Get iPhone Notifications from Listia

Have an iPhone? If so, you should check out a new feature we just implemented that will allow you to receive push notifications directly to your iPhone.  So, next time you get outbid, receive a comment on your auction or win an auction, you will know right away!  This feature is being provided through the notifo service which just launched today.

You can enable this feature in your account notification settings:

Let us know what you think… more phones will be supported soon!

Unexpected Downtime Today

Hi everyone! This afternoon we had an unexpected problem with one of our servers due to a hardware issue at our hosting provider.  The server is now back to normal and all the data is safe, but some of your auctions may have been affected if they were ending during that time.  If you are one of the users who was affected by this, please contact us through our support site at

We will do whatever it takes to rectify the situation to your satisfaction.

We sincerely apologize for this and are taking immediate steps to reduce the likelihood of this happening again.  Thanks for your understanding and continued support!

– The Listia Team

Become A Fan!

We really needed a break from customer support this afternoon so we decided to add something fun.  I’m not sure why we didn’t have this before, but you can now become a fan of other users on the site!  Right now it’s not used for much except bragging rights (you know a leaderboard is coming for sure!), but later on we can show you more information about the users you’re fans of.  For instance auctions they have listed, recent activity, etc.

Be a fanboy (or girl)!!!