Hello World

Listia.com is now up and running!  We’ve sort of soft launched and the site is now live for anyone to use and participate in.  We’d love to hear feedback and bug reports over the next couple weeks to get things down just right.  We’ll also be working in parallel on the next set of features we want.  One of the top things on our list is to get our iPhone app out so users can post and bid from anywhere.

In the beginning we’ll have a few promotional items up for auction so be on the lookout for some neat stuff you could win.

You should check us out at www.listia.com


  1. Jared Tame says:

    You should obviously sign up right now because they give you $50 for a new account (at least right now they do).

  2. my listia has been suspended and is there any way getting it back and the things i had for credits.

  3. Sabrina Lightfoot says:

    I accidently listed the same item twice for auction. The second winner is angry and wants her credits refunded. I haven’t received her credits yet, but when I do, how do I refund them to her. The FAQs were not clear enough to answer this question for me. There needs to be a CONTACT US section on this web page for direct questions and answers like theses. Many thanks in advance, Sabrina.

  4. i will use and participate listia http://www.earnonlinee.com

  5. denie thompson says:

    I am so very upset with Listia! Twice in less than fifteen minutes my up bids were not received because they went dead or something. Your loss Listia

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