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Visit TreasuresinTexas on Listia

Check out TreasuresinTexas on Listia

I came across Listia in May, 2014 and was super excited to find such a FUN place to trade with people. I quickly started listing things and discovered how this forum works. I have a husband that is disabled and because of his disability, I am unable to work a regular job outside the home. We spend 4-10 weeks a year at the hospital and can have 4-10 doctors visits each month. Besides the physical strain, we have a very large financial strain on our household and going out at buying anything that is not an absolute necessity was just out of the question. That is why Listia has been a blast for me.. I have been able to win a Kreuig Coffee Maker for my Daughters College Dorm Room, several pieces of Pampered Chef (Expensive Kitcheware) for me and some Amazon gift cards to buy gift for people, so it sounds a little cliche but Listia is helping our family fill the void by letting us find homes for things we already have but do not use and earn points for things we really need or things that we are just not able to afford on our reduced budget. Then, I just can’t tell you enough about the super people. I have shipped about 300 items and everyone has been very nice. I have already made some friends on Listia from all over the United States. I hope to be able to do this for years to come.  **Visit treasuresintexas’ on Listia.


Visit crazyenough1 on Listia

Visit crazyenough1 on Listia

Listia is a single parent’s best friend. Life is hard when raising kids as a single parent and I struggled every time holidays came around until I found listia. last year i only spent $42 total paying for items. I won the rest of my christmas on listia and all it cost me was a few hours of my time and about 20 dollars worth of stamps to send my auctions out. I love to bid and see if I can win. not to mention I’ve made a ton of new friends. l now look forward to holidays with all the really nice things I’m able to get my four kids and not put myself in a bind doing it. I auction off things that they outgrow or things I have had laying in drawers never using and. In return I get to enjoy my holidays now instead of worrying how I can get them things they want. I also got all their school clothes on listia this year. Listia is an Awesome place. I ove you listia and thanks to you this single parents life is so much less stressful.And my kids love the things im able to get them on your site. **Visit crazyenough1 on Listia.



Visit jabulonestar on Listia

I would like to thank Listia for giving me a way to have fun, give back to great causes, pass on things I no longer need and acquire things I really do need. At first I was skeptical that I would  like Listia but then once I started being active by earning points, listing auctions and bidding I found that it is easy and that I loved it. I have met some wonderful people through this site who share their love of animals and the environment, who like to support each other and who like to have fun. I have started commenting and watching auctions to show support and many times start a conversation and a friendship with fellow listians. **Visit Jabulonestar on Listia.



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