New Feature Announcement

Notifications Are Here

Over the next few weeks, Listia is rolling out a new feature for all members, and we’re really excited about it! The new Notifications icon keeps you informed about various activity around Listia while you are logged in. Now you can get everything done at once just by logging in to Listia.

The Notifications icon is simple; the symbol will be visible in the top-right corner of your screen.

Notifications closed

When there’s a new notification,  a red icon with the number of unread notifications will appear. Click it once, and it drops-down to show you a summary of activity. Once you see it, you can click on a specific Notification to get more information.

Notifications open

This feature is rolling out to all Listia Members slowly over the next couple weeks. Some of you will notice it today, others may not notice it for a few more days. We look forward to hearing back from you and are so excited for you to see it!


  1. Cool!

  2. Emily Bushnell says:

    I have been waiting for this feature to come

  3. Will you main page stay the same, for example if i want to search threw my messages they will still be there by going under trashed messages.

  4. any one here from listia? u suspended my account with over 1/4 mill credits of items i had purchased to list. when is the account going to be un suspended/
    i have a lot of money wraped up and it has been a year now…

  5. amomto7boys says:

    Love it! I remember writing y’all a while back about adding a feature like this 🙂

  6. I wish they would notify you when someone bids on your auction 🙂

  7. Kathy Simmons 35728 says:

    This is “COOL!”

  8. Sandri Moore says:

    This will be a great feature!

  9. I look forward to this I hope it includes the popup messages we get that are made on our auctions as well

  10. Looks like a great feature!

  11. Steve Curtis says:

    I have been with Listia for 4 years, I love this place and can not wait to see what happens next. Thank you all for all your hard work and thank you all members that put in your work as well to make this a wonderful place.

  12. I have been with listia for 5 years and have done very well without this. Can I delete it ??

    • Thank you!!! I want to delete it too. I’ve been just fine w/o it and don’t need or want it on my page.

    • I agree with Virgil there should be an option were you can delete it if you want

    • bobbiespinks7 says:

      You don’t have to use it. It’s just an icon in the upper right hand corner of the page and isn’t going to interfere with anything you are doing. I think it’s a great idea! You don’t have to go running from one screen to the next to check out what’s happening. Love it, Listia!!! Thanks!!!!!

  13. Congrats Listia! Sounds like it will help!

  14. This is GREAT,I LOVE it

  15. How do we turn it OFF. I don’t like it one freaking bit.
    It should be optional and not just shoved on us.

  16. If you want to add something actually useful, add a feature where you can search through your old posted auctions, so you can re-list items easier! THAT is useful!

    • They already have that! On your home page in the left hand menu under your username, click on Your Auctions > Ended With a Winner (or Without a Winner). You’ll see the full list of your past stuff, and each listing has a “relist” button. 😀

  17. the new Notifications icon is going to be great, BUT that Damn POPUP letting us know about it it is getting really annoying really fast, it should go away and never come back after you click on got it, GOT IT???

    when it keeps coming back every-time I do anything, it makes me feel like you think I am an Idiot, that has to be told and shown over and over because maybe I didn’t (get it) the first 300 times,

    Please fix this thank you 8=)

  18. I click on it to close it but then when I do a search, it pops up again…anyway to stop it from doing that?

  19. says:

    I dont like this new feature. Every time I look at something it keeps popping up and I dont like it. Is there some way I can turn this new feature off. I DONT LIKE OR WANT IT!!!!!!!!

    • Sandy Bergmann says:

      AMEN–REALLY ANNOYING. How about THIS—instead of MORE POP-UPS–how about adding more SPACE so we don’t have to keep “refreshing” with everything we are trying to do—due to lack of space?? THAT would help– and save us ALL time!!

  20. I like the new feature,however how do I delete them there is nothing under the notification tab someone please let me know am I missing something

  21. carolyn hurd says:

    im waiting 4 the items i bidded on and never got either one

  22. G. A. Hylback says:

    I’m enjoying the new notifier. It’s an easy, quick way to see what’s going on. Kudo’s to the Listia team!

