Check out TreasuresinTexas on Listia

I came across Listia in May, 2014 and was super excited to find such a FUN place to trade with people. I quickly started listing things and discovered how this forum works. I have a husband that is disabled and because of his disability, I am unable to work a regular job outside the home. We spend 4-10 weeks a year at the hospital and can have 4-10 doctors visits each month. Besides the physical strain, we have a very large financial strain on our household and going out at buying anything that is not an absolute necessity was just out of the question. That is why Listia has been a blast for me.. I have been able to win a Kreuig Coffee Maker for my Daughters College Dorm Room, several pieces of Pampered Chef (Expensive Kitcheware) for me and some Amazon gift cards to buy gift for people, so it sounds a little cliche but Listia is helping our family fill the void by letting us find homes for things we already have but do not use and earn points for things we really need or things that we are just not able to afford on our reduced budget. Then, I just can’t tell you enough about the super people. I have shipped about 300 items and everyone has been very nice. I have already made some friends on Listia from all over the United States. I hope to be able to do this for years to come.  **Visit treasuresintexas’ on Listia.


Visit crazyenough1 on Listia

Visit crazyenough1 on Listia

Listia is a single parent’s best friend. Life is hard when raising kids as a single parent and I struggled every time holidays came around until I found listia. last year i only spent $42 total paying for items. I won the rest of my christmas on listia and all it cost me was a few hours of my time and about 20 dollars worth of stamps to send my auctions out. I love to bid and see if I can win. not to mention I’ve made a ton of new friends. l now look forward to holidays with all the really nice things I’m able to get my four kids and not put myself in a bind doing it. I auction off things that they outgrow or things I have had laying in drawers never using and. In return I get to enjoy my holidays now instead of worrying how I can get them things they want. I also got all their school clothes on listia this year. Listia is an Awesome place. I ove you listia and thanks to you this single parents life is so much less stressful.And my kids love the things im able to get them on your site. **Visit crazyenough1 on Listia.



Visit jabulonestar on Listia

I would like to thank Listia for giving me a way to have fun, give back to great causes, pass on things I no longer need and acquire things I really do need. At first I was skeptical that I would  like Listia but then once I started being active by earning points, listing auctions and bidding I found that it is easy and that I loved it. I have met some wonderful people through this site who share their love of animals and the environment, who like to support each other and who like to have fun. I have started commenting and watching auctions to show support and many times start a conversation and a friendship with fellow listians. **Visit Jabulonestar on Listia.



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New Feature Announcement

Notifications Are Here

Over the next few weeks, Listia is rolling out a new feature for all members, and we’re really excited about it! The new Notifications icon keeps you informed about various activity around Listia while you are logged in. Now you can get everything done at once just by logging in to Listia.

The Notifications icon is simple; the symbol will be visible in the top-right corner of your screen.

Notifications closed

When there’s a new notification,  a red icon with the number of unread notifications will appear. Click it once, and it drops-down to show you a summary of activity. Once you see it, you can click on a specific Notification to get more information.

Notifications open

This feature is rolling out to all Listia Members slowly over the next couple weeks. Some of you will notice it today, others may not notice it for a few more days. We look forward to hearing back from you and are so excited for you to see it!

Make New Friends

MakeNewFriends Welcome New Listia Members!
The Listia community is diverse; our members are located all over the world. With our 5th birthday only 2 weeks in the distance we recognize that many of you are newer to Listia and just getting started, or might just be curious about how it works. Welcome! We’re glad to have you with us. Whether you signed up via your computer or your mobile phone, we thought these tips might be helpful to our newer friends:

Become a Listia Member
If you invite a friend, or are still just curious, it’s easy to become a member of the community. Becoming a member of Listia is simple and only requires your email address. Once you click “Submit” you will receive an email with a link to confirm your account. Click that link and you’re ready to get started! Oh, and you’ve already earned 1000 Credits! Please note: Listia is 18+ only.

Address Verification
Because Listia involves members shipping items to one another, we provide Listia Assurance. To qualify, you must have a verified address. Once you log in to your account, get your shipping address(es) verified. If you move to a new home, city, or state (or have more than one location to which you want your items shipped), you can add multiple addresses later. Do this now, because this process can take up to 24 hours. Click here to get Listia verified.

