A Royal Addition to the Listia Marketplace

Gee Chuang is co-founder and CEO of Listia. Fan him here to never miss his listings on Listia.

Over the past five years we’ve seen an incredible amount of items traded on Listia (over 100 million!) and we’re constantly amazed at the items people list. Just when you think you’ve seen it all, members find value in the most unique things. Today we’re excited to add one of the rarest items to ever be on Listia. We have purchased a wedding cake slice from Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton’s royal 2011 UK wedding for $7,500 and we’ll soon be making it available on Listia!

Prince William and Kate Middleton with Royal Cake

(Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton speak with wedding guests, left. Royal wedding cake, right. Source: Getty Images)

Each day on Listia over 100,000 items are exchanged without money ever changing hands. Over 7,000,000 people from around the world explore the online marketplace to find collectable, useful and free things they love. We want Listia to be the place you go to find almost anything, from the exotic to the unimaginable, and perhaps even the most royal of gifts.

My co-founder James Fong and I started Listia with the intention to motivate people to declutter their homes while extracting value from the things they no longer use. There is no better motivation than the opportunity to acquire a once-in-a-lifetime collectors items without actually having to make a purchase. We understand not everyone can always afford to collect the things they love, but on Listia we want to take money out of the equation and give everyone an equal opportunity to pursue their slice of happiness.

Royal Cake Box- Blog

Photo by Listia

Royal Invitation - BlogJuliens Auctions

The slice of wedding fruit cake is wrapped in a greaseproof paper and presented in special tin. The cake was made by Fiona Cairns and was presented to all the guests and dignitaries at the April 29, 2011 wedding. Written on the lid of the box that the cake comes in is “William & Catherine 29 April 2011.” With the box comes the official wedding card that reads “TRH The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall / in celebration of the wedding / of / TRH the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.” It also comes with a blank invitation to the royal wedding on Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth II stationery.

Our entire staff at Listia strives to bring great value to our members and unique items to Listia. In 2015, we hope to bring even more extraordinary once-in-a-lifetime items to Listia that will appeal to everyone who loves a good deal at a free price.

(Photo of cake at the royal wedding. Source: Getty Images)

In April 2015, all Listia members will have a chance to own this delicious piece of history without ever having to be rich, royal or spend any physical money on the cake itself. We look forward to rewarding one lucky person with the honor.


  1. Wow Cake Wow!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Tracy Brown says:

    Wow, this is a great thing for collectors however I’m just curious why this is allowed since food in general IS NOT allowed to be listed according to Listias rules? Regardless that the chances are very slim that someone would actualky eat this since its from the year 2011, it is still a food beings its a piece of Cake!!

  3. does that mean we will be able to list food iteams like coffee

  4. Sorry, Not interested! I’d rather buy my own humble cake & enjoy it !!! Thank you, anyway !!!

  5. Interesting! This is a big deal but i cant help but wonder how many people actually collect royal items in america. Good point about listing a “food item” if someone else listed this item would it GET DELETED???? Just wondering. Listia is my favorite place in the world im not trying to sound rude but do you think the listing will get flagged? Haha on a lighter note i never knew the name of the founder & co-founder of Listia but i think if i met them id give em both a huge hug & say Thank You. If not for Listia i wouldnt have all the amazing things that i do. Hope that didnt sound cheesy. But i think it did. 😛

    • EvenTrade Listia says:

      I’m sure Listia has certain “exceptions”. You can legally sell beer (the kind with alcohol, that gets you drunk) on eBay if you specify that it is a collectible only and not fit for consumption. (example: Rare, expired beers that may have been a limited edition)

    • They included there mark up, final hammer price was $6,000.

      • I’m curious why would you buy something so odd to list as an auction item?
        I mean if you are going to spend $7500 on something to list, why not make it something more people would actually be interested in?? Like better quality items.
        And why a 3 year old piece of cake? FOOD? You know you’re only going to irritate the 100’s of people who want to list edible items. lol

    • probably including the buyer’s premium

  6. I agree. Listia mods/admin are VERY stringent on the rules, and don’t even hear someone out when listing something similar that has special circumstances to it. Though it is an awesome item to be putting up, the simple fact is, it brings on a hypocrisy that cannot be denied. If Listia personnel are allowed to circumvent the rules under special circumstances, they should also take into more consideration certain items REGULAR members list that have similar or comparable special circumstances. I have personally been denied a couple auctions that were skirting the rules on a technical level, but were something that could have been looked at in a different light. But, of coarse, the staff members whom I spoke to would not hear my argument for one second, and only said “it’s against the rules.”

