Listia Digital Collectible Puzzle!

As many of you have seen, Listia has already transferred the first piece of the Puzzle into thousands of Listia Digital Collectibles Wallets over the past week! There will be 5 pieces in total, with each being more rare than the next!

Who can participate: Only users with the Wings or Seller Wings badge are eligible.

Pieces are awarded as you complete actions on Listia.


  1. Reload your PTS Balance with any valid amount.
  2. List an Item with Free Shipping and receive Positive Feedback for delivery.
  3. Win an item and transfer PTS to the Seller. 
  4. Complete an Offer or Survey with a value of 500+ PTS

You can also gift them or win pieces from other users if they are listed in the marketplace. Once you have 3 or more of a particular piece, you won’t receive more of that piece for completing actions unless you give some away or sell them.


  • Puzzle Piece #1: Eligible users should receive this only once, upon logging into their account.
  • Puzzle Piece #2: Eligible users have a 40% chance of receiving this after completing an action.
  • Puzzle Piece #3: Eligible users have a 29% chance of receiving this after completing an action.
  • Puzzle Piece #4: Eligible users have a 8% chance of receiving this after completing an action.
  • Puzzle Piece #5: Eligible users have a 0.5% chance of receiving this after completing an action.
  • No Puzzle Piece: Users have a 22.5% chance of receiving nothing after completing an action.*

Note: It can take a few minutes or up to several hours after completing an action to receive each puzzle piece, so hang tight!

More Info and Rules:

*All Puzzle Pieces are given at random in accordance to the weightings above. You can find any or none of the Puzzle Pieces by doing the actions outlined. Once you have 3 or more of the same Puzzle Piece # in your account, you won’t receive any more of that particular piece for completing actions, unless you give it away or sell it. The odds of receiving any of the other pieces remain the same.

For Example: You can theoretically choose only to complete offers worth 500+ PTS each and eventually collect all 5 Puzzle Pieces. However, you wouldn’t receive more than 3 of any particular piece unless you gave some away or sold them.

Prize: Users who collect all 5 Puzzle Pieces can trade them in to receive an Exclusive Listia Logo Digital Collectible NFT. The quantity of NFTs created will be limited to the number of completed puzzles during the duration of this game! Other fun prizes for Listia Logo Digital Collectible owners may be announced closer to the end of the game.

Duration: 6 Weeks. End of Game will be Friday March 24th. If there is only one completed Puzzle by this time, the rarity of the Listia Logo Digital Collectible NFT will be 1/1. All completed Puzzles can be redeemed on or shortly after this date.

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