New Invitation/Referral System

We will be rolling out a new invitation and referral system shortly.  The main difference is that we are adding a 20% bonus in addition to the 50 credits users are now receiving when they successfully refer a friend!  This will mean more credits for everyone who helps to spread the word about Listia!

So for each new user invited, you will earn 50 credits + 20% of the credits earned from their first successfully completed auction.  As a result, you will receive your bonus credits after each user has completed their first auction, so we can calculate the total amount.

On top of this new bonus structure, we will also be rolling out monthly referral goals to give you prizes for referring a certain number of people each month. So stay tuned!

New Leaderboards


Want to see where you stand amongst the Listia community?  Check out our new leaderboards!

We're working on some other cool stuff, just wanted to take the time to thank all of you for being a part of Listia!

Seller Feedback Rating On Auction Page


We decided to make a change that we thought we would point out so it doesn’t confuse anyone.  On the auction page near the seller’s username we now print the seller feedback rating instead of that user’s overall feedback rating.  This rating excludes any feedback ratings from winning auctions.  Makes a lot more sense when you want to see which seller is reputable eh?  Hopefully this doesn’t alarm anyone if you see this and think that your feedback rating has dropped.

Seller Wings Badge


Some of you may have noticed a new badge showing up in your profile called the “Seller Wings” badge.  Currently you are considered a “new seller” if you do not have your Wings badge, but we’ve decided to replace this with the Seller Wings badge instead.  We decided that this would be a better gauge of whether or not you a user should be required to go through the pending credit process.  The requirements for the Seller Wings badge are 5 positive seller feedback ratings, listed at least 5 auctions, maintain a 90% postive seller feedback rating and been a member for 20 days.

We will finish rolling these out to our users by the end of the week and some time next week pending credits will be based off this badge instead.  Thanks!