    • fashionette says:

      I have asked Listia this question before. The reason food items are not allowed on Listia is because it is users who are providing the products on the site. There is no process for them to be sure an item is sanitary or untampered with before being sent to another member. This is the same reason used makeup isn’t allowed. BUT when Listia offers a food item the source is verified cuz it’s coming from Listia directly.

      • What a crook, how is Listia verifying anything to do with this cake? Did Listia make said piece of cake, and its already been tampered with! Go take a look at the link above that the pictures of the auction that Listia bought from. This cake has had so many hands all over it way before listia got there hands on it. Nice Try…smdh

      • fashionette says:

        This cake isn’t supposed to be eaten…I guess you missed the point of this specific item.

  7. Well, actually, some edibles ARE allowed – it’s the intent. There are many herbs listed for “spells”, but the intent is NOT to eat them, but use them in a different manner. I think this is considered a collectible – you wouldn’t eat it, as mentioned, it’s two years old. (Wedding cakes in England are made with liqueur, so preservation is done). I do certainly get the point, though – Without the explanation, it does seem this item should not be allowed.

  8. Tracy Brown says:

    I seriously don’t understand how the rules on Listia are expected to be followed by us users when Listia itself cannot follow the rules they made?? If anyone else were to post this item, I have a hard time believing it would not be flagged/deleted. By posting an auction like this, your just opening the door for others to do the same since Listia themselves did so. Just because the CEO of Listia is posting this doesn’t make it anymore right than any other.

  9. http://www.listia.com/rules
    ” In order to best serve our users, Listia’s account as well as some Sponsor accounts are exempt from certain listing and prohibited item rules.”

    What would be the point in having rules if every other user thinks they should be exempt for one reason or another?

    • Tracy Brown says:

      Good point, Jessica!!

      *** In order to best serve our users… How does exemplifying Employees/Sponsers from following the rules on Listia best serve your users, Listia??? It may serve Listia itself best, but very hypocritable for your users!!

      • YOU CANT EVEN GET A HOLD OF LISTIA WHEN YOU HAVE TO DEAL WITH ALL THE scammers but if they want to take your money there is no problem.at first i was excited after months of dealing with all the scammers and triing to get credits back im really staring to just get annoyed everytime i visit this sight

  10. Please don’t take me wrong but seriously??? Cake?? Very tawdry IMHO. I cant imagine caring this much about a piece of cake from these 2 individuals.

  11. Jenfrancis says:

    I am in AWE!!!! How awesome, the tin and invite alone are fantastic. I hope to find this and watch it, but I doubt I will have enough to bid. I love listia!

  12. With all of us making our comments, thoughts, and resighting Listia’s rules, where is Listia, don’t see or hear from Listia nowhere. So how telling is that??? On deaf ears, I don’t care if listia take it wrong or the way it is intended,, Don’t make rules that you yourself {LISTIA} can’t or won’t follow, all you do is rile people up for no good reason!
    So is it safe to say, ” Lets all eat Cake “!!

  13. i need help verifying my address. i live with my sister and it worked for her but not me… confused help

  14. Can someone please answer this question for me. I won an auction 18 days ago and have not received the item. If I wait 2 more days, the seller will receive my credits out of the pending status. If I continue to wait and do not receive the item, are my credits still refundable?

  15. I love reading the comments. so funny and thanks for the laughs~~. Got some fussy folks, don’t like….go away & pout-silently…Made me laugh again!!

  16. Soooooo what happened to the cake? Decide against it??

    • You left a comment to fan Listiagee and gave his name as Gee Chuang is co-founder and CEO of Listia. Fan him here! I tried to find him by name and by listiagee and nothing comes up. Can you please send me his user name so I can fan him, and be able to see his auctions…THX

  17. I can’t find the auction, has it been posted?

  18. susan j swift says:

    where is the listing, I have to flag it…it is ingestible and by rules is NOT allowed!

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