New: Credit Activity and Transaction Sheet

Over the next few weeks, Listia members* will notice a new look to the Credit Activity page. Now, you will be able to view all of your activity on a simple transaction sheet, making it clear how many credits are available to you for bidding, versus credits that are tied up in bids, or simply pending.















As a result of this change, the green number in the upper right hand corner reflects the number of credits available for bidding, but not the total number of credits in your account.

Credit Balance: Total number of Listia credits in your account
Pending: Credits you will receive after the winner receives their item
Current Bids: Credits that are temporarily in use as with winning bids. When you bid on an item, if you have the winning bid, those credits are temporarily held while you have the winning bid.
Credits Available: Credits you can use to bid right now

When you bid on an item, if you have the winning bid, those credits are temporarily held while you have the winning bid. Now, it will be easier for you to distinguish how many credits you actually have available to use for bids while the other credits are tied up in other auctions. As always, if you lose the auction or are outbid, you will notice the return of your pending credits into your available credits.

We’re really excited to bring this improvement to all of you, and are eager to hear your thoughts. If you don’t see it yet, don’t worry. This feature is rolling out to all Listia members over the next 2 weeks.

Do you have the new Credit Activity & Transaction Sheet? What do you think about It?

*If you are a new member, you already have this view and will not notice any changes. Questions? Our Support Team will help.



  1. Excellent idea! This is a very useful upgrade.

  2. Anet Cox abc8411 says:

    Thank you so much, In my opinion, something needs to be done with these folks, that do not send out there packages after you have bid on them and won them, I’ve had several of them and you wait and never get your package, and then your credits are tied up for 5 days as a result of it…….

    • I know what you mean i won a mickey mouse thing on the 9 and still aint got it

      • Anet Cox abc8411 says:

        I have some really nice things only to have to get my credits back, if you don’t want to get rid of your item then don’t list it…..your wasting my time….

      • i do it just posted 2 times and it should have just been the 1 item

    • I agree..should be limit on these Sellers not to sending items so many times…also listia should NOT ALLOW negative feedback from FAULTY Seller..because they doing it for retaliation! And that is not right…not sending the item and have a PRIVILEGE to leave negative feedback? Insane!!

      • Yeah, I don’t think the Seller should be allowed to leave negative feedback in that situation either, if they are in the wrong, and the winner has done everything right.

  3. they posted my item 2 times how do i delete one people are bidding on it and i wrote don’t and i only have 1 item

  4. Wow! What a time saver…did you make this new feature just for me? Lol. I love it. Whoever thought of this feature deserves a big raise!

  5. Krashing N. says:

    When I joined over a year ago, I was told the XP points I was accumulating would be available for spending “soon”. How many years is “soon”?

  6. Anet Cox abc8411 says:

    I hear ya, many years I think….

  7. I don’t want to sound negative but I don’t like it. It already used to show this on the left hand side of the page.

  8. Love this I thought from the first time I used Listia you needed a page like this

  9. This new Credit Activity view is EXCELLENT! It makes it so much easier to find what I’m looking for. Sometimes I wasn’t sure which section to look at to find some of the credits I got. Now all I have to do is check the date I got them and it says how I received them. Now it’s just like a bank statement. So much easier to “see” everything. THANK YOU LISTIA!

  10. Rhonda Hinds says:

    I am fairly new to Listia not got around on it. I did a bid and won it I guess last year and never received it. The only bid ever done. Actually forgot about it! So how would this be resolved?

  11. Kathy Simmons 35728 says:

    “Thank-You Listia!”

  12. Great new feature. I like knowing my balance while bidding. Thank you!

  13. topher colin says:

    only a few hours in and i hate this feature already. show me the points i have, not the points i may have AFTER an auction. or at least make this an optional view. or better yet, put BOTH numbers up top. how many you have in full, and how many you have that aren’t tied up in bidding. was any research done on this at all?!?

    • topher colin says:

      yup, another 4-5 days of this, and still hate it. full point information (how many you had total, and how many you had free to use) was already available. this ‘feature’ just ticks me off.

  14. *tsk* tsk* tsk* 208 unread messages??!! geehsien needs to read his mail on Listia!! lol

  15. I love this it really helps me a lot

  16. i i really like it thank you so very much it helps me so very much

  17. Is anyone having problems with their credits showing up after taking surveys? It keeps showing them credited under the peanut labs support but they are not in my listia balance? I don’t know where they are going if they have been credited like it says cause I sure don’t have them!

  18. shamekagreen says:

    My first experience was not good,I bidded on a item, simply asked questioned, and was blocked from user so I could not leave address to retrieve item I won, so I will give this one more try, I have no problem paying the word on Facebook and others this it’s a scam web site

  19. All these updates are confusing. I have a Listia account I have had for some time. I recently updated my app and now I can’t even get into my account! I have people waiting for their winnings and I can’t even find my account. The one that says it is mine shows I have had no auctions, no badges, no messages . I have lots of info that I need to access but am unable! What are you supposed to do?

  20. Who likes the new app???

  21. I did a few surveys a couple days ago in fact quite a few cm but I did not get credit for 1 @675 credits and another 1 @863 Imy not sure where to to get a hold of peanut labs hope I have the right place now Dee Lothert … 605-358-6869. Thx

  22. USB1bidder says:

    I’m posting this with the hope that somebody out there might know of a way to do this in bulk form rather than one page at a time of the 760-plus pages of items I’ve won. Please email me at USB1bidder if you can help–PLEASE!

    I sent Listia a support ticket last week asking how I can download my auctions and sellers and items won to my computer so that I can search it and quickly access items to relist without having to take new photos and write new descriptions. But Listia replied to my support ticket stating the following:

    “Monday at 13:17

    Hi USB1Bidder,

    We apologize, but we don’t have a way for you to do this. However, I have passed along the suggestion to the proper department.”

    My ticket to Listia was as follows:

    “I’ve won about 760 auctions. They’re all on Listia’s page, with 76 pages, at ten auctions per page. Is there any way I can download my Listia auctions won to install into my own local database. Currently I can only do them one auction at a time, which would take forever. If I could do them at least at 10 auctions at a time or the entire database at once, I would really appreciate it. The following is the link to the subject concerned:

    All I need would be the auction information, description, pictures, seller’s ID, etc. I would not need the rest of the boiler plate for each of the pages. It would be nice if I could read it in excel, .pdf, or something data-base accessible as an archived local file.”

    I’m posting this with the hope that somebody out there might know of a way to do this in bulk form rather than one page at a time of the 760-plus pages of items I’ve won. Please email me at USB1bidder if you can help–PLEASE!

  23. What are all the xp points for ? And are they worth anything for bidding ?

  24. liltrucker15037 says:

    I really don’t like the fact that when you bid on an item that your credits don’t go away, I do not want to buy credits I want to use the ones I’ve received from my auctions.

  25. I was just wanting to know why the total credits are not showing anymore when placing a bid. I went to place a bid on a item on my watch list and it didn’t show my credits available so I had to go back off auction to check how many credits I had to spend. Also I would like to know how I share auctions on facebook to earn my free credits daily from my cell phone. Thank you

  26. I think if you have sent your item with tracking are if it’s digital delivery of a gift card and you have sent your item your credit should be released immediately you should not have to wait for your credit especially if you have already sent your item especially if you been on listia more then 3 years there are a lot of buyers who will not release credits are send feedback then a good seller is left setting and waiting on there credits for 21 days which is not fair all credits should be released immediately after sending item so how about fixing that problem asap while you are at it

  27. Listia Put the GREEN Credit Back on the GOLD Bar!

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