Announcing the Unboxing Video Contest Winners

city-night-explosion-fireworkThere’s no better way to ring in the New Year than with some gifts of our own. We’re excited to announce the winners of the Holiday Video Unboxing Contest! There were some outstanding entries from all of our fans and our team had a tough time deciding the winners. From video collages to heartwarming gifts, we loved them all. There can only be a few winners though. Without further ado!

1st Place – $100 Giftcard – Christina. Christina really showed off the holiday and Listia spirit!

2nd Place – 100K Listia Credits – George. George showed off unique items and even racked up thousands of views on Facebook

3rd Place – 50K Listia Credits – Jenny. Jenny’s multiple videos showcased her items in great lighting and clear audio.  

We can’t say how much fun the team had watching all of the videos. Many of the contestants even had multiple entries! We’ll be sure to do more of these contests if you enjoy them.

Let us know which was your favorite and what you thought of the contest below!


  1. Thanks so much Listia!!! Happy New 2016~

  2. Congrats Christina ❤
    Mrs. Adams (Lital)

  3. Thank you, Listia for this amazing contest! My first few videos lacked in talent, but I was able to use your video making techniques from your blog and I am slowly getting better! It was SO much fun to make these! I plan on continuing to make them so people can see what awesome items they can get for free on!! It would be alright with me if you want to add any of my videos to your youtube playlist of Listia unboxing videos! Thank you again, Listia! Happy New Year!!

  4. Congrat’s to the winners!!!

  5. i had to skip through most of the 1st video sorry but it was hard to hear and it was also just slow getting to the point but congrats to everyone who did win

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