I Love Listia Video Contest – Win $500


Movie Time! Get out your smartphones & video cameras, it’s time to show us your video chops. Record a video telling us why you love about Listia and you could win $500. Entering the I Love Listia video contest is easy: Make a 90 second (or less) video describing why you love Listia. That’s it!

You can enter your video in one of two ways:

1) Enter by YouTube: upload your video to YouTube with the title “I Love Listia” put your profile link somewhere in the description & make the video public. If you choose to use an alternate title email a link to your video to ilove@listia.com

2) Email the compressed video file with a link to your Listia Profile to ilove@Listia.com

5 Winners, 5 Prizes

1st Prize:  $500, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel, plus 50,000 Credits
2nd Prize: 40,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel
3rd Prize:  30,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel
4th Prize:  20,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel
5th Prize: 10,000 Credits, Featured on front of Listia YouTube Channel

Tips, Tricks, & Rules

Get creative and have fun with it!  Show us your best video skills and don’t hesitate to use your favorite video editing tools or applications. If you use YouTube, use their video editor to add effects and annotations as you see fit. Click Here to learn more about the amazing YouTube video editor.

  • Using your smartphone? Search the app store on your smartphone for a  video editing application, you may be surprised at how many there are, for free!

  • If you wish to add music, you may only do so if you upload your video to YouTube and use the YouTube music tool. Videos submitted via email which contain music will not be considered.  Videos uploaded to YouTube which contain music which is not added by the YouTube editor will not be considered.

  • 90 Seconds or Less! Videos over 90 seconds will not be considered

  • Videos must be entered between February 1 1:00 AM – February 28 at 13:00 to be considered for contest

  • Entries accepted by mail on SD Cards or thumb drives, must include your Listia profile information, and must be received by the contest deadline to be considered. Mailing address: Listia Inc. 3964 Rivermark Plaza #108 Santa Clara CA 95054 USA

  • All submissions must comply with Youtube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. Videos which do not comply with YouTube Terms of Service and Community Guidelines will not be considered.

Winners* Announced:
Monday March 10 at 13:00

*Winning videos will be selected by an internal staff voting process who will vote with anonymous ballots on their favorite videos.

By submitting a video to the contest you are granting Listia permission to share your video on the Listia channel

Good Luck!


  1. Why can’t it be like an essay. Written. I do not have the equipment to do your requirements. I feel that is biased. I love Listia and bid several times every day. Win a few times.

  2. my password and use name? I win today.

  3. Hi. Do you have to show your face in the video?

  4. I love listia because when I can’t afford it I go on Listia and see if they have the game cards cameras or anything like that

  5. Something is wrong with the site-every time I browse, search, or anything, I get this error screen-400 Bad Request

    Request Header Or Cookie Too Large
    Can you tell me how to get around this-is the site having maintenance done? Browser problem? I need to know if this site is really useful, or if I should cancel my account. Thank you for your help.

  6. Christine says:

    Though I do love Listia, I have a real consern that while most (nearly all, I’m sure) listers/sellers try and build a reputation as a courteous seller, fast shipper, etc… When I have someone who has just joined the day they bid, no verification of any sort – be it facebook, twitter etc (which can be fake accounts anyhow as I’ve seen with “furniture” listings on Listia since joining) I would love it if the powers that be here at Listia would simply require a verified shipping address or something like that BEFORE a new person can bid. I don’t think that will scare anyone away who is serious enough about finding out what Listia is and how addictive it can be. Otherwise, we are left with people that can simply be rival sellers on other sites or just bored individuals, coming here, getting their first points free, bidding and then leaving neg feedback etc. That always worries me. Does anyone else feel the same or am I the only one? Love to know =)

    • I totally agree. I get people all the time that I have had to leave neutral/negative feedback for so in retaliation, they easily open a fake account, get some free credits and they they are able to use that unverified account to bid on my items and leave neutral. I’ve had them leave neutral 30 seconds after the auction ended, so it’s obvious that the account was made solely to harass…

      • I understand your point, I got four rings on one auction.No names mentioned,no need but I put one of the rings on,it broke just sliding it on my finger and not hard or anything,the second ring the stone fell off in shipping.Third ring one of the stones were loose.Fourth ring seems okay. Honestly they look like they came out of a machine.I did not expect 14 KT. I think all of us kind of have an idea when things are real or not buy how many points that are being bid.I still left positive for that person and did not ask for a credit.My mistake but I still would not leave negative. Live and learn.Negative takes alot of energy and time. I have not been on here very long .My point is that I understand what you are saying.People that have been members for a longer period of time deserve more benefits.Not be even with us new members.Seniority should be more appreciated in someway.That is my opinion.

