Free Shipping Could Boost Your Listings

Do you ever wonder if it’s worth it to offer Free Shipping in your listings? We were very curious to find out, so we asked Ngan to dig up some more stats from our database.

To set the record straight, most Listians do offer free shipping. In the history of all listings, about two thirds included free shipping for their buyers. 65.5% of all listings, to be exact:


But how does Free Shipping help or hurt your listings? Well, you can draw some conclusions for yourself:


Based on our top performing categories, we noticed very strong correlations between Free Shipping and more bidders, bids and final credit amounts. Across the board, items with Free Shipping ended with twice as much activity than their counterparts offering Flat, Exact or Local Pick Up only.

So as a seller, is Free Shipping worth it? We sure think so, but we’ll let you confirm for yourselves.


  1. mariamorris10 says:
  2. Free shipping is really a nice incentive to drag potential buyers over the line to purchase the item. Thanks for the handy tip!

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