Gmail Users: Stay Connected with the Listia Newsletter

Listia just celebrated its 4th birthday last week with BIG giveaways, raffles and badges. Thanks to all the Listian fanatics that participated and made this the biggest one day giveaway and auction listing day ever on Listia!
Listia is planning even bigger events in the near future and we want to keep everyone well informed of these important events. Listia sends out a newsletter every two weeks that informs Listians of our upcoming giveaways and we want to make sure you’re still getting those emails if you use Gmail.
Gmail recently introduced new tabs that sort your email. Here’s a quick fix to make sure your Listia emails appear in your Primary tab.
You can also follow Listia on Facebook to stay well informed of all upcoming events.
Our next email goes out later this week with some HUGE Raffles, so keep checking your inbox!