Now You Can List “it” On-The-Go – New Listia iPhone App (and new funding)


Today, we’re excited to share some great news about our company and our products!

Starting off, we’re bringing you a whole new way to experience Listia – on your iPhone! Download the app now in the Apple app store. The free app is a snap – you can browse, bid and list items directly from your iPhone. Use it to quickly find what people are offering near you, walk around your home to snap photos of things you want to trade and upload them directly from your phone. Our mobile app will make listing items so fast and easy that you’ll actually want to do spring cleaning this year.

Here are some of the features:

• Quickly browse through popular listings and use the location feature to find listings near you for easy local pickup

• List items directly from your iPhone using the built-in camera to snap multiple photos

• Use the advanced search to find exactly what you want

• Comment and ask questions on-the-go directly from your iPhone

• Manage your auctions and never miss items you are watching or bidding on

• Snap a photo of yourself and use it as your new profile picture

In addition to the iPhone App, we recently raised $1.75M in funding from some of the best investors in the valley. The deal was led by Andreessen-Horowitz with participation from some great people, including SV Angel, Founder Collective, High Line Venture Partners, Max Levchin, Naval Ravikant, Alex Zubillaga, James Hong and others. We are very fortunate to have these investors working with us to take Listia to the next level. For you guys, this means we’ll have the resources to continue to build a great product and improve the service that all of you love so much.

Listia was founded with the idea that it should be fun, easy and rewarding to trade things that you don’t use anymore, and get things that you want in return. The site has really evolved since we launched in 2009, and our community is growing at a rate of 15% a month. There is still a lot more we have planned, and we will be using the funding to add amazing people. If you’re interested check out our jobs page here

Check back for updates as we continue to grow!