Introducing Credit Selling on Listia


We’re always working hard to make Listia the best place for you to unlock the value of items around your home. It’s never been easier or more fun to simplify your home and life while getting the things you actually want. Today we’re excited to introduce the biggest addition to Listia since our iOS and Android apps. We’re now allowing you to sell your credits to other members!

What does this mean for you?
This means that you’ll soon see more items that you want on Listia as our members start listing more goods, you’ll see higher-value items in the marketplace and most importantly you’ll be able to earn more on Listia.

How will this work?
Very easy. Through an exchange (much like a stock exchange), sellers list their credits at rates they choose, and when others buy credits, Listia links up the seller and buyer anonymously, and both money and credits change hands.

Buyers in the exchange are the same people who have been always been purchasing credits. Payment is then sent to the seller’s connected Verified PayPal account. Listia handles the entire process which means once your credits are sold, they are sold. You don’t have to worry about any disputes and there won’t be any refunds available on credit sales. Only credits received for successfully selling items on Listia can be sold in the exchange, so you won’t be able to sell credits that you bought or received for free through other means like offers and promos.

When I sell credits, how will I get paid?
We deposit the net proceeds from your credit sales into your Verified PayPal account that you’ve connected to your Listia account. The deposits are made as your credits (or portions of your credits) get purchased from you by other users. Both the sale and purchase of credits are completely anonymous. Because a single sell order may get purchased in multiple portions, you may see more than one deposit in your PayPal account for a single order.

When can I try this?
Initially, this feature is slowly rolling out to our higher volume Trusted Sellers. If you are not yet on the waitlist, visit the Sell Credits page to see if you are eligible.

Whether you want to trade with other members, buy items for your home and life or get cash for your goods, we want to make Listia the best and friendliest place you go. Support for credit selling on iOS and Android is in the works and will be coming soon. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about credit selling and sign up today to start selling credits!