Get More Credits
Now the fun begins! You have a few choices, and you don’t have to pick just one – you can do them all! If you have some items you’re not using, whether new or used, gather them together. Take pictures, and list the items. You can also take a variety of surveys, perform a number of different tasks around the site, participate in our facebook contests, watch videos or purchase credits (check frequently for credit specials).

Search, Discover, Trade, Make Friends
Browse the Listia marketplace by performing searches. Don’t know what you’re looking for? That’s ok, just choose from your favorite categories and go from there.

Love Star Trek? Search Now
Need crochet yarn? Search Now
Are you a vinyl collector? Search Now
Need to shoot some video? Search Now
Never pay for another book again: Search Now

Tip! Save your searches:  to receive notifications which will inform you when items that match your searches are listed. To do this, look for “Save Search” above your search results. Once you click it, you will be prompted to save the search and can choose how you receive your notifications.

We think you’ll find it enjoyable to know more about where your items are going, and who is receiving them. In addition, our members enjoy convening on our facebook page and are known to help each other with questions.

Have Fun – We’re Here
If you have any questions our Support Team is ready to help you. The most important part? Enjoy Yourself! 

This Is Our Brain On New Music Tuesday


New Music Tuesday is the day when new music is released around the world, but for Listia members every day is a day to list, buy and trade music without spending any money at all. A few months ago, we celebrated Record Store Day for the first time, encouraging Listia members to both list, buy and trade vinyl records without spending any money.The results yielded an increase in high quality music on vinyl, but more importantly we watched as music fans who are also members of Listia swarmed together online from the comfort of their own homes as if meeting at a  favorite festival, making new friendships over music. Listia members have vinyl records, cassette tapes, 8-track tapes, 45s, 78s, mp3s, CDs and many play instruments. Welcome to the music collector’s & musician paradise. With Listia, the value of the music or instruments you list, buy or trade is determined by credits instead of money. What may not sound as exciting to you on the stereo could be someone else’s favorite song, and probably is!

Check out  Music & Instruments on Listia and see all of the music & instruments available for free on Listia – here are some highlights we thought you might enjoy:


Donovan – Hear Me Now
Click to Get it!

David Bowie At The Tower Philadelphia – Double Live Album
Click to Get It!

The Kinks – Lola
Click to Get It!

Cabbage Patch Kids on Vinyl
Click to Get it!


Florence & The Machine – Lungs
Click to Get it!

Miles Davis – Kind of Blue
Click to Get It!

Pearl Jam – Last Kiss (single)
Click to Get It!

Nirvana – Nevermind | Nivana – In Utero (2 item auction)
Click to Get it! 

Music Merchandise & Cassettes

Henry Rollins – Get In The Van (Audiobook on cassette)
Click to Get It!

Metallica – So What (Metallica Club Magazines)
Click to Get It!

AC/DC Throw, fleece blanket (new!)
Click to Get It!

Michael Jackson Greatest Hits Video, Never Viewed, on VHS
Click to Get It!

Instruments & Accessories

Dozens of Guitar Picks!
Click to Get It! 

Dozens of KISS items!
Click to Get It!

8 Note Xylophone
Click to Get It!

Jasmine S35 Acoustic Guitar, New!
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Listia Stories: Friends & All-Stars

We asked you for your stories, and what a response! So many of you have made lasting friendships and new friends, but the common thread remains the same: Listia is enriching the lives of so many of our members. We are grateful you’re here –  many thanks to everyone who shared with us. Keep sharing! Write to and tell us why you love Listia, or about your friends on Listia – or both! If your email is published on the blog you’ll win an exclusive All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account.

Listia All-Stars August 2014

All-Star: LynneDunlap

All-Star: LynneDunlap

When I signed up for Listia I had no idea what I’d find.  I signed up so I would have something to do since I’m disabled and don’t get out much.  What I found were a lot of really nice people who understood being disabled and it helped me come alive again and to feel like I actually have a purpose.  I haven’t been able to work for years, so having items on Listia made me feel like I had a job and I could give good customer service.  I love bidding on items as well, it’s been fun getting mail with good stuff in it instead of just bills!  I want to thank the team at Listia for being nice as well because they definitely make the experience better.  Thanks to all Listians for helping me feel better! Click to visit LynneDunlap on Listia 




