Quan Joins the Listia Staff Team


Please join us in welcoming our newest addition to the Listia Staff Team: Quan!  He’s here as a developer, to help program our site as we continue to grow.  He’ll help implement some site changes to make Listia even better than before.

As a tradition of introducing our new employees, we would like to share interesting facts with you about Quan:

  1. He grew up in Silver Spring, Maryland, lives in San Francisco now, and has been to over 30 different countries!
  2. For hobbies, he loves traveling (needless to say), photography, and running on the beach with his dog Sticky.
  3. He’s multilingual: English, Vietnamese, Ruby, and Javascript.
  4. His favorite foods are: pizza, sushi, anything with crab in it, and any type of noodle soup.
  5. He survived 5 months in Paris without speaking a single sentence in French.  Oui!
  6. The strangest food he’s ever eaten is snake.
  7. His favorite sports teams are: the Brazilian soccer team and the Maryland Terrapins basketball team

If you’re interested in job opportunities with us, see our postings here: www.listia.com/jobs   Now that we have both a Tae and a Quan on the team, all we need now is a Do to get our “Tae Quan Do” badge.  =)

Leave a comment here for Quan and please welcome him to the Listia community!


  1. Welcome aboard. 🙂

  2. Welcome Quan! I use to have Family in Silver Spring and still have Family in the metro area…and was born in D.C!

  3. PatMorrison says:

    welcome Quan. Love your puppy. Hopee you enjoy working at Lista as much as I enjoy the site. It’s the best on the internet. Have fun and love your job.
    Big hugs to our new Lista emploee of the month..

  4. Warm Welcome Quan. I ❤ Listia and ❤ your fur baby 🙂 Hope you enjoy working for Listia as much as I ❤ Looking watching fanning and or bidding 😀

    • Barbara Ann Reedy-Cobbett says:

      I have never knew anyone with the same name as my mothers, I am new to this and just clicking around seeing if I can figure it out. When I seen your name on this post, I just had to tell you how rare you and mothers name must be, she has always had it pronounced wrong and spelled wrong. I have told people, Glenda, like the Good Witch on the Wizard of Oz! LOL! Wish me luck on this, I have a lot of things that needs
      a good home. I moved from a 3 story house to an apt!!

  5. welcome Quan. I am a huge fan of the Brazilian soccer team too. My favorite time to watch is during the gold cup and world cup. And anytime they go against the Argentina team.

  6. onelleO says:

    Welcome Quan to Listia. I’m some what new to this site and enjoy it. I know you will too.

  7. I don’t know if im in the right place… What happens if I win something but i don’t get it from the person selling it??? am i out the credits???

    • ListiaTae says:

      Nope, you can click the link on the auction to request a refund of your credits. An admin will look it over and help.

  8. Mr. Quan, can you please make everyone that bids on Listia VERIFY their mailing addresses ? I have 75% of people winning autions NOT VERIFIED. Thank you.

  9. congrats. well my first complaint is its been a month since i won a few auctions and they state that there items are real so i went a few days to add my charms to my bracelet and to find out they are fake!!! now I’m stuck with these fake charms. so why do they lie can’t they be real like the others. straight up forward. can’t there be anything done about it. yes they are free but come on why trick people and thinking they are real

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