40 Days of Decluttering

Leslie works at Listia and recently embarked upon a 40 day Decluttering Project. She will be sharing  her experiences with all of us over the next few weeks. This is the first installment of Leslie’s Decluttering Project. 

Small space living makes the quest for a clutter free life a huge challenge. Sometimes I win, sometimes the clutter wins. This year for Lent, I chose to give up clutter and send it packing! For the next 40 days I’m working through clutter to create a clear, peaceful, and harmonious living space.

Room by room, I am dividing items into three categories:

1. Keep
2. Recycle
3. List on Listia

Listia is the perfect place to give away the things I no longer need. In turn, I get credits that I use for gift shopping, without any out of pocket spending!

Decluttering Project #1: The Bathroom

Before I started this project, it looked like a beauty supply store threw-up in my bathroom.

before clutter


Do I really need 5 different shades of red nail polish? No. Do I need 3 different kinds of anti-wrinkle cream? Maybe. What I DON’T need is every product I own spread all over the counter, taking up valuable real estate and creating stress. I want my bathroom to be clean and relaxing.

after clutter


After decluttering the bathroom, I have exactly what I want! A lovely bathroom that invites a sigh of relaxation and not a sigh of exasperation.

My next challenge is the kitchen. Who knew such a tiny kitchen could get so cluttered?

– Leslie


  1. Diana Stebbins says:

    You should also include what steps, products, etc you used to go from the Before to the After.

  2. Wow sounds like me I have so much to give ! Listia is great for me so far I love it and every one I’m sure is just like us five of this six of this and so on …. Get rid of it get something you really want save those points get something really nice go for it what do you have to loose stuff that’s just cluttering . 🙂 allison🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀🍀good luck !

  3. I hope you will add to this every day. I am desperate to get my house clutter free. I want to keep your ideas and work along with you. I’m sure I’ll lag behind but I want to keep up as much as possible. If you can share any hows, that would be wonderful. I need all the help and encouragement I can get! Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. chad mariani says:

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  5. janet funartt says:

    1. Real trash items dumpster for sure
    2. Thrift store item to large for listia listing
    3. Item to sale to second hand store
    4. Item to put on listia
    5. Item to keep

  6. Linda Daniels says:

    Also a container to donate to a non-proifit. That helps those who don’t have these items.

  7. Loved what you did with your bath, Listia Leslie 🙂
    I always manage to mess up any neat area…in a very short time too!
    George is super organized and I am the exact opposite.
    Our DVDs need critical care attention lol!
    Can’t wait to see the Kitchen Project!
    Job well done on the bath! WTG!
    Mrs. Adams 🙂

  8. can you guys start a thread discussing whether or not we should continue to allow personal pics to be sold. these girls are getting 3k and more for pictures!!! its an unfair advantage in some peoples opinion maybe a thread about it and the responses carry the weight of whether or not to discontinue the option

  9. I found this I don’t know if you can voice your concerns here or not , if not then Listia should have a place we can all go to and chat which each other and exchange Ideas and experiences and learn from one another, There is sellers on here that don’t seem to know how to send an invoice, and then there is the no response from buyers and sellers , I have had both , I think Listia should not release credits until the seller complete there part, I have had seller that make me wait for a week to 4 weeks to get my stuff and they seem to be a pattern of the seller who get there credits before we get our stuff, but the ones who want there credits seem to get things done faster so they can get there credits . and the ones who get there credits up front seem to make you wait and wait , there should be a way that if a seller does this say 2 or 3 times they lose there rights to get there credit right away and will have to wait till they do there part.
    And then there is a problem I came upon and Listia should put out a warning that if there is going to be shipping monies involve to make sure it is done by paypal or postal money orders , why because I did what I thought was paypal cause it came up that way but I was send an invoice thru cell phone which is different than if it comes right from paypal , I had a problem that a seller got there credits and they got my money and then they closed there account , Now I did get my credits back but I had to go through my Bank to get my money back . paypal will not refund if it goes thru a phone app people should be made aware of this so we don’t lose money or have to file fraud to get our money back from our bank ,Now Listia may not be a ware of this . that is why I am making mention of this to make others a ware of it , thank you I love listia this site is great.

  10. I have seller that is hassling me on here and facebook

  11. I love Listia it’s a wonderful way to clean house and get free stuff

  12. I love reading these articles because they’re short but inrvamftioe.


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    40 Days of Decluttering – The Listia Blog

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