    • That bothers me, too. Once a new listian won my auction, I sent the item the very next day. A little over a week later, they complained that they never got the item, left Negative feedback (I had Never had negative feedback before that). Then they sent the package back and I got it only a few days after they left negative feedback. They had it all planned out, down to the t.
      I wish there was the option of categorizing the listians so that only the ones that are experienced can bid on my auctions. The new listians could get experience bidding on each other’s auctions. There are always new listians that don’t verify their address, thinking they can get away with just emailing an address to me or complain because they don’t know how to verify their address. Throwing the kindergarteners in the Senior math class just doesn’t work too well. The kindergarteners and the seniors just don’t belong in the same math class, it would work out much better if they were with their own grades.

      • hi my name is Angelic Broussard I bet in the auctions on listia all the time i never,never give any kind of negative feedback I always give great feedback to listia on all the peoples auctions..

    • HI i ham i ageerance with the people who are getting people who are falks this this perry guy bid on my book he won it and now he is ionactive so he ended up with my book and i am not getting the credits for it he went in active even before i got th4e book sent off but i didn’t know he was in active when i sent it or i would not have sent it so why do we have to loss out on the credit we earned in the bid when it is not our falt we should still be awarded the credits when people walk out on us because that mean we lost out big time if we don’t get our credits, and we have lost the item and the postage.. these people should be band from coming back on if they do stuff like this and we should be excused from there neative remarks or feedback.,

    • Dagmar Riley says:

      I totally agree with you too. I am having this problem again right now, but am again being very patient and waiting in the hopes that it will work itself out.

  7. Melody Norris says:

    Hi Listia. I have a quick question. Is there a limit to the number of videos we can upload?

    • Hi Melody, No limit! We encourage creativity. Make as many as you like, as long as they are properly entered into the contest, they are all considered as an entry. Good luck and happy creating!

  8. sandra flowers says:

    Love lista! Ihave found lots of great prises on here

  9. I also do not have the camera to do a video, but I do want to tell you why I love Listia: I am unemployed. I am used to working for many years, and I am used to purchasing items if i need them, when unemployed, you really cannot do that any longer., Listia helped me…..I found listia and started selling items that I thought others would want, It turned out wonderful! I have been a member for a little over a year, so far I have purchased 2 tv’s….a smaller sony flatscreen for my family room and a 40″ Samsung Smart TV…. 2 GPS’s….a Kindle Fire….AND I have accumulated so far almost 600.00 in Amazon Gift Cards…All of these items with the exception of a few gift cards were purchased thru the Listia Rewards Center with credits I obtained for items I sold! 🙂
    Listia has made me feel productive again and I am enjoying getting all the free items and also having met some great friends on Listia! So, all I can say, is THANK YOU LISTIA AND I LOVE YOU!! 🙂

    • Staci Fielding says:

      Carol, I feel compelled to reply to your comment concerning “Why I Love LISTIA…” It felt like I was reading my own statement!! I was also laid off recently from a job I held for over 20 years. I suddenly felt sad, lonely, unproductive and out of touch with the rest of the world. All my “friends” were at work when I NEEDED, not wanted, to socialize. (My wound is pretty fresh, as you can tell). I have found so many wonderfully friendly people on LISTIA and was able to “handle” Christmas for my entire family with a fraction of the cost I normally spent every year, back when it was feasible. I TOO LOVE LISTIA and wish it was possible to do a video, but I don’t have that kind of technology at this time. Thank you, Carol for giving me the inspiration and courage to write this down for the whole world to see. And Thank You LISTIA for giving me a glorious light at the end of a very dark tunnel!!! Staci in Texas

      • barbara hawkins says:

        I am handicapped and on disability cant get out very low income I to find It easy to socialize. And yes same as you was got all my Christmas from LISTIA still getting birthday and all other gifts from here I love it and do have some very interesting conversations some times about older items I list or odd things I find some have the knowledge about the piece and enjoying it with me. But I have also ran into some of the same situations and have filed complaints on them to receive my credits back even though they got my shipping fee but I still give all a positive feedback now wheather I chose to say something positive or just keep my mouth shut is two different things I have gave negative by mistake and pushed the wrong button or maybe a subconsiouse thing who knows but not on purpose. Anyway the video thing in question I have in the past had to ask a friend in the past to take pictuers for my auctions or vidioes for me do you know some one you could ask to help?

