Be Free! Bidding Is No Longer Limited by Your Credit Balance.

It’s an all too familiar situation. You’re watching a few auctions, but you don’t have enough credits to bid on all of them. You might not win them all, but because each high bid puts a hold on your credits, you don’t even have a chance!

Starting next week, you’ll no longer have to choose! On Wednesday, April 5th, Listia will be improving the way you bid on listings in a big way:

  1. Bid freely — you will no longer be limited by your credit balance
  2. High bids will no longer tie up your credits
  3. Pay for items when you win

When you win items, there will be a new checkout process for paying the seller.

A few examples about how bidding will become easier:

Scenario 1
You have 500,000 credits available and there are 500,000 more pending on items you’ve just sold and delivered.

You’re only able to bid up to 500,000 credits.

Coming Soon
You’re able to bid more than 500,000 credits. When you win the item (and your pending credits have transferred) visit the auction and pay the seller.

Scenario 2
You want to bid on something that is at 500,000 credits, but you only have 100,000 right now.

Buy more credits now (and hope you don’t get outbid!) or don’t bid at all.

Coming Soon
Bid what you’d like now, and buy only the exact amount of credits needed if you win. You could also complete offers or sell stuff in the meantime to make up the difference.

We hope that you’re just as excited about these improvements as we are. The changes don’t just affect bidders, either — more flexible bidding means that sellers will see more bidders (and hopefully higher final bids) as well!

The changes will be live on Wednesday, April 5th. Until then, learn more about the feature at our Help Center.

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