Listia Stories: Friends & All-Stars

We asked you for your stories, and what a response! So many of you have made lasting friendships and new friends, but the common thread remains the same: Listia is enriching the lives of so many of our members. We are grateful you’re here –  many thanks to everyone who shared with us. Keep sharing! Write to and tell us why you love Listia, or about your friends on Listia – or both! If your email is published on the blog you’ll win an exclusive All-Star Badge, 5 Listia stickers which will arrive in the mail & 100 bonus credits deposited into your Listia account.

Listia All-Stars August 2014

All-Star: LynneDunlap

All-Star: LynneDunlap

When I signed up for Listia I had no idea what I’d find.  I signed up so I would have something to do since I’m disabled and don’t get out much.  What I found were a lot of really nice people who understood being disabled and it helped me come alive again and to feel like I actually have a purpose.  I haven’t been able to work for years, so having items on Listia made me feel like I had a job and I could give good customer service.  I love bidding on items as well, it’s been fun getting mail with good stuff in it instead of just bills!  I want to thank the team at Listia for being nice as well because they definitely make the experience better.  Thanks to all Listians for helping me feel better! Click to visit LynneDunlap on Listia 




All-Star: Jitterbugjim

I have made many friends on listia. I suggest the site to everyone I talk to, in person or online. I basically live on Listia. the one person that stands out though is George A. he messaged me after reading a comment that I had made on a listing. he noticed that we both lived in maine. after a quick few emails back and forth, not only did we live in the same state, but realized we were only 25 minutes away from each other. we very quickly became facebook friends. Unfortunately I have been out of work for a lil while, due to the economy in the rural area I live. i was desparate for any work. I am a carpenter by trade. my son was graduating from high school and I felt bad that I couldn’t even afford to pay for his cap and gown. I happened to mention this on facebook, when George commented that he might be able to help. he needed some repairs done around his home, which I was glad to do. this gave me enough to buy my sons cap and gown, but also it has led to more work and leads. This all has happened in a months time and couldn’t have been possible without Listia. Click to visit Jitterbugjim on Listia


All-Star: Cirad

All-Star: Cirad

When I happened to come across Lista on January 25, 2014, I was not doing too well health wise. Being disabled, there’s not much I can do physically, so I’m usually stuck inside. I love to browse other auction sites, “window shopping”, picking out things I wish I could afford to buy, which usually only adds to my feeling down on myself. On the day I found Listia, it became a very happy day in my life which has quite literally brightened up my life and has made me feel better overall! As usual, I was leery and hesitant toward Listia because life has taught me that nothing in life is free, but as I became more familiar with how Listia works, the more I came to realize, that old saying no longer applies. What a great feeling I felt as I slowly but surely built up my credits, seeing that indeed I could win things for free! Then I became a seller! To simply pick an item from around the house that has been stored away in a box or something I haven’t used in years and list it on Lista, then watch people bid for it, gave me a great feeling about myself and made me feel good that through my auctions I was helping others feel good by winning my items I no longer wanted or needed! I quickly forgot about the other auction sites that expected me to buy things. I am now spending all my time on Listia, and get so excited when my auctions end and when I win auctions myself! My new motto is, “Whoever said, nothing in life is free, evidently hasn’t found Listia!” I want to thank each and every one of the team members of Listia, you all have created a community where people can meet and share things with each other in a fun and rewarding way! Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I Love Listia! Click to visit Cirad on Listia



  1. When I started listea I thought wow free stuff, but as time goes I relize I meeting peaple all over.I don’t travel because I’m disabled and can’t talk on phone being deaf for five year so I lost communication its gets lonely. But I met some friends on listia and enjoyed getting stuff being on a tight budget here.I love stuff peaple make mostly, nothing more beautiful than get arts and crafts stuff.thank you listia for Your wonderful website.

  2. michele thomas says:

    I am a disabled female and I found out about listia by accident. I saw a link and I said free stuff realy whats the catch. I said to myself I need to go check it out. I found that there is no catch. I love listia I am on this website at all hrs of the day and night . I had lost everything at one time in my life and trying to get things back. I am a fishing finatic and have to have 1 of everything. Just to say I have it. I probably won’t ever use them all but thanks to listia I can get them. I love listia and now I can get rid of some of the old stuff I am not using to earn more credits for the things I want. I love listia . Listia is a wonderful thing for me , they have let me gain friends that I never thought I would ever have. I have been able to help out other sellers that don’t know alot about there fishing gear that there selling . It feels good to be able to help out other listians.

    Once again thank you listia for bring back my self esteem

    • I don’t even know how I found out about Listia. I just know one day I was on here with these credit I could spend and win free items!!!! So I started looking. My cousin had just found out she had cancer and we were very close. I was not taking it very well that she was going to die within six months. So I buried myself into Listia bidding and selling mostly bidding over 300 auctions from

  3. eva walters says:

    im handicapped n i love to spend time on the computer i saw listia n said yeah im so going to check this out my first auction was almost a bust i accidently reposted the icamera n sold it twice so that didnt win me any points with the customers i was even called a fake by one but i got things figured out n made a lot of good friends nadded one to my facebook family she was new on listia n i had listed a set of silver napkin rings she was the winner n couldnt pay the shiupping so i sent them to her any way she thought that was great wse still talk n share things on face book

  4. I LOVE the people (Listians) I have met here, however as far as LISTIA is concerned:
    Just to let you know, discontinuing my selling on Listia is how I am feeling. I will NOT advocate it in a positive light in ANY surveys or with ANY friends and or family. I will go to any lengths to let anyone who inquires about LISTIA know about my experience with the companies YOU have chosen to represent you. I feel as though I have been cheated and will not hesitate to share that I think LISTIA is a SCAM and dishonest. After submitting AT LEAST 10 different complaints with regard to purchases I have made, showing PROOF of the purchases and providing detailed emails, receipts and any other information to prove my purchases, LISTIA has chosen to disregard my credits due. If any one cares to look up any of the emails I have provided, it is easy to see why my experience with Listia is sour. I will not beg anymore for the credits I have earned. I have gone through all the channels like a bouncing ball from one company to the next with no one taking any responsibility for giving me the credits I paid for and or earned legitimately.

    • I have no problem with Listia but I have a ton of issues with the so called surveys that are on the site claiming to give you reward credits for doing their surveys. I have at least 7 times got cheated out of receiving credits for completing surveys. What burns me the most is I always did the higher credit earning surveys and most of them have taken 30 minutes 45 minutes even up to a hour and got burned and never received my credits for the surveys. I even copied and pasted where it says you have completed this survey and forwarded it to the people in charge of that particular survey and THEY NEVER GET BACK TO ME let alone give me the credits I just earned. But that is NOT aproblem with Listia but the people who advertise with them.

  5. I’m so upset and I got no notification of being out bid , so you guys suck!11111

  6. you fuckers get on the ball your you’ll become spam and the BBB will shut you down!!!

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