  10. because free stuff

  11. vivian puente says:

    I love listia because i found new things

  12. How do i give u my video?

    • Hi Matthew,

      You can enter your video in one of two ways:

      1) Enter by YouTube: upload your video to YouTube with the title “I Love Listia” put your profile link somewhere in the description & make the video public. If you choose to use an alternate title email a link to your video to ilove@listia.com
      2) Email the compressed video file with a link to your Listia Profile to ilove@Listia.com

  13. i love listia because everything is free and everything i need or want i can get it by just earning credits, its fun and easy and also its legit its not fake like these other websites…:)!!

  14. i love listia because its free….kind of

  15. I love listia because there’s no other website like it

  16. Megan Andrade says:

    I want to enter but i don’t have the means to make a youtube video. It’s not fare that you can only enter if you can make a youtube video.

    • Hi Megan, do you have a camera that shoots digital video? Entries are not limited to YouTube, you can even mail it to us. (See “Tips Tricks & Rules” above) – Good Luck!

  17. sylvia brown says:

    the stuff looks fun and easy to have

  18. I love listia, because it let me believe :anything was possible.

  19. Im a mother of five yr old speccial needd girl life gets tough but we try to make everyday fun hard on budget but you would make us happy to the moon and back to makke us winners Thankyou,
    ; ; ; ; , Jessica Breitbach

    • Hello Jessica,
      I have no doubt that you have problems, even though there are people out there attempting to manipulate others using “sad sob stories”, but you cannot just ask someone to give you something because you want it. You have to channel you want, your drive, and funnel it into making a great video, and I’m sure if you did that you would have a much higher chance of winning that if you just tell the Listia Moderators “Hey, I have problems, please have pity on me and shower me with joys and riches because of them.”

  20. Just wondering how many people win money ?

  21. daffy duck says:

    For the effort and what receive in return is minimal. Other sites charge just for a listing fee and if you don’t sell your item you will have to pay the listing fee.

  22. I love listia.com becaucse of all the stuff that you can bid on and sometimes win, plus I can, also list things that I want to get rid of and earn credit so I can bid on other things. I have already won several videos that I have been trying to find but up till now wasn’t able to.

  23. I like listia because it is and fun and some stuff you want is free shipping it’s the best site to use

  24. Is it okay to upload a video with music that we made? Like an original song or something and singing it?

  25. listia is awesome you put it on there and then you get credits I have truly never seen anything like it thank you listia

  26. I love listia for many reason 🙂 it really get my stress away and keep me to reach out to others. its very nice to see their is a site like listia who need and want stuff, All in a very good way , I really love this site 🙂 I`m always on this site checking out every one and read and get my thought away I LOVE IT .

  27. tawana bendon says:

    I love listia because you have very nice thing and I like the action of bidding to see if you get it it a lot of fun

  28. vernon crawford says:

    I love listia.com ,,you see things you may have just sitting around the house ,many other people can use them so you can get your trade on for maybe something you need,, a great way to trade and have fun to meeting people from around the world.

  29. Listia Itss The BEST Stress Relief Ever!!! Grab a Cup of Coffee/Hot Cocoa & Browse Away:)…Meeting Wonderful Great Honest People Is A Great Thing..Ive Enjoyed So Many Conversations With Others..& Giving To Others I am Always willing to do..Anything to put a SMILE:)) On Anothers Face..Makes me just as HAPPY:)).Thanks Listia For Your Support For All Of Us As Well..Such Great Joy For Me To Be A Member Of Listia..Always Free Shipping From Me To My Winners..

  30. I love listia because when I can’t afford it I go on Listia and see if they have the cell phone Sports Game or anything like that

  31. I love listia because i get all kinds of free movies and theres all kinds of ways to get credits

  32. doreen obrien says:

    I love listia because its easy, free great products and herd to find item listed on her

  33. What? How?

  34. Never done this before.

  35. I love Listia because of all the nice people I have met and befriend several too. Last week I had the nicest thing happen to me. I had bid on one sellers two auctions for her handmade jewelry, I won them ! Then I found another piece of hers that I wanted to bid on but I was plum out of credits by this time. I wrote in the seller comments that I wanted to bid on this one too but I just ran out of credits. Well I continued to just look around and went back to see if it went off yet and low and behold someone commented after me and said “donnajrandall if I win this, I will have them send it to you”…” If I win it for you please send them your address” so she will have them ship it to me instead of herself . I was floored that a complete stranger who was (only a Listian for 2 weeks) Saw I wanted that item from reading the comments and she wanted me to have it so she continued to bid until she won it for me! That was a complete stranger did that for me. Needless to say she made me realize their are guardian angel Angel8604 out there. She made my day and the sellers too since she too thought that was a very special thing for a total stranger to do.I wrote her personally and she told me that someone did that for her so she was paying it forward. I promised I would pay it forward one day. The seller was so impressed with my Angel8604 she sent her a gift of thank you for being so kind. This is why I love Listia, the people up here are fantastic, caring and friendly ! My Angel8604 made me want to be a better person… GOD BLESS lisalisa0804 and my guardian angel8604 and all the other lovely people who made this site something special and love this site as I do.

