Cyber Week 2018: 100,000 XNK Giveaway

Ink Crossword Winners!!!

  • 8,000 XNK Store Credit – Pari, Paul, and Barbi
  • $75 Amazon GC – Josh, Bunny, and Brett
  • 4,000 XNK Store Credit – Melissa, S, Randi, and Chris
  • $25 Amazon GC – Jim, Anonymous, Anonymous, Anonymous, and Jimmy

Congratulations to all the winners and participants! We’ll be depositing your XNK store credit in the next few days as well as asking you for your address if you won a Swag Pack!



We’re giving out 100,000 XNK store credit for Cyber Week 2018!!! This is the first year Listia Cyber Week is running with XNK as the reward for goals and the raffles for completing the crossword puzzle! 10 lucky winners will get our brand new Listia swag pack!!!

The crossword rules and format are similar to all previous crossword promotions, but just in case you’re new or you’ve forgotten, the details are below. Since there are a couple split XNK store credit prizes, you’ll want to keep answers to yourselves instead of sharing them 😉 We’ll do our best to remove published answers where we can.

We’re still ramping up our collection of Android devices for testing, but if you are using an Android device and experience any issues with the crossword puzzle we suggest you use a computer and log on via web browser. Apologies for the inconvenience.

Cyber Week Crossword Promo Details

To get to the puzzle on 11/26, click the “Cyber Week!” link at the top of the Listia web page, or click the “Cyber Week!” link in the menu of either of our mobile apps.

  • Live 11/26/18 through 12/3/18 (PST)
  • Unlock the crossword puzzle by sharing on Facebook or Twitter
  • Once shared, one clue in the crossword puzzle should be unlocked
  • Special Listia Crossword goals will be released every day through Monday, 12/3/18. Each of these goals will unlock a certain number of crossword puzzle clues and may even reward you with XNK store credit.
  • Listing goal categories: Electronics, Health & Beauty, Clothing/Shoes & Accessories, Collectibles, Toys & Hobbies, and Video Games
  • Once the clues are unlocked you may enter the answers in the crossword puzzle
  • Each time you successfully answer sets of crossword puzzle clues you will be automatically eligible to win 6 different tiered prizes
    • 5 Answers – 10 random members that answer 5 clues will win a $5 Amazon gift card
    • 10 Answers – 10 random members that answers 10 clues will win a Listia Swag Pack
    • 16 Answers – 5 random members that answers 16 clues will win a $25 Amazon gift card
    • 22 Answers
      • 4 random members that answers 22 clues will win 4,000 XNK store credit
      • 20,000 XNK store credit will be distributed evenly amongst everyone that answers all 22 clues (eg if 100 members fully complete the crossword puzzle, each member will get 200 XNK store credit)
    • 28 Answers – 3 random members that answers 28 clues will a $75 Amazon gift card
    • 34 Answers
      • 3 random members that answers all 34 clues will win 8,000 XNK store credit
      • 40,000 XNK store credit will be distributed evenly amongst everyone that answers all 34 clues (eg if 100 members fully complete the crossword puzzle, each person will get 400 XNK store credit)
  • There are 34 total clues, but there will be enough goals to unlock ~54 clues (you don’t have to do EVERY Listia Crossword goal to complete the puzzle)
  • The last Listia Crossword goals will be live on 12/3/18 (PST). Once these goals end, the contest is over and you will no longer be able to unlock clues or enter answers.
  • Winners will be chosen a week after the promotion ends and will be contacted via Zendesk ticket or Listia private message

Thanks and have fun! If you have any questions, please feel free to send us a ticket here.

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