Listia Seller Card!

Today we are proud to announce the official release of our new Digital Collectible, The Listia Seller Card! The Listia Seller Card will be available to all Listia Users to create, share and collect within their Listia Digital Collectibles Wallet.

We know you all love to sell on Listia, but probably also use other platforms, such as, Ebay, Facebook Marketplace, Etsy, Amazon, etc. In addition to selling, many of you have a large presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok.


The idea behind this Digital Seller Card is to create a personalized card that represents you and then pass it along to your favorite customers and fans to create loyalty, increase engagement and to help build your own brand as a Seller across all platforms. 

This card was created to give Users the ability to reward their best customers and market not only their profiles and storefronts on Listia, but also any other marketplaces and social media accounts outside of Listia! Lisita wants you to grow and be profitable, while having as much fun as possible!

How it works

Each seller card can be customized and includes links to all your marketplace and social media profiles. Sellers will also be able to add optional special perks and privileges on their Listia Seller Cards, so everyone who has your card can get things like Free Shipping upgrades, Discounts for being a holder, Free bonus items, etc. This means you can create your own club or social network of fans and customers. Feel free to include anything within reason to help drive sales and promote items for Users who own your card.

The Listia Seller Card is dynamic, so making changes and updates to perks is easy. Do it right from your Listia Profile to update all Seller Cards in your Wallet and the ones that have been given out to your customers! Right now card designs are set, but this will likely change in phase two, so you have a lot more control over the design.

For Example: If you want to run a promotion for a week where you give all Users a free item with any purchase over 5,000 PTS you can just update the Perks on your card! Then you can remove that Perk the next week. Sellers are responsible for all Perks. Listia cannot refund or credit Winners for any loss due to misinformation or lack of followthrough on perks.

Users will be able to create 50 Free Seller Cards at the start of each month. If you give out more than 50 during the month, no worries, you can buy some more with PTS. Just like all Digital Collectibles, once you give them out, they cannot be given back to the original owner of the Digital Collectible. 

For Example: ListiaRichard cannot give out 25 Listia Seller Cards and then request them to be given back. 

Remember the overall idea is not only to build your Listia presence, but also your overall brand across all platforms. But most importantly, just have fun with them 🙂

This is just Phase One! We are quickly ramping up Phase Two… Stay Tuned! 

*Any outside links written on Auctions, in comments or in private messages are prohibited and still violate our terms of service. Doing so, will result in immediate and permanent account suspension. 

As always, check out our Facebook for up-to-date announcements and do not hesitate to send in a support ticket with your questions or concerns.

Listia Digital Collectible Puzzle!

UPDATE 3/29/2023: Hope everyone had fun collecting Puzzle Pieces over the last few weeks! Listia has already stopped giving out NEW puzzle pieces to complete the Listia Logo Digital Collectible. In total, we gave out 461 Puzzle Piece #5’s during the game (hardest piece to earn) and created 500 total Listia Logos to account for any errors while distributing. After all 461 possible Listia Logos have been distributed or in a few weeks, which ever comes first, we will take a poll by owners to either destroy the unclaimed logos or to give them back out to existing owners via contests or giveaways.

As many of you have seen, Listia has already transferred the first piece of the Puzzle into thousands of Listia Digital Collectibles Wallets over the past week! There will be 5 pieces in total, with each being more rare than the next!

Who can participate: Only users with the Wings or Seller Wings badge are eligible.

Pieces are awarded as you complete actions on Listia.


  1. Reload your PTS Balance with any valid amount.
  2. List an Item with Free Shipping and receive Positive Feedback for delivery.
  3. Win an item and transfer PTS to the Seller. 
  4. Complete an Offer or Survey with a value of 500+ PTS

You can also gift them or win pieces from other users if they are listed in the marketplace. Once you have 3 or more of a particular piece, you won’t receive more of that piece for completing actions unless you give some away or sell them.


