Seller Wings Badge


Some of you may have noticed a new badge showing up in your profile called the “Seller Wings” badge.  Currently you are considered a “new seller” if you do not have your Wings badge, but we’ve decided to replace this with the Seller Wings badge instead.  We decided that this would be a better gauge of whether or not you a user should be required to go through the pending credit process.  The requirements for the Seller Wings badge are 5 positive seller feedback ratings, listed at least 5 auctions, maintain a 90% postive seller feedback rating and been a member for 20 days.

We will finish rolling these out to our users by the end of the week and some time next week pending credits will be based off this badge instead.  Thanks!


  1. ooo thats what its for thx 😀

  2. i have all that :O why am i not getting it?

  3. valerie says:

    me to I got all that and still dont have it whats wrong


  5. Yeah I have everything, where is my seller wings badge? I want to do GIN cmon!

  6. I have all that and more. Where is my bade. I also want to gin. I am doing all the extras and am validated. what the heck???

  7. I have a 100% seller feedback, based on 15. 100% feedback from buying, based on 28, I have verified everything. I have over 30 badges. I’ve listed 50 auctions! I’vebeen on tthe site, checking in daily, over the 20 days. No seller’s wings yet. I’m bummed.

  8. I can’t bid on some auctions because I don’t have my wings but, I have seller wings and I still can’t bid, why?

  9. I can’t even bid it says user cannot bid cause needs wings or verify account and i verified it

  10. Savannah Lewis says:

    I received my seller wings badge two days ago, but when I checked my account today, it was gone. I don’t understand what happened.

  11. Mikai Dixon says:

    I can’t bid it says the bid user needs to get verified or have its wings plz help

  12. I have done all the requirements for this badge but have yet to earn it. Any help? When I try to submit something to Listia support it won’t go through. Thank you.

  13. Pegasusunicorn says:

    I am supposed to get my seller wings badge, but I haven’t gotten it yet. I’ve met all the requirements and I’m so confused. My username is pegasusunicorn

  14. This is ridiculous because it is almost Christmas and I need to buy gifts but this badge is making it so I can’t purchase ANYTHING!!!??

  15. Unknown65 says:

    Stupid… Just stupid. Deleting app because I’m not selling anything of mine and I’m not waiting 20 days to buy anything. You ruined my hopes of getting games that I want for my PS3. Your actions for this is stupid. Next time think before you act.

    • Vlad Marinescu says:

      Same here,minus 1 user because this is super stupid,i really wanted an Amazon 5$ card and it was SUUUUPEEEEEEERRRRR cheap like 1 points and it’s ending in like 1 hour,I could get a phone case with it,UR SO STUUUUUUUUPIIIIIIIID LESTIA

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  18. Op

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