All-Star: Jitterbugjim

I have made many friends on listia. I suggest the site to everyone I talk to, in person or online. I basically live on Listia. the one person that stands out though is George A. he messaged me after reading a comment that I had made on a listing. he noticed that we both lived in maine. after a quick few emails back and forth, not only did we live in the same state, but realized we were only 25 minutes away from each other. we very quickly became facebook friends. Unfortunately I have been out of work for a lil while, due to the economy in the rural area I live. i was desparate for any work. I am a carpenter by trade. my son was graduating from high school and I felt bad that I couldn’t even afford to pay for his cap and gown. I happened to mention this on facebook, when George commented that he might be able to help. he needed some repairs done around his home, which I was glad to do. this gave me enough to buy my sons cap and gown, but also it has led to more work and leads. This all has happened in a months time and couldn’t have been possible without Listia. Click to visit Jitterbugjim on Listia


All-Star: Cirad

All-Star: Cirad

When I happened to come across Lista on January 25, 2014, I was not doing too well health wise. Being disabled, there’s not much I can do physically, so I’m usually stuck inside. I love to browse other auction sites, “window shopping”, picking out things I wish I could afford to buy, which usually only adds to my feeling down on myself. On the day I found Listia, it became a very happy day in my life which has quite literally brightened up my life and has made me feel better overall! As usual, I was leery and hesitant toward Listia because life has taught me that nothing in life is free, but as I became more familiar with how Listia works, the more I came to realize, that old saying no longer applies. What a great feeling I felt as I slowly but surely built up my credits, seeing that indeed I could win things for free! Then I became a seller! To simply pick an item from around the house that has been stored away in a box or something I haven’t used in years and list it on Lista, then watch people bid for it, gave me a great feeling about myself and made me feel good that through my auctions I was helping others feel good by winning my items I no longer wanted or needed! I quickly forgot about the other auction sites that expected me to buy things. I am now spending all my time on Listia, and get so excited when my auctions end and when I win auctions myself! My new motto is, “Whoever said, nothing in life is free, evidently hasn’t found Listia!” I want to thank each and every one of the team members of Listia, you all have created a community where people can meet and share things with each other in a fun and rewarding way! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I Love Listia! Click to visit Cirad on Listia


The Greatest Gift

ListiaCharitiesSome say charity is the greatest gift, and here at Listia we agree. With our monthly Charity program, all members are encouraged to donate funds to charity without spending any money whatsoever.

Members are able to donate a few of their Listia Credits to any one of our monthly charities. While members donate their Credits, Listia matches those credits with real money which is then donated once the month is complete. Over the years Listia has raised more than $40,000 USD for a wide variety of charities around the world.

August Charities

Music In Schools Today (MUST)
is a non-profit organization that supports and develops music education programs that increase student achievement. Click Here to learn more or donate today.

Angela’s House: In 1992, the non for profit Angela’s House, was created to offer families and professionals an agency to call to help medically frail children and their families. Click Here to learn more or donate today.

MUST and Angela’s House join an impressive list of charities supported by Listia Members:

Ronald McDonald House

Toys For Tots

American Cancer Society

The Nature Conservancy

American Red Cross

Boys & Girls Club of America

American Humane Association

Shelter Network

Autism Speaks

Habitat for Humanity

Red Cross: Hurricane Sandy Relief

Boys and Girls Club of America

Make-A-Wish Foundation


Child’s Play

Khan Academy

Action for Healthy Kids

Be the Match

YMCA CA Youth & Government

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

Operation Homefront

UNICEF: Typhoon Haiyan Relief

Movember Foundation

North Shore Animal League America

Prevent Child Abuse America


Electronic Frontier Foundation

Save the Children

The Jimmy Fund


St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

National Mill Dog Rescue


Girls for a Change

Canine Companions for Independence

Check each month to see which charity is next!
Have a suggestion? Stick it in the comments here, and we’ll take a look at your favorite charity.

You’re Invited to a Birthday Party


….to Listia’s 5th Birthday Party!

Date: Tuesday August 5, 2014
Time: 7:00am-11:59pm Pacific Time

It’s our 5th Birthday tomorrow, and my how we’ve grown. Since August 5, 2009, you’ve traded more than 100 million items! Thank you for making Listia the largest marketplace of its kind. You’re invited to celebrate our birthday with us.

Party Details

Find all the details on tomorrow by visiting
Then, come back to this blog, or visit Listia on facebook tomorrow for more details on the celebration throughout the day.