Listia and Digital Collectibles!

Over the past few months Listia has received tons of feedback from our users about what they want to see from Listia moving forward! Among these suggestions are more perks, more giveaways, and more user engagement!

Today we are announcing the addition of Digital Collectibles on Listia. We think this could be a great and fun way to incorporate perks, giveaways and reward our most loyal users at the the same time. The first sets of Digital Collectibles will be distributed via our Social Media pages to start – more below. All Digital Collectibles are backed by NFT tech so they are yours to keep! They are separate and distinct from NFT Badges.

You might notice that Listia has added a Digital Collectibles wallet to your account, which is linked to your User ID. This Digital Collectibles wallet can be found on the Web version of Listia located on the side menu and also on the mobile apps as a new menu item. Your Listia account will now be able to store all kinds of Digital Collectibles which can be gifted, won or purchased by other users or directly from Listia. Some collectibles will have utility or perks and some will be just be limited edition, fun collectibles. All Digital Collectibles can be freely transferred or gifted to other users and even resold for PTS! This functionality will be available via the website to start, but mobile apps are in the works as well. 🙂

As most of you know, we have been more active on our Social Media pages, both Facebook and Twitter. We suggest following these two accounts and turning notifications on. This is where we hold contests, make new announcements and start giving out Digital Collectibles with perks to use on Listia!



Who knows. There could be a giveaway going on right now…