  23. Does this mean that we won’t get email notifications? I haven’t been getting any the last couple of days when an auction has ended. I really like the email notifications. I’m sure the new feature that you have will be fine once we get used to it.

  24. How do we get rid of the notifications once we had read them? Are they there indefinitely? We really need to be able to delete them, somehow.

    • I agree there needs to be a way to delete old notifications! Listia needs to think things thru a lot more before putting them into use. like having a user voter poll on features they may or may not want.

  25. When will there be a form of want ads on here so people can know what others are looking for?

  26. Maybe sort the notifications by color which signify which subject the notification is addressing, like blue would be bids, green would be auction ended aqnd so forth?

  27. Nice, I like it.

  28. Guess no one really reads these posts,I’m still waiting for someone to explain to how you delete them,anyone from Listia out there.Nice of you people to plant this annoyance and tell us how to delete them,I’m considering leaving Listia after 4 years because of their ignorance

  29. Well i think its Great been on here for 3 years and its been badly needed so thank you listia ….

  30. Lovin the idea of notifications! Thanks, Listia, for thinking of it!!

  31. Let us stop being told about notification after we do everything otherwise it would be ok.

  32. There have been a LOT of VERY GOOD suggestions to tweek this new feature! Please review them and make changes soon?

  33. I’m looking forward to learning how to mark all the notifications as READ so that it doesn’t show 75 new notifications.

  34. I like it.

  35. i kinda like this but please make it so popups can be blocked a simple number showing will be cool

  36. I personally think that its annoying, as others have said once you click on GOT IT , it should not pop up anymore, but it does. Is there anything being done about this………thanks

  37. Will you be adding notifications to the app anytime soon? It would be cool if you had notifications and also a disputes section just like on the website.

  38. Love this new feature, but when will it stop continuously pointing it out to me?

  39. i think this feature is annoying and I want to be able to choose whether I want it or not.It pops up constantly and I want it gone. I just want to buy and sell my items and thats it. I am pretty sure you will lose a lot of faithful members if you insist we have this on our page. lostinvegas

  40. its ok but how can you get rid of the old notices? after after I read them I don’t need them???!!!

  41. I absolutely Love the New Feature…It cuts down a lot searching to see whats going on in my listings……Time Saver for Sure! Thank you ALL!

  42. G. A. Hylback says:

    I love that you can click on the individual notification and be taken to the auction it pertains to.

  43. Love it!

  44. awesome new feature Listia! Just throwin this out but, any chance we might get a “wanted” section? Same categories, but folks could let everyone know that they are looking for something specific. I might have a house full of things I don’t even know people want! Wouldn’t be private auctions but at least then we would know someone wanted it-thanks!

    • LectaGlennWambold says:

      Great idea, Marie. I have often wished for the very same thing. I love knowing there is interest out there on LIstia before I list an item without having to do a ton of research. :o)

  45. Lecta Wambold says:

    I love this new feature. It helps me keep on top of everything going on with my Lisita both as a buyer and a seller! As for the pop-up? Bring ’em on. It means to me there is activity and I can just read it and continue on with my work (play) here. One click anywhere makes the popup disappear until the next activity time so I am so sold! Oop!s Did I say, “Sold!” No money just good vibe points. :o) WAY TO GO LISTIA!

  46. I like the new feature..It will help alot when I am trying to figured if i missed anything while sleeping etc.BUT… I would LOVE to have some kind of notification when new items are coming to the rewards page. I have been stalking the page for a week and still cant get this game system that i have been saving up for 🙂

  47. kdluvs2quilt says:

    Just found it, and tried it. LOVE it!! Thanks for making Listia even more user friendly!!!

