I Love Listia Video Contest – Win $500


Movie Time! Get out your smartphones & video cameras, it’s time to show us your video chops. Record a video telling us why you love about Listia and you could win $500. Entering the I Love Listia video contest is easy: Make a 90 second (or less) video describing why you love Listia. That’s it!

You can enter your video in one of two ways:

1) Enter by YouTube: upload your video to YouTube with the title “I Love Listia” put your profile link somewhere in the description & make the video public. If you choose to use an alternate title email a link to your video to ilove@listia.com

2) Email the compressed video file with a link to your Listia Profile to ilove@Listia.com

5 Winners, 5 Prizes

1st Prize:  $500, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel, plus 50,000 Credits
2nd Prize: 40,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel
3rd Prize:  30,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel
4th Prize:  20,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel
5th Prize: 10,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel

Tips, Tricks, & Rules

Get creative and have fun with it!  Show us your best video skills and don’t hesitate to use your favorite video editing tools or applications. If you use YouTube, use their video editor to add effects and annotations as you see fit. Click Here to learn more about the amazing YouTube video editor.

  • Using your smartphone? Search the app store on your smartphone for a  video editing application, you may be surprised at how many there are, for free!

  • If you wish to add music, you may only do so if you upload your video to YouTube and use the YouTube music tool. Videos submitted via email which contain music will not be considered.  Videos uploaded to YouTube which contain music which is not added by the YouTube editor will not be considered.

  • 90 Seconds or Less! Videos over 90 seconds will not be considered

  • Videos must be entered between February 1 1:00 AM – February 28 at 13:00 to be considered for contest

  • Entries accepted by mail on SD Cards or thumb drives, must include your Listia profile information, and must be received by the contest deadline to be considered. Mailing address: Listia Inc. 3964 Rivermark Plaza #108 Santa Clara CA 95054 USA

  • All submissions must comply with Youtube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Videos which do not comply with YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines will not be considered.

Winners* Announced:
Monday March 10 at 13:00

*Winning videos will be selected by an internal staff voting process who will vote with anonymous ballots on their favorite videos.

By submitting a video to the contest you are granting Listia permission to share your video on the Listia channel

Good Luck!

New Badge Display

Happy 2014! One of the first new features of the year is our new badge view that we released this afternoon! Here’s a little summary of the details and reasoning behind it.

  • You can now click on your badges and a popup will open displaying the details of the badge
  • There are badges that have tiers/levels and badges that don’t. If a badge has multiple levels you will see an icon in the actual badge. In the popup you’ll also be able to see what levels you’ve reached and what criteria it took to get there. Click the “See All” link to see more details.
  • One downside is that the count of number of badges you have has probably gone down for most of you. This is a new way that we are counting badges where we no longer are counting each level as an individual badge. The main reason for this is because we’re making room for more badges.
  • Bigger badge images!
  • Oh and did I mention… more badges soon!!!


This is where you may see a slight difference. We no longer include the number of times you have leveled up for each badge.



Click the “See All” link to see how many times you’ve leveled up with a specific badge



If a higher level is available you’ll see what it is and the criteria to get there. Cool huh?


We are still taking a close look at a couple odd things during this change (including a few reports of missing badges). We’re on top of it and any issue with this should be resolved soon!