Welcome EXP!

If you’ve checked in to Listia or opened one of our apps, you probably noticed EXP has launched! EXP is a rebranding of our benefits program where members get discounts and bonuses based on their Listia activity. Thank you for being loyal Listia members and we appreciate your patience with any issues you’ve come across with the switch! Please let us know if you see any bugs by sending us a ticket.

EXP replaces Props

EXP is a direct replacement for Props. For everyone that has earned Pending Props, we have issued the equivalent amount of EXP to get you to the same benefits level. You’ll see a “Listia Member EXP” grant in your EXP activity page and your level should be the same or better than your Props level as of 11/9/21. EXP are internal experience points used for our member benefits program, are not redeemable, and can not be taken off Listia.

EXP earning, levels, and benefits

The way you earn EXP and the benefits you get are the same as before so there is no change there. The amount of EXP that you earn is slightly different than the amount of Pending Props you used to earn. The amount of Pending Props earned for each action used to vary based on the market rate of Props at any given moment. We’ve simplified the program and the earned EXP amounts will be consistent from day to day. Because of this you’ll probably notice that you have a larger EXP balance and level requirement compared to the previous program with Props. Just know that you’ll be earning more EXP for all your activity on Listia and your existing benefits are the same!

What happens with Props?

All the Pending Props that you earned over the last year are still in your account for one more month and you can see your Props activity in your account. You can claim those available Pending Props into your own wallet pending any KYC application process. After December 16, 2021 we are no longer allowed to process Pending Props claims into wallets and this feature will be discontinued. Issuing Pending Props has been discontinued and we are no longer adjusting your Listia Props benefit level based on your Props balances (including Props in a connected wallet).

You can view your Props activity and manage your connected wallet here: https://www.listia.com/account/props_activity

Statement from the Props CEO: https://blog.propsproject.com/a-letter-from-our-ceo-1332f6cabab1

Update: The final date to claim Pending Props into your wallet is now December 16, 2021

More coming soon!

We can’t wait to expand on this benefit program more in the future so stay tuned for updates!

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