Free Shipping Could Boost Your Listings

Do you ever wonder if it’s worth it to offer Free Shipping in your listings? We were very curious to find out, so we asked Ngan to dig up some more stats from our database.

To set the record straight, most Listians do offer free shipping. In the history of all listings, about two thirds included free shipping for their buyers. 65.5% of all listings, to be exact:


But how does Free Shipping help or hurt your listings? Well, you can draw some conclusions for yourself:


Based on our top performing categories, we noticed very strong correlations between Free Shipping and more bidders, bids and final credit amounts. Across the board, items with Free Shipping ended with twice as much activity than their counterparts offering Flat, Exact or Local Pick Up only.

So as a seller, is Free Shipping worth it? We sure think so, but we’ll let you confirm for yourselves.

What’s Your All-Star Story?


Since August of last year, we’ve been featuring users’ stories on why they love Listia! We’ve received so many submissions and so far have showcased 14 testimonitals in our newsletter! Here’s a look back at all of our All-Stars (alphabetically by first name):

1. Amanda (bookgirl1967)
 How do I sell this gorgeous dress to potential bidders?” All these questions all floating around in my head at a hundred miles a minute… 2520 was the final bid and I was in shock that MY beautiful dress received that many credits. [read more here…]
2. Angela (Loucretia)
I have been a Coach purse lover all my life. I have a number of Coach purses and had never really considered a Dooney and Bourke purse until the one offered here. And for the credits I got for 2 pairs of boy’s pajamas, I was able to acquire this incredible D&B purse. [read more here…]
3. Angie G. (AngiePangie)
In this economy, I find people are in need of a site such as Listia. It is fun and gives one a light reprieve from the woes of the nations financial situation. [read more here…]
4. Frank (Lordstorm37)
I find this site a great way in communication and trading with people all over the world. It’a also an awesome way in getting rid of stuff you don’t need. This site is extremely relaxing and enjoyable. [read more here…]
5. June (haleya27)
I started Listia because I was always seeing people on Facebook that was announcing that they won something for free. I am addicted to Listia and everyone has things to get rid of and should try this out.  [read more here…]
6. Lea (haleya27)
I receive a package in the mail almost everyday. My husband is so astonished on what I’ve been doing and how I have been receiving stuff for free. I’m a certified Listia addict. [read more here…]
7. Lynn (lynnscherzinger)
I get the opportunity to make things and people really actually like them! I get tons of compliments and I have been able to start my postage stamp collecting again! So, now I no longer wonder what to do with my days… I’m on Listia!  [read more here…]
8. Michele (joriebelle)
I’ve been a member of Listia for a year now and it has been such a positive experience. I list children’s clothes; I have 5 kids of my own and am trying to unclutter my house! I just wanted to thank the owners/moderators here at Listia for keeping the selling climate so positive here. [read more here…]
9. Rhonda (RhondaReneeChase)
Once I started to understand the premise of the site I fell in love. [read more here…]
10. Rhonda (rhondachristinejohnson)
I joined Listia with the mindset of getting rid of a bunch of clutter and maybe getting some items for my upcoming vow renewal ceremony. I had no idea that I would find and win the most beautiful wedding gown ever!! [read more here…]
11. Robert (raburruss)
My first win on Listia was for an ergonomic mouse made by 3M. It turns out it retails for $45. I decided to list it on E-bay and sold it within 2 days for $33. [read more here…]
12. Siew Ho (kayarich)
I am a stay at home mom and am always in need of baby items. I got pair of brand new Robeez baby shoes for 3333 (worth US$25!). I even found some childproofing items like locks, table bumpers and toys! Bringing up a baby isn’t so “expensive” after all. [read more here…]
13. Thomas (Thomas162)
Listia is an awesome website to get my hands on some video games instead of paying $59 for each game. And once I’m done playing those, I could just list them back on Listia for credits to use for something else! [read more here…]
14. Wanda (wss1965)
I am on it everyday either bidding or listing items for someone else to enjoy. The necklace I am wearing in this picture I won here on Listia for my wedding. [read more here…]


Do you have an “all-star” testimonial you want to share with us on Listia? Do you want to be a part of our bi-weekly newsletter? Submit your story along with an awesome picture of yourself to contests@listia.comand you could be featured next!

Seller Tips: More pictures = more credits!

Most marketplace sellers know that including photos in a listing can help generate more bids and buyer activity, but we thought it’d be interesting to measure exactly how impactful pictures can be on your sales. That thought prompted Ngan, one of our awesome developers, to pull these great stats that may help you get more out of your listings. 

First off, let’s take a look at our listing activity to date. Most of you guys include pictures of your items, but many of you stop at just one photo per listing:

We realize not all items benefit from multiple beauty shots–e.g., someone trying to win a book may not care to see it from all possible angles–so we also dissected our photo-per-listing counts into a few of our top categories:

The above shows the most common number of photos is still one (1), even across different types of items.

Now, here’s the interesting twist. If we compare the number of photos per listing with buyer activity (bids placed and credits spent), the numbers trend very differently. This chart shows how final credit amounts increase in listings with more photos:

And this chart shows how the number of bids placed is higher in listings that include more photos:

Pretty neat, eh? It’s cool to see how a few (or many) extra photos might motivate buyers to bid on your items. Even books, a category we thought didn’t need too many photos, benefited from additional pictures.

IN CONCLUSION: Next time you list an item, show as much of it as you can. Don’t stop at one picture if you want to get the most credits and bids possible. Every additional photo gives you an edge, so keep uploading and optimizing your listings!

Cheers, and happy trading!

Tae Joins Listia!


Our Listia Team continues to grow and we’re excited to introduce our newest team member, Tae (rhymes with “hey Tae, whadayasay!).  He’ll be spearheading our community and support efforts as we increase our focus on the community needs going forward.

As a ritual for introducing all of our new employees, we would like to share 5 facts about Tae:

  1. He was born and raised in the Bay Area (mostly South Bay). All four homes were within 10 miles from where he lives now.
  2. His hobbies includes fast cars, playing acoustic guitar, his two daughters, and his newest “obsession” of tending to his 12 baby fruit trees in his backyard.
  3. He’s fluent in English and Klingon (for the Star Trek fans).
  4. His favorite food is Thai but he’ll try most edible things that won’t kill him.
  5. He was once an extra in a James Bond movie and also at a Tonight Show taping.

If you’re interested in job opportunities with us, visit more details here:

Leave a comment for Tae and welcome him to the Listia community!

Listia for Android is Here!

The newest addition to our mobile family just hit the Android Market! Now all our users with Android OS phones will be able to enjoy Listia on the go. The app lets you:

  • List any item directly from your phone
  • Search, browse, and discover listings
  • Keep tabs on items in your watch list
  • Review seller profiles before you buy
  • Place bids and win the things you want!
  • Find listings close to you in over 3,000 cities

Additional Android features are in the works, so stay tuned for future updates.


Win some great Android OS devices from us!

And check out some of the buzz about our launch here: