5 Million Credit Summer Giveaway


To kick off summer, Listia is back at it again with another 5M credit giveaway! 7 lucky winners will receive a total of five million credits! Rules below:

  • To be entered, you must complete at least one (of four) 5M Credit Giveaway goals during the giveaway in June
  • Completing one goal enters you in our 500,000 Credit giveaways (6 winners)
  • Completing additional goals increases your chances of winning
  • Completing all four goals enters you in the 2 Million Credit giveaway (1 winner)
  • A new goal will be published each week
  • Users are eligible to win only one giveaway
  • Giveaway ends on 6/30/16 or when the last goal expires
  • Winners will be chosen the week after the last goal expires

The first goal is live now, click here or on the links below to get started! Check Listia Goals each week for the new goal – https://www.listia.com/goals

Update! – July 1st, 2016

We’re excited to announce the winners of the 5 Million Credit Summer Giveaway! Without further ado, the six winners for the 500K credits are –
  • Danielle H.
  • Norberto T.
  • Juan B.
  • Christy P.
  • Steven G.
  • Sharla K.
There were no winners for the 2 million credit prize, so we are adding those credits to the prize pool for our next giveaway! Thank you to everyone for participating. Stay tuned! 😀 🌟

Introducing Listia Plus

Listia Plus

Listia is made for people who want to simplify their lives and homes while connecting with others. Over time, people have come to use Listia more and more each day. With that in mind, we wanted to reward our most loyal users for the things you do every day. Whether you’re listing items, buying credits, or completing offers we have more to give you with Listia Plus.

What is Listia Plus?

Listia Plus is a paid monthly membership that gives you access to benefits across Listia. Benefits include extra credits deposited to your account every month, bonuses on credit purchases you’re already making, and bonuses on offers you complete.

When you sign up for a plan, you’ll get $10, $20, $50, or $100 worth of credits immediately deposited into your account depending on the plan you’ve chosen. As your membership remains active, you’ll continue to get this deposit every month.

How can I sign up?

You can sign up at https://www.listia.com/plus. Membership ranges from Bronze, Gold, and Silver to Platinum, each with bonuses ranging from 5-15% on credits and offers.

Can I cancel my membership?

Listia Plus is completely flexible — change plans or cancel your membership at any time. At any point during your membership, you can schedule an upgrade or downgrade to your Listia Plus plan. The change will be automatically made upon your next renewal date.

Is Listia still free?

Listia is 100% committed to always being free to use. You will never need to pay to use Listia or our main features. Listia Plus was created to reward anyone who is already completing offers or purchasing credits to buy items on Listia. Listing and selling your own items on Listia is still the best way to earn many credits without spending money.

We’re always working hard to bring more value and make Listia better for you. We’re excited to know what you think! You can sign up for Listia Plus here.

Introducing Credit Selling on Listia


We’re always working hard to make Listia the best place for you to unlock the value of items around your home. It’s never been easier or more fun to simplify your home and life while getting the things you actually want. Today we’re excited to introduce the biggest addition to Listia since our iOS and Android apps. We’re now allowing you to sell your credits to other members!

What does this mean for you?
This means that you’ll soon see more items that you want on Listia as our members start listing more goods, you’ll see higher-value items in the marketplace and most importantly you’ll be able to earn more on Listia.

How will this work?
Very easy. Through an exchange (much like a stock exchange), sellers list their credits at rates they choose, and when others buy credits, Listia links up the seller and buyer anonymously, and both money and credits change hands.

Buyers in the exchange are the same people who have been always been purchasing credits. Payment is then sent to the seller’s connected Verified PayPal account. Listia handles the entire process which means once your credits are sold, they are sold. You don’t have to worry about any disputes and there won’t be any refunds available on credit sales. Only credits received for successfully selling items on Listia can be sold in the exchange, so you won’t be able to sell credits that you bought or received for free through other means like offers and promos.

When I sell credits, how will I get paid?
We deposit the net proceeds from your credit sales into your Verified PayPal account that you’ve connected to your Listia account. The deposits are made as your credits (or portions of your credits) get purchased from you by other users. Both the sale and purchase of credits are completely anonymous. Because a single sell order may get purchased in multiple portions, you may see more than one deposit in your PayPal account for a single order.

When can I try this?
Initially, this feature is slowly rolling out to our higher volume Trusted Sellers. If you are not yet on the waitlist, visit the Sell Credits page to see if you are eligible.

Whether you want to trade with other members, buy items for your home and life or get cash for your goods, we want to make Listia the best and friendliest place you go. Support for credit selling on iOS and Android is in the works and will be coming soon. Visit our FAQ page to learn more about credit selling and sign up today to start selling credits!

Cyber Week 2015

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 11.32.59 PM

Update! – December 14th, 2015

Wow! Listia Cyber Week is officially over! And what a contest it was! We had thousands of players but there could only be a few top winners. There were 50 Listia sticker winners and 93 people completed the puzzle so they’ll be sharing the 5 Million Listia Credit prize and be receiving 53,764 credits each! Without further delay, the winners are below!

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card – Angela M
  • 40″ LED TV – Brenda L
  • Apple iPad Mini 2 – Wendy W
  • Listia Swag Pack – 10 Members
  • Listia Sticker – 50 Members
  • 3 Million Listia Credits – Jennifer T

Congratulations to all the winners! The credits will be issued in the next 72 hours and the stickers will go out in the next 2-3 business days. Stay tuned for our next contest!


It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving and we all know what that means, Cyber Week!!! A week of shopping for deals and spending hours in front of your computer and Listia is going to give you one more thing to do this week!

This year we’ve crafted a Listia Cyber Week Crossword Puzzle along with daily Listia sponsored auctions and raffles. Get started on the crossword here: https://www.listia.com/cyberweek

Crossword puzzle details

  • Unlock the crossword puzzle by sharing on Facebook or Twitter
  • Once shared, one clue in the crossword puzzle should be unlocked
  • Special Cyber Week goals will be released every day until Monday, 12/7/15. Each of these goals will unlock a certain number of crossword puzzle clues and may even reward you with credits.
  • Once the clues are unlocked you may enter the answers in the crossword puzzle
  • Each time you successfully answer sets of crossword puzzle clues you will be automatically eligible to win 6 different tiered prizes
    • 5 Answers – 50 random people that answer 5 clues will win the highly coveted Listia sticker
    • 10 Answers – 1 random person that answers 10 clues will win a Listia swag pack consisting of: mug, shirt, beer stein, limited edition 2014 coin, and 5 stickers
    • 16 Answers – 1 random person that answers 16 clues will win a $100 Amazon gift card
    • 22 Answers – 1 random person that answers 22 clues will win a 40″ LED TV
    • 30 Answers – 1 random person that answers 30 clues will win an Apple iPad Mini 2 (White, Wifi, 16GB)
    • 35 Answers
      • 1 random person that answers all 35 clues will win 3,000,000 credits
      • 5,000,000 credits will be distributed evenly amongst everyone that answers all 35 clues (eg if 100 people fully complete the crossword puzzle, each person will get 50,000 credits)
  • There are 35 total clues, but there will be enough goals to unlock ~50 clues (you don’t have to do EVERY Cyber Week goal to complete the puzzle)
  • The last Cyber Week goals will be live on 12/7/15. Once these goals end, the contest is over and you will no longer be able to unlock clues or enter answers.
  • Winners will be chosen a few days after Cyber Week ends and will be contacted via Zendesk ticket or Listia private message

A don’t forget the awesome raffles we have!

Let Cyber Week… BEGIN!!!

Final Week! – Listia Five Million Credit Giveaway

Listia Goals

It’s the final week of our 5M Credit Giveaway and all of the goals are out! Here’s a summary of what you should see on your goals page:

  • 5M Credit Giveaway: List 5 listings that sell for 100k or more (week 1)
  • 5M Credit Giveaway: Refer 15 friends (week 2)
  • 5M Credit Giveaway: Buy 25k credits (week 3, option 1)
  • 5M Credit Giveaway: Earn 25k offer credits (week 3, option 2)
  • 5M Credit Giveaway: Win 3 listings (week 4)

Six random people that complete at least one of the above goals will win 500,000 credits. One lucky person that completes all 4 weeks of goals (there are two goal options for week 3) will win 2,000,000 credits! Increase your chances of winning by completing more than one goal! Be sure to check your Listia inbox to see if you’ve won!

