First Weekend

Well the first weekend after our official launch has passed and we spent it trying to prioritize action items and figure out what the next plan of attack is.  We pushed a couple new features that had a high number of requests from you guys.

The first update was adding shipping back to the auction listing form.  And when I bold back it’s because we originally had it there but removed it to simplify the form.  Users have spoken though and I do agree it’s much easier to click a few boxes instead of typing it out all the time.

Second we added comment and reply notifications via email.  We were actually 50/50 on this because we hate excess email, but I actually wouldn’t mind knowing when someone has a question about my auction or when an auction owner has responded to my question.  And of course you can opt out in your account settings.

If you want stuff done, use that ‘feedback’ link on the site cause it’s not a permanent resident.  Stay tuned for more updates …

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