Happy Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday Giveaways

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  We are so thankful for all the great members here at Listia!  Thanks again for everything you do, everything you put up with as we continue to improve, and all the great stuff you’ve traded on Listia.  Hope everyone has a great holiday weekend!


This is also our favorite time of year here at Listia, because we love rewarding our users with cool stuff.  Stay tuned for some cool giveaways on Cyber Monday!  We’ll be doing lots of reward auctions, t-shirt giveaways and maybe even some cool raffles.  Things will be added all day long, and all the auctions and raffles will only last a few hours at most, so make sure you login on Monday to see what’s new!

photo via billselak


  1. Aw.. the colleges and schools open back up on Monday…If I stay up at 1AM, there better be something good!

  2. Listia Inc. says:

    We’ll have stuff up during the day on Monday, but probably not at 1am this year 🙂

  3. What time 🙂

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