New Product Launch: Sponsored Raffles


Today we’re launching a new product on Listia where sponsors can list a raffle to do their giveaway!  What’s the difference between our auctions and raffles?

  • Anyone that enters the raffle has a chance to win
  • Instead of placing bids you purchase raffle tickets using your Listia credits
  • One winner will be chosen at random at the end of the raffle, the more tickets you have the higher your chances are of winning
  • There are daily limits on the number of tickets you can buy based on your experience level, so check back every day!

Our first raffle is being hosted by our sponsor WePay and they’re giving away an XBOX 360 here!  Anyone can win with just 1 ticket!  Right now you can see raffles at the top of the site as well as on the right hand side of browse pages.  We’re working on integrating raffles into our search engine.  Good luck and have fun!

Run a business and want to sign up as a sponsor?

Ever want to do a giveaway, but want to reach beyond your own userbase?  Listia is a great solution for this!  Sponsored auctions and raffles get premium placement on the site and our users love seeing new products all the time!  Sponsored raffles allow anyone to win your item not just an experienced Listia user with a boatload of credits.  Expose your product to new users on Listia and send your existing customers to your raffle page … entering a raffle is easy as pie!

Want to learn more?  Our sponsored accounts are now self serve and you can learn more and sign up here.



  1. are Canadians included in the shipping of this prize please /

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