All 5 goals expire on 10/28/15 at 12:00am PST so that gives you just under a week to increase your chances! Good luck and have fun!

Update! – November 5th 2015

Thank you everyone for participating in the Five Million Credit Giveaway! After thousands of entries, we’re excited to announce the winners below!

  • Jean E.
  • Riah D.
  • Rebekah D.
  • Terry S.
  • Misty R.
  • Brody M.
  • Nichole B.

Thanks again! Keep an eye out for the next one!

Fixed Price Listings


Today we are excited to announce the arrival of a new feature on Listia: Fixed Price Listings!

Fixed Price Listings are different from today’s auctions in that there’s no bidding involved, and instead there is only a Get It Now (GIN) option. Some info about this new type of listing:

  1. Fixed Price Listings may only be listed by sellers with the Trusted Seller badge.
    Knowing the exact price you want for an item takes experience, so we want to make sure only sellers who’ve earned the Trusted Seller badge have this capability. There are no restrictions on who can place a GIN bid, though.
  2. A listing fee of 50 credits is applied when the item is listed.
  3. If the item sells, there is a 10% transaction fee based on the GIN amount.
    This amount is only deducted when you receive credits for the item.
  4. Listings can be created on the Web starting today, and support on our Android and iOS apps is coming soon.
  5. In almost every other way, these listings behave just like Auction Listings.

This new type of listing will benefit both sellers and buyers:

Seller Benefits

  • List with a fixed price to make sure you get the exact amount of credits you want. Have a valuable item that might only attract a few bidders? A Fixed Price Listing can help remove a lot of the uncertainty that may come with auctions and bidding.
  • For high volume sellers, Fixed Price Listings can result in listings that end earlier (you typically won’t have to wait the full listing duration), which means spending less time waiting, and more time earning credits.

Buyer Benefits

  • Fixed Price Listings bring more of that feeling of instant gratification you love when you use Get It Now. Watching and bidding on auctions is fun and exciting, but being able to win an item instantly is equally rewarding!
  • Because Fixed Price Listings encourage sellers to list items they previously might have held out on listing, buyers will start to see new types of items on Listia!

In conjunction with the release of Fixed Price Listings, we are also simplifying the pricing of the Get It Now and Start Bid options on Auction Listings, making them more consistent with how Fixed Price Listings behave.

Get It Now on Auctions

  • The low 50 credit listing fee is staying the same, but will no longer be refunded when the auction ends with GIN.
  • This change is effective today for all new auctions.

Start Bid on Auctions

  • Start Bid currently has a listing fee that increases with the start bid amount. For example, a starting bid of 1,000 costs 100 credits, but a starting bid of 50,000 costs 1,000 credits.
  • This is changing to a low, flat listing fee of 50 credits with a 10% transaction fee on the start bid amount if an item ends with normal bidding (not GIN).
  • Example: If you set a 5,000 start bid on an auction, you’ll pay just 50 credits up front. If your auction ends at 100,000 credits, then a fee of 500 will be applied when you receive your credits. A couple of important things to note:
    • The 10% transaction fee is only based on your start bid, not the final bid amount.
    • If the item does not sell, then no transaction fee is applied.
  • These changes will take effect Wednesday, April 15th, 2015.

The changes to Get It Now and Start Bid come about because we want to make the fees for the various features on listings simple and consistent. Once all the changes roll out, a simple way to think of it is that Fixed Price, GIN and Start Bid all have a very low listing fee of 50 credits. This allows you to list items with these features with little upfront cost and very little risk. Then, for all three features, there will be a 10% transaction fee applied only if the item sells.

