Toys for Everyone

The holiday season is here, and it’s a great time for giving!  There are lots of kids out there who would love some new toys to play with, so we are doing our best to help spread the love.  For a limited time, list an old or new toy on Listia and get 50 bonus credits (see the listing page for full details and rules).  We want to fill up the toy category for the holidays, and its a great way to trade your old toys for something new or simply pass them on to a new owner.  Either way, everyone wins 🙂


Also, if you have a moment, check out our one-day only Cyber Monday rewards auctions.

Happy Holidays!

photo via meddygarnet

Search Update Regarding Blocked Users


Last week we pushed out a feature for searching and browsing and you will no longer see auctions owned by users you have blocked in your search results.  Likewise, the users you block will not see your auctions in search results.  When you block a user they can no longer bid or comment on your auctions so there really is no point in showing them your auction.  When you are blocked you also don’t want to see auctions you can’t bid or comment on as well.  If you don’t like this type of behavior you always have the option to unblock specific users.  To manage your block list you can go here:

Also a reminder on some advanced search options:

Enjoy and happy browsing!


Happy Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday Giveaways

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We are so thankful for all the great members here at Listia!  Thanks again for everything you do, everything you put up with as we continue to improve, and all the great stuff you’ve traded on Listia.  Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


This is also our favorite time of year here at Listia, because we love rewarding our users with cool stuff.  Stay tuned for some cool giveaways on Cyber Monday!  We’ll be doing lots of reward auctions, t-shirt giveaways and maybe even some cool raffles.  Things will be added all day long, and all the auctions and raffles will only last a few hours at most, so make sure you login on Monday to see what’s new!

photo via billselak

New Policy: Auto Relisting of Auctions

In order to help keep the auctions on Listia fresh and up to date we are going to begin enforcing a limit on the number of times an auction can be automatically relisted without receiving any bids.  If an auction has already been automatically relisted 10 times it will not be relisted after that, but you may manually relist it from your account pages.  If you have auctions that are well past this limit we’ll be sending you a special email with a summary of the auctions you have that fall into this category.

If you enabled email notifications for relisted auctions (“Send me email when my auctions are auto relisted”) you will get an email both when your auction will be relisted for the last time and when it has been not been relisted due to hitting the limit.  If you do not have this notification setting enabled you will not receive any email messages related to your auctions being relisted or removed due to hitting the limit.

We expect this policy to be rolled out later on today around 5PM PST.  We thank you for listing all this great stuff but if someone hasn’t bid on it after being relisted 10 times, perhaps better pictures, more information or better shipping details may help you get more bids.  Thanks!


New Product Launch: Sponsored Raffles


Today we’re launching a new product on Listia where sponsors can list a raffle to do their giveaway!  What’s the difference between our auctions and raffles?

  • Anyone that enters the raffle has a chance to win
  • Instead of placing bids you purchase raffle tickets using your Listia credits
  • One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the raffle, the more tickets you have the higher your chances are of winning
  • There are daily limits on the number of tickets you can buy based on your experience level, so check back every day!

Our first raffle is being hosted by our sponsor WePay and they’re giving away an XBOX 360 here!  Anyone can win with just 1 ticket!  Right now you can see raffles at the top of the site as well as on the right hand side of browse pages.  We’re working on integrating raffles into our search engine.  Good luck and have fun!

Run a business and want to sign up as a sponsor?

Ever want to do a giveaway, but want to reach beyond your own userbase?  Listia is a great solution for this!  Sponsored auctions and raffles get premium placement on the site and our users love seeing new products all the time!  Sponsored raffles allow anyone to win your item not just an experienced Listia user with a boatload of credits.  Expose your product to new users on Listia and send your existing customers to your raffle page … entering a raffle is easy as pie!

Want to learn more?  Our sponsored accounts are now self serve and you can learn more and sign up here.


Give Away Your Halloween Costume!

For a limited time, you will receive bonus credits when you give away your Halloween costume on Listia!  Now that Halloween is over… make sure your costume is put to good use by giving it to someone who can use it next year.  While you’re at it, you might want to see if any costumes catch your eye too!  To get started, just visit the listing page for all the details


Hope everyone had a great Halloween weekend!