    • THat is so sweet thank u for sharing that we need to here more of the good things people do then so much bad all the time.thanks to all three of you for being so kind to each other. DO unto others as u wish to be done unto. it does work god bless u all.

  36. I am so proud and happy to use listia so much and I will respect and appriciate this website….

  37. annie rote says:

    listia is awesome i have won many things and i havent had any issues listia i have requested to many people i love it thanks listians.

  38. I love listia, all the cool things you can get, set if you want all free shipping, look through specific categories, using credits instead of money, telling you exactly when the auction ends. Some of the people i dont like so much but i wont stop going on.

  39. i think listia is awesome i have won several items on here from phones that are actually being used to web cams n rings for my daughters for mothers day and the free baby diapers n other baby ites were a life saver i live on disability and with my bills on a monthly basis listia is a life saverthe people on here or at least most ofthem are great i cant drive and have problems getting arouhd and then the weather here in ky has bee a problem lately but the winners of most of my auctions have been so patient with waiting on me to get them in the mail i apperciate that so much thank you

  40. my wife got me into listia and i love it ihave won many great things and all my kids and a lot of friends really love it

  41. Neecie Carter says:

    I HAVE BEEN ON LISTIA JUST UNDER 2 YEARS.I have had some great auction ruined by new people that bid then wait till the 7th day and say i want my credits back. This is not fair to the other people that did bid and had verified addresses . Then when a mod steps in and rewards me my credits back then i get negative feedback saying i never got anything.. I work hard on my Listia to please all of my bidders. You see i am paralyzed and can not work. I use Listia and treat Listia as a job for me. I would love to see some changes on new people have to have a verified address before they can ever bid. Some of us that this serious like myself and it is a waste of my time as well as my bidders that get it taken away from them to a new listian that has no idea what they are doing.Also may i add could you please on the sign up page give an example of what positive \ neutral \ negative feed back means. I have had a few click negative 1 hour after auction is over then message me and say i will let you know when i receive it .. That is not fair to me or others. SO why do i love Listia because it makes me feel alive again people don’t judge your disability they judge your actions Thank you

  42. I LOVE listia because since being unemployed, I have been able to purchase items I normally would not have been able to afford….I have been on listia a little over a year, in that time, I have purchased from the Lisita rewards center A sony flatscreen tv, A Kindle Fire, 2 GPS’s, a 40″ Samsung Smart TV, & about 500.00 in Amazon gift cards!! all of this with just selling items and receiving credits for them IN 1 YEAR!!!! This of course does not include the other random items I have purchased from the wonderful members of Listia, and as an additional perk, many of these members have become wonderful friends!….I feel that I can contribute to my family again and not rely solely on hubby for things I want, and I can now, once again, fix up my home with things that are needed or wanted…..Thank you Listia, I can not sing your praises enough to my family and friends….You have a life long member here!!

  43. I love listia because of the awesome. things

  44. maria self says:

    http://www.listia.com/search?q=web+cams hey for all you faithful listians…(bidding everyday and all ) who want to enter this without a web cam…here ya go!!!! win one and enter duhhhh

  45. I love how you can get just about anything that you could ever want or need IT”S FUN

  46. stephanie stires says:

    my name is Stephanie, And I love Listia because I can find different things and we are on a fixed income. Thank you very much Listia for everything

  47. Listia, not all of us have the equipment to record a video. Why can’t this be done with an option to either do a video or an essay? It seems inconvenient to do a give away for when some can’t participate because of this policy.

  48. Kelli Hamrick says:

    I love this sight! Its fun and there is always something interesting on here to see

  49. tonia thomas says:

    I love listia. It is the best i can sell and get stuff for my family and my my house and dont have to use money it has everything i love it. I hope i get credits

  50. Please check out my submission:)

  51. What does it mean by February 28 at 13:00 ??

  52. What does it mean by February 28 at 13:00???

  53. Me*

  54. Justine Smith says:

    This site is just the most amazing site ever its so nice to be able to find free stuff The cost of living is so ridiculous you can’t buy anything anymore


  1. […] you to everyone who entered a video into the I Love Listia Video Contest. We are honored that you took the time to make so many great videos, and appreciate them all. You […]

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