Listing Type Listing Fee Transaction Fee
Fixed Price Listing 50 credits 10% of GIN
Only when item sells
Auction with Start Bid
When Start Bid is 500+
50 credits 10% of Start Bid
Only if item sells via regular bidding
10% of starting bid, NOT final amount
Auction with Get It Now 50 credits 10% of GIN
Only when item sells via GIN
All Other Auctions FREE FREE

Onward and Upward!

Along with these changes, you’ll also notice a refreshed browse and search results view on the Web. We’ve made some improvements to display bidding and GIN options more clearly, and we’ve also made the images larger.

Our continued goal is to make Listia a bustling community where members can trade items with each other in a friendly and fun environment. With Fixed Price Listings, we’re now giving sellers a lot more control over how they want to sell their items, and at the same time creating more GIN opportunities for buyers.

Having more options helps everyone find a way to use Listia that feels “just right” for them. We can’t wait to see what you list!🙂

Rewards Store Updates


We are making some important updates to the Rewards Store today to ensure that Listia can continue to provide great new items to all members in a fair and fun way. A summary of the changes is listed below, but we encourage everyone to continue reading this entire post to fully understand the reasons for the necessary updates:

  1. Rewards Store items are being simplified into three different categories:
    • Staff Picks: Great new items shipped to you by Best Buy and Walmart (items previously found under other categories will be located here)
    • Listia Goods & Gear: Listia swag, including t-shirts, mugs, stickers and coins
    • Amazon Gift Cards: Official Amazon.com gift card codes, delivered digitally
  2. Most items, including all items sold through “Staff Picks,” will now be auctions that do not include a Get It Now (GIN)

The shift from GIN only items to regular auctions is the change that has the largest impact on Listia members. Since the Rewards Store first launched over two years ago, most of the items on the store have been available to Listia members through a fixed price (no bidding, just a GIN option). It was introduced as a nice benefit of being an active seller on Listia, and we felt that having GIN as the only option made buying from the store both quick and easy. It started off at a small scale, and the store was nearly always full of great products, and everything seemed fine.

In the span of the last several months though, we’ve noticed that items began to sell out extremely quickly (Can you imagine someone winning a 3-piece luggage set within 30 seconds of it being listed? It happens.) The Rewards Store started to look very sparse, and at times was completely sold out. An easy solution would have been to simply list more and more items, but as you can imagine, that would quickly become too costly for Listia to maintain.

There are two main reasons why the Rewards Store started to sell out:

  1. The Listia community is growing, and that means more members are using the Rewards Store as a great way to spend their credits.
  2. Items in the store were often priced much lower than what they would sell for on the rest of the site. In many situations, winning an item on the Rewards Store could be considered a steal, and who doesn’t love a great deal?

Over the last two years, we’ve steadily grown the Rewards Store. We’ve also changed the Get It Now amounts a few times to make the items priced more accurately. Those actions weren’t quite enough to keep the Rewards Store in a state where enough members could participate in a casual, stress-free way though. Hearing members’ stories about needing to refresh the Rewards Store constantly to immediately “snipe” something that gets listed is one of the things that keeps us up at night!

A few answers to some of the questions you may all have:

How long will the auctions be live for?
We are starting off with 5 day auctions, which we feel is short of enough to keep things exciting, but also long enough to make sure everyone gets a chance to see it. Items will be starting and ending daily, so keep your eyes peeled!

Will things get more expensive?
Since Listia will no longer set the price of most Rewards Store items, the bidding will behave just like any other auction on Listia. It’s hard to say if specific items will tend to sell for more or less credits, but in general you should see prices more accurately reflect their fair market value.

Our goal with today’s changes is to keep the Rewards Store as an enjoyable and rewarding place for our members to use their credits. While we are sad to see the GIN option go, we feel that it is a necessary step to make sure the store stays up-and-running for all members. Also, by having Rewards Store items as auctions with no starting bid and no GIN, everyone can place a bid early to have their opportunity at winning. As a separate measure, we will be increasing our focus on keeping the items as fresh as possible!

Thank you all for continuing to be a part of the Listia community!