New Post Auction Changes

Today we pushed some changes to the way credit transactions work after an auction has completed.  A lot of the old methodology is the same in terms of pending credits and users with the Seller Wings badge, but there are some changes that we hope are improvements regarding credit reversals.  You can read the full details here: (pending credits) and (credit refunds)

In short …

– Buyers and sellers can request credit refunds 5 days after an auction has closed
– When a dispute is opened against you, you have 5 days to respond before the opposing party receives an automatic reversal
– Auctions are completely closed 20 days after an auction has closed (no credit reversal request may be filed after this time)

Let us know if you see any problems!  Thanks!


  1. good work

  2. Chromedaffodils says:

    What is someone spent all their credits, and a reversal is imposed? Also, they may need more than 5 days to respond, since shipping can take awhile depending. I think it should also be case specific, if someone honestly has a problem, fairness and common sense should make the call. Hopefully people will be more compelled to be fair since this is such a public forum with continual communication, it’s embarassing to be called out in public, you know. Also, as long as the rules don’t continue to grow with the population, it will stay fun! lol :0)

  3. Melissa F says:

    what about sellers that stall and stall and then any chance of the item coming would be after 20 days? i have one seller that is doing this now and its just about 19 days.

  4. Listia Inc. says:

    Most likely they are stalling for a reason. Don’t let them do this.

  5. Melissa F says:

    they had perfect feedback so i gave them the benefit of the doubt, i better go check out a reversal if i didnt wait to long YIKES! LOL!

  6. Majik Merlin says:

    I see a big problem with mailed payments. Sometimes the buyer is the one to stall and sometimes it is the seller.i mail my payments (sorry-HATE Paypal) and the turn around can and often does exceed the 20 days from the end of an auction

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