Unexpected Downtime Today

Hi everyone! This afternoon we had an unexpected problem with one of our servers due to a hardware issue at our hosting provider.  The server is now back to normal and all the data is safe, but some of your auctions may have been affected if they were ending during that time.  If you are one of the users who was affected by this, please contact us through our support site at http://help.listia.com

We will do whatever it takes to rectify the situation to your satisfaction.

We sincerely apologize for this and are taking immediate steps to reduce the likelihood of this happening again.  Thanks for your understanding and continued support!

– The Listia Team


  1. KayMMIV says:

    is that what is wrong with the site today also?

  2. DMMcKinney05 says:

    yeah, I am having a lot of issues with it as well. I have high end items that have ended and noone could access the auction in the last 30 mins. I am definitely NOT happy!

  3. KayMMIV says:

    aw, that sucks, since they normally go WAY higher in the half hour for the higher end stuff. maybe listia can just reset it from yesterday or something?

  4. nlpierson says:

    I didn’t realize this site was so unstable. I have been all about this site since I started using it 2 weeks ago and I hope everyone currently bidding on items I have listed will understand when I don’t ship auctions they have won, because I will no longer be wasting my time with this faulty site.

  5. KayMMIV says:

    it’s a new site, only started december i think? all new sites have their growing pains. that’s only to be resonably expected, besides, even well established sites have days they are down, even long used sites like ebay and cafemom still have occasional times they are offline or have errors.

  6. rumblebear88 says:

    no wonder server down so I want to know when it will be back normal?


  8. rumblebear88 says:

    Yes, I click it and it still show blank page. 😦


  10. edbuffey says:

    Contrary to what this article states, the server is not back to normal! Almost everything returns a completely white page with no text or graphics.

  11. rumblebear88 says:

    Your welcome booboo. Is listia big company or small company? how many server they have? I wonder what cause it? Hope back normal today not tomorrow. lol grrrr lol


  13. missmaria222 says:

    Has this happened before? how do they make up for the auctions that end during the service interruption? so many listings ending today that i’ve been watching for a week!! i’m growling with you rumblebear…

  14. rumblebear88 says:

    It is really start yesterday because I had hard time to login in but able to login in one hour later and today worse one. I know it is frustrate with the site so only way is to be patience. Of course everyone growling with me. lol I try to cheer you up 🙂

  15. Travis Hardy says:

    You know somethin’, all you irate people? I would also be upset if this happened during one of my auctions. That is valid. What is not valid is dismissing this site as unstable or unprofessional based on this small, actually very simple, yet destructive incident… these people work very hard to maintain this site, both technically behind the scenes, and in their superior customer service. Have you ever even tried to deal with huge, corporate, money-hoarding services such as eBay and PayPal? They are virtually untouchable and impersonal. listia has been and continues to be a wonderful experiment in what essentially is a modern, open-ended barter system. Don’t count them out, yet!I have no doubt that they will come up with a very fair, expeditious way of compensating those users who feel ‘taken’ by this temporary lapse in service. Just give the human entities behind this system some time to make it work!

  16. Majik Merlin says:

    I agree with Travis… I missed several auctions I was waiting til the end to bid on, but hey…that is life and I’m not going to lose sleep over it. I am here because this site is FUN and allows me to shop for things I might not normally buy while spending virtually no money. It has been over-all a hassle free and fun experience. I have found this place to be almost stress free and it would be totally stress free except the PITAs have found the place as well.. Hey Folks!!! THIS IS NOT ebay! thank the good Lord.Y’all have to look at this with a whole new perspective. WE ARE GIVING things away…. this place is not somewhere to MAKE MONEY. It is a genuine swap meet… the grande garage sale experience ONLINE.The peeps doing this should be commended, they are not in it for the money. Kudos to them!!! in spite of the ‘growing pains’ I think they have done and are doing a commendable job.

  17. msprissysmom says:

    I am having withdrawels! lisitia down again!! It is a lot of fun, find myself at working going thru it, hope I didn’t miss out on the Fossil watch.

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