  48. I love Listia I have always loved things of all sorts now is my chance to get away from being a hoarder lol….. Thank you so much Betty

  49. tried it today makes it easier to navigate the site. great idea

  50. Kevin Bridges says:

    It handy…but I deal in mostly digital delivery items – sometimes carrying 80 items at once. There needs to be a “clear” button in this notification box to mark them as read, to clear the cuecue. Without it it’s useless.

    WHAT WE REALLY NEED is a “Need to Ship” notifier. So for sellers like myself dealing with digital primarily and physical objects secondarily, we can easy see the items that require shipping action. Thanks for listening. slowboatfromchina

  51. I don’t like this at all either…put it to a vote ….someone asked if you still get email notifications mine too stopped…then i found them all in my spam folder….i dont mind taking the time to work at this a litte …guess a lazy person that doesnt want to invest even a small amount of time would enjoy this pop up stuff….i dont!! as far as making it easier to navagate the site lol no all that is is for your own stuff you still have to go to each auction or your messages to reply to what ever is there….seriously all this has done is fill my pc with spam ..what would have been normally my emails…
    this isnt progress in my opinion…

  52. This is really nice. I like it.

  53. Just want to say that since I have been using the new feature for awhile now…I like it! Now I can scroll down easily to see if I have new questions to answer…and I answer more of my comments because it is so easy…so thanks for the new feature.

  54. Cool!

  55. That will be awesome, this way I can keep up with everything that opus going on and being offered. Because honestly, I forget to check!

  56. its pretty cool will be much easier but the little x is missing so u can close them out instead of having them all still in there

  57. ravenmoon11 says:

    I love it it’s so easy now to see what’s going on. Keep up the good work.

    • its very cool and so much easier i love it now i dont have to search for the comments i have left for someone just wish there was like a little x next to the auction so we can delete it instead of it staying but still love it

  58. i used your service , but the last 5 minutes of the last item I bid on didn’t give notice on fb and that’s where I started from and where I got the app… plz send all noticifications to:!

  59. It just has come to my attention that 5654ACRCJR and tonyhuver are bidding on each others walmart cards. Of course that is allowed but It gives me the feeling that those two know each other (maybe friends or family?) and that they are driving the credits up for each other (not nice). Not against the rules maybe and it is up to you but from now on I am not bidding on their auctions anymore.

  60. GRACE STIDHAM says:

    Kewl fun to win things and fin.

  61. This is good and everything, but on the app you should put in settings the option to recieve notifications on our phones:) that would be extremely convenient. I know that this is an option for iPhones, but it should be with every phone including Androids.

  62. stacey finley says:

    I love the new notification..I just wish there was a button for us to click on auctions we are watching and bidding on that lets us rate how important that auction is to us to win. It could be as simple as being able to check mark the auction as ” important, very important, not that important. “

  63. Pam Fugate mcdonald says:

    I absolutely love the new feature!!!!! I do agree on placing a want ad forum! That would be awesome as well! Great job listia! I do have one question though, how can we get a better support system for questions…. Or problems?
    I need some help now but keep getting directed to the rules page which I don’t need. Can someone please inbox me???? I have a new email as well…… I will list it below.

    • i absolutely love the new feature too so i dont have to wonder whats up with my comments and auctions, i do think that u should add like an x on the side to close it out so they are not all in the notifications and also i agree with the person above me better support system

    • angeleyes2012 says:

      what do u need help on maybe i can help

  64. Katherinelinster says:

    Got suspended how do I get unsuspended . I had a issue with someone makeing another account under my name and got suspended

    • you will not and you will not get any reply from them. over 1 year and they refuse to reply to me. file a clasim with BBB in CA. I have done hours of research and the company is in a scroud and I can not penetrate it like I have others.

  65. I have found this Icon to be very useful to me. I am wondering if there will be an addition to the notification icon for messages. I have missed messages because they aren’t as obvious to me as the icon.

  66. Holly Dudley says:

    I have won an item!! I can not log into the My Account Page so I can “verify my address” to send to seller so I can get my item I won?? Please Help!!

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