  • Puzzle Piece #1: Eligible users should receive this only once, upon logging into their account.
  • Puzzle Piece #2: Eligible users have a 40% chance of receiving this after completing an action.
  • Puzzle Piece #3: Eligible users have a 29% chance of receiving this after completing an action.
  • Puzzle Piece #4: Eligible users have a 8% chance of receiving this after completing an action.
  • Puzzle Piece #5: Eligible users have a 0.5% chance of receiving this after completing an action.
  • No Puzzle Piece: Users have a 22.5% chance of receiving nothing after completing an action.*

Note: It can take a few minutes or up to several hours after completing an action to receive each puzzle piece, so hang tight!

More Info and Rules:

*All Puzzle Pieces are given at random in accordance to the weightings above. You can find any or none of the Puzzle Pieces by doing the actions outlined. Once you have 3 or more of the same Puzzle Piece # in your account, you won’t receive any more of that particular piece for completing actions, unless you give it away or sell it. The odds of receiving any of the other pieces remain the same.

For Example: You can theoretically choose only to complete offers worth 500+ PTS each and eventually collect all 5 Puzzle Pieces. However, you wouldn’t receive more than 3 of any particular piece unless you gave some away or sold them.

Prize: Users who collect all 5 Puzzle Pieces can trade them in to receive an Exclusive Listia Logo Digital Collectible NFT. The quantity of NFTs created will be limited to the number of completed puzzles during the duration of this game! Other fun prizes for Listia Logo Digital Collectible owners may be announced closer to the end of the game.

Duration: 6 Weeks. End of Game will be Friday March 24th. If there is only one completed Puzzle by this time, the rarity of the Listia Logo Digital Collectible NFT will be 1/1. All completed Puzzles can be redeemed on or shortly after this date.

Please make sure to check out our Facebook for more Digital Collectible giveaways, prizes and more! The Silver Wheel giveaway is happening right now…

Introducing Listia Collectible NFT Badges

Today we are introducing something new and fun called Listia Collectible NFT Badges! These are limited edition digital badges that you can collect and win through auctions, special events, and contests.

We are dropping the first two such badges today:

I ❤️ Listia Collectible NFT Badge. Listia Series 1. Uncommon #1/50
I ❤️ Props Collectible NFT Badge. Listia Series 1. Uncommon #1/50

When you obtain a badge, they will appear in your set of Listia badges. The ones dropping today are part of a set of 50, numbered 1-50. Each badge has it’s own number and deisgn that is distinct from the rest of the set.

In the future, badges will be transferrable outside of Listia and also sellable within Listia. That means you can collect, buy, and sell badges with your fellow Listians! Coming soon.

What is NFT?
NFT stands for non-fungible token. It is a blockchain-based technology that ensures each badge is distinct from every other badge. It also ensures that you can digitally “own” these badges. This means you will soon be able to transfer them outside of Listia into your own blockchain wallet and display or trade them elsewhere as well. Some other popular NFT collectibles are CryptoKitties and NBA Top Shot. But no worries if you aren’t interested in any of that for now. You can fully experience these digital collectibles right here on Listia!

What do the badges do?
These badges are a fun way to collect and show off your interests and personality on Listia and outside of Listia. There will be more themes coming, so stay tuned! In the future, we may have badges with attached perks as well, but for now they are there for your enjoyment and to proudly display your collection.

What about existing badges?
There is no change to the existing badges on Listia. Those badges can only be earned as verifications or achievements and will always be that way. They look different as well, so you can tell them apart, and we will never allow those badges to be transferred. Being a level 6 Supersonic is no easy feat! 🙂

Do I have to buy badges?
Not at all! While we will be frequently dropping new badges as auctions, we also plan to do more giveaways, events, and contets for future badges.

Win a FREE badge!
Simply watch and comment on today’s auctions to enter and we will choose 5 random Listians to receive a free numbered badge. It will appear in your badge list soon after the auctions end.

There’s lots more to come, but for now… good luck and hope these add an extra bit of fun to Listia for you!

Follow us on Twitter @listia or Facbeook @ListiaOfficial to be the first to know about new Badge drops 🙂