New Policy: Auto Relisting of Auctions

In order to help keep the auctions on Listia fresh and up to date we are going to begin enforcing a limit on the number of times an auction can be automatically relisted without receiving any bids.  If an auction has already been automatically relisted 10 times it will not be relisted after that, but you may manually relist it from your account pages.  If you have auctions that are well past this limit we’ll be sending you a special email with a summary of the auctions you have that fall into this category.

If you enabled email notifications for relisted auctions (“Send me email when my auctions are auto relisted”) you will get an email both when your auction will be relisted for the last time and when it has been not been relisted due to hitting the limit.  If you do not have this notification setting enabled you will not receive any email messages related to your auctions being relisted or removed due to hitting the limit.

We expect this policy to be rolled out later on today around 5PM PST.  We thank you for listing all this great stuff but if someone hasn’t bid on it after being relisted 10 times, perhaps better pictures, more information or better shipping details may help you get more bids.  Thanks!



  1. This is going to be a big improvement. I get so angry when I try to browse listings and every one is either a listing I’ve come across every week for the past year, or is obviously fake. You guys should focus on not letting everyone in the world sign up with no intention of ever using the site within your clear guidelines.Phone, email, twitter as means of validating accounts is just not enough. They should have to go through a screening process of completing one auction, by bidding or selling, and then Listia should review every aspect of that to see if they fit this site. If no one leaves feedback, if no communication was made in either direction, you need to nip it in the bud.Letting everyone IN to this club, so to speak, with no punishment is what ruins every good website. I don’t have hours to flag 100s of auctions every time I visit the site, just because you’re letting auctions with descriptions that consist of someone doing this on their keyboard: “asdfgdjhkgl;”. You’re going to have to build filters to block this constant spam, you’re going to have to stop listings without photos. If someone puts no thought into listing something, then you need to stop them from ever doing it again. You can’t keep letting it slide, because people like me notice, and move on to sites with staff that is willing to change to meet the site needs and problems.

  2. jodiathome says:

    Guess I have something to add about posting I’ve flagged over and over and nothing gets done about them … There is a poster that has 103 pages of items … that’s about 20 items per page … not only that the shipping charges are OUTRAGOUS … $2-$5 on shipping and 3/4’s of the items can be mailed with a 44 cent stamp … talk about postage scamming

  3. Absolutely, I know exactly who you’re talking about. If you’re looking for a magnet, or sticker, good luck finding one NOT sold by this psycho. She floods the site with them, and because she has so many auctions, Listia is scared to lose her as a user. You can block her, but that does nothing on, because her auctions STILL show up every time you browse. Blocking someone means nothing here.Flagging them means Listia could give 1 glance, and miss the entire point of WHY you’ve flagged them.I don’t care if someone is high volume. A sticker DOES NOT cost $5 to ship. That’s called crime.

  4. jodiathome says:

    Now she’s up to 161 pages of stuff … she has a belly ring advertised and shes charging $8 for shipping … Why isn’t anything done? Oh yeah, she’s high volume … she has the TOP Badges … I’m on my way to make 170 pages of paper clips to sell and charge $6 for shipping them … man am I sick of this crap! Listia has their favorites that’s for sure.

  5. Listia Inc. says:

    We are implementing a new policy soon that will restrict sellers to about 100 items unless most of them sell. So, in the future, only sellers with lots of sales can list more than 100. We want to be fair to everyone while making the site easy to navigate. Thanks for letting us know about your concerns! We take them very seriously and are trying our best to improve. Thanks!!

  6. I thought this was suppose to be a Happy time and have a Jolly Christmas … What has happened? Now the seller I’ve spoke about in earlier posts has 171 pages of stuff … not long ago she has 161 pages … selling a belly button ring and asking $6 for shipping? Is that ring made out of Gold? I questioned her a while back as to why her shipping was so high … I’ve gotta find that email so I can prove to you that she’s charging for her time, gas to the Post Office and packaging and handling … I’ll get to looking for that email shortly … Listia, why are there people on here that can post 170 some pages of stuff and charge so much? I thought this was a FREE site … You (Listia) keep telling me, “We are changing our rules.” “It won’t be long befgore you see a change.” Kinda reminds me of Obama’s Campaign speeches

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