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MakeNewFriends Welcome New Listia Members!
The Listia community is diverse; our members are located all over the world. With our 5th birthday only 2 weeks in the distance we recognize that many of you are newer to Listia and just getting started, or might just be curious about how it works. Welcome! We’re glad to have you with us. Whether you signed up via your computer or your mobile phone, we thought these tips might be helpful to our newer friends:

Become a Listia Member
If you invite a friend, or are still just curious, it’s easy to become a member of the community. Becoming a member of Listia is simple and only requires your email address. Once you click “Submit” you will receive an email with a link to confirm your account. Click that link and you’re ready to get started! Oh, and you’ve already earned 1000 Credits! Please note: Listia is 18+ only.

Address Verification
Because Listia involves members shipping items to one another, we provide Listia Assurance. To qualify, you must have a verified address. Once you log in to your account, get your shipping address(es) verified. If you move to a new home, city, or state (or have more than one location to which you want your items shipped), you can add multiple addresses later. Do this now, because this process can take up to 24 hours. Click here to get Listia verified.

Get More Credits
Now the fun begins! You have a few choices, and you don’t have to pick just one – you can do them all! If you have some items you’re not using, whether new or used, gather them together. Take pictures, and list the items. You can also take a variety of surveys, perform a number of different tasks around the site, participate in our facebook contests, watch videos or purchase credits (check frequently for credit specials).

Search, Discover, Trade, Make Friends
Browse the Listia marketplace by performing searches. Don’t know what you’re looking for? That’s ok, just choose from your favorite categories and go from there.

Love Star Trek? Search Now
Need crochet yarn? Search Now
Are you a vinyl collector? Search Now
Need to shoot some video? Search Now
Never pay for another book again: Search Now

Tip! Save your searches:  to receive notifications which will inform you when items that match your searches are listed. To do this, look for “Save Search” above your search results. Once you click it, you will be prompted to save the search and can choose how you receive your notifications.

We think you’ll find it enjoyable to know more about where your items are going, and who is receiving them. In addition, our members enjoy convening on our facebook page and are known to help each other with questions.

Have Fun – We’re Here
If you have any questions our Support Team is ready to help you. The most important part? Enjoy Yourself! 


  1. I LOVE LISTIA !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. How do you OPT out or unsubscribe from this site?????

  3. Heaven Tallarico says:

    400 Bad Request
    Request Header Or Cookie Too Large
    This is all I get when I try to navigate this site. I can’t raise a bid, view items for sale, etc. It’s all very frustrating!!!!

  4. I have really enjoyed being on Listia. I have gotta rid of stuff I no longer want or need. And I have won alot of great things. So far I have meant alot of really nice people. It’s a really a fun site.

  5. Maria Torres says:


  6. I am NOT getting any of my credits due to me from any of my auctions into my account . I have submited many tickets to listia & I get no responce . Is there a number i can call ? I am out of money from items & shipping with tracking & credits !!!

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