Browsing through Listia like a speeding bullet!

With so many great auctions to see on Listia, browsing through them all can be a bit time consuming (especially if your computer is slow or you have a slower internet connection).  You want to find that gem of an auction as fast as possible, right?  So let me share with you a little “trick of the trade” that may help you see more auctions in a fraction of the time.  This is done using a browser feature that many power-users use—browser tabs.  The exact steps may vary from browser to browser, but the general concept still applies across all modern browsers that support tabs (almost all do).  And this tip can be used to surf the Internet faster, and not just Listia (IE: Google search results page).

1) Do a search on Listia for anything that you’re interested in, and you’ll get a list of matching auctions.
2) Instead of clicking on the one you’re interested in, press the CTRL key down while left-clicking the auction (Windows).  If you’re on a Mac, hold down the Command key when clicking.  When you do this, most browsers will open up that auction in a NEW separate tab without you ever leaving the original page you’re on.  (Note: Some browsers may require you to change a setting so that the new tab opens up in the background.)
3) Continue down the list to the next auction that you want to see, and do it again (CTRL click).  Keep doing that for all the auctions that you’re interested in, and they’ll be individually opened up in the background as separate tabs in the order you opened them.
4) After you’ve done that to a number of auctions, you can click on each of the new tabs to read, comment, and place your bids.  Voila!  Once done, close each tab if desired.

Click the thumbnail below for an example.

See how easy that is?

Benefits: You don’t have to wait for the pages to load because you’re just continuing on and CTRL clicking on all the ones you want to see first.  Meanwhile, the auction pages are all loading in the background and ready whenever you are.  And now, you can power through Listia like a speeding bullet, finding more great things to bid on!

Happy listings/winnings everyone!

What other ways do you power through Listia?


  1. myranda dial says:

    listia is amazing

    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Myranda,
      Glad you’re finding it amazing…we think so too, but we’re a bit biased! =) The community, full of users like yourself, is what makes it so amazing!

  2. I think it is great, but why haven’t I gotten 15 points each time I have invited fr4iends to join? There seems to be no phone number to call. I also try to fill out surveys, but they all say I do Not qualify… how is that fair?

    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Cathy,
      Your friends have to complete their first auction successfully before your account is credited with your referral credits. Egg them on to have as much fun as you’re having!

    • Cathy, I agree with you when it comes to survey’s. I went through about 15 of there, not sure what they are called, I call them pre survey’s and every single one said I didn’t qualify!! It’s NOT FAIR and I know for sure, that I qualified for several of those!!! Taluna, I believe I spelled that incorrectly, but i’m pretty sure that they are doing that to many!!


      • ListiaTae says:

        Hi Mona,

        I’m not sure if you’re talking about Offers, but please open up a support ticket and we can look into that for you. Sometimes, an account can get blocked from completing Offers by our 3rd party but we can often times tell once we get your username in the ticket. Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience.

      • Cathy the same thing happened with me at Toluna I opened an account did the required amount of survey and I have yet to credited with the alleged 1000 points “Post Instantly that’s what it said do not believe it.,Listia needs to follow up on the honesty of these dishonest companies I suppose it was my fault for being naive enough tot believe such a thing ,I will never go to the do surveys and earn points

  3. listians are some of the nicest people you will ever know,and being one is so much fun,thanks listia,Dorothy85

    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Dorothy85,
      Having fun on Listia is what we want to hear from everyone! Thanks for letting us know and keep listing and winning!

  4. Raymond says:

    Ray July 2 Thanks for a kool site

    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Ray,
      The site is “kool” because of the users we have on it! Have fun listing and winning!

  5. cool tip, but I just right click my mouse then click on open new tab just as fast 8=)

    • ListiaTae says:

      Yup, that works too, if you have two buttons on your mouse (Macs only have one button). Personal preference if you have the option though.

  6. chaelacc says:

    I love Listia and recently got my husband to sign up. Overall it is a great group and i’ve met some wonderful people. Unfortunately, not everone is as nice as others. What can be done to deter underage people from using the site as per the rules? I know there are some under 18 who are great listers, however, rules are rules and I have bid and won items only to find out later the person is underage and legally not allowed to sign into a contract. They have had to wait until their parents take them to the post office and stuff. one was about 15

    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Chaelacc, yes, Listia is for people who are 18 and over, so please flag those users so that our moderation team can investigate.

  7. you have not been responding to my tickets submitted.
    I’m waiting for replies to my queries.

    • ListiaTae says:

      Hi Harmon,
      Those tickets were opened up today, so I’m sure you’ll be getting a response by tomorrow. Our current turnaround time is around 1 business day. Thanks!

      • is there any way to speed up the process coz it’s really important for me right now.
        Btw according to my local time these were opened up yesterday.

  8. is there any way to
    speed up the process coz
    it’s really important for
    me right now.
    Btw according to my
    local time these were opened up yesterday.

  9. I love the article on how browse the auctions like a speeding bullet. I’ll use that now!Surveys can get a little picky but 5 I’ve completed have given me my credits and all but one offers have accepted me an given me my credits also. I caught a scammer today and instead of just flagging him, I used the contact Listia link and I believed it helped to get results faster.All his auctions were suspended in around three hours.

  